Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Use Food Coloring in Kids’ Snow Games
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Use Food Coloring in Kids’ Snow Games

October 27, 2019

Now I’m going to show you the preparation
for one of the activities that we’re going to be doing a little bit later which involves
food coloring and some water. It allows the kids to spray some colorful water onto the
snow and make different kinds of designs and whatever they like to do. So on the one hand
I have a spray bottle so that they can color the snow and that manner with the spray bottle
and kind of spread it out a little bit. Then right here we have a bottle that you can squirt.
So you can do more like making specific designs or names or numbers, or that kind of thing,
pictures. So Bailey what color would like to use? Blue. You want to use blue? Okay,
so I’m going to take one of the containers, fill it up here. You really only need just
regular food dye that you could get at you know, your grocery store, department store
that kind of thing. Got a couple of different colors here and you only need to use probably
a couple of drops. I just put 3 drops in there and it looks pretty dark. So that should make
a nice vibrant color in the snow. Autumn, what color would you like to use? Red. Red?
Okay. So we’re going to fill that up, you don’t have to fill it up all the way, it’s
actually quite a bit of water. Then put a couple of drops. There and then you know whenever
you’re ready to use it, take it out in the snow, it’s not going to so any damage to the
ground or anything like that, it’s not toxic and they can have fun with that.

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