Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Warm Up Your Kids After Playing in the Cold
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Warm Up Your Kids After Playing in the Cold

October 20, 2019

Well now that we’ve brought the kids back
inside and we’re trying to warm them back up and give them a little bit of a treat,
we are going to make something called Maple Snow Taffy. In order to make Maple Snow Taffy
you have to heat up 100% maple syrup. It has to be 100% pure maple syrup. You’re going
to heat that up basically slowly till it gets to the point to where it is boiling. As you
can see that’s probably a good amount, I think we’re probably going to be making two different
little servings of the Snow Taffy, so that should work nicely for it. As far as the brand,
it doesn’t matter, you can use whatever brand you’d like or if you have a particular favorite
but it does need to be 100% maple syrup. Okay, as you can see here we’ve got the maple syrup
coming to a boil now. So it’s boiling pretty nicely, turn the stove off. We have transfer
the snow from the baking try and put it into some bowls right here and the kids are wanting
to watch this. You just of course want to make sure they are a safe distance away because
of the pan being so very hot. As I put the hot maple syrup in with the snow, it’s of
course melting the snow and it should make for a consistency that is kind of like a slush,
that’s what it looks like. So I’ll let the kids give it a try and see if they like it.
Here guys try it out. See what it taste like, tell us what you think. Mmm. Taste like snowy
maple syrup? Yes.

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