Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Prepare Your Kids for Playing in the Snow
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Prepare Your Kids for Playing in the Snow

October 28, 2019

Well now we’re ready to get the kids dressed
in their outdoor gear and go on outside. The first thing that needs to happen or I would
recommend doing before they start getting all their winter clothes on is to find out
if they need to use the bathroom. Do you guys have to use the bathroom? No. No, okay, you
just went? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Okay, because you don’t want to get them all dressed up
and then find out as soon as they walk out the door that they have to go to the bathroom.
What we have over here are the standard clothes for going outside and playing in the snow
and being comfortable, wearing the snow suits right here, that this is really going to help
keep them warm. It goes all the way up to their shoulders, so it actually keeps their
torso warm as well as their legs. When you have deeper snow you definitely want to have
this as well. It goes over the boot, it should go over the top of the boot, down almost to
the bottom so that the snow cannot get up underneath and get inside by their leg. So
they each have the snow suits right here and then they’ve got their hats, their mittens
and they’ve got their boots right here. So, and I also recommend that as kids get a little
bit older, Autumn is 5 and Bailey is 6 right now, they’re definitely able to do a lot of
the stuff themselves. So the more that you can encourage your children to do things themselves
and just help them to become more independent is going to make it easier for you. It’s also
going to help them build up confidence.

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