Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Take a Walk with Your Kids
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Take a Walk with Your Kids

October 21, 2019

Well now we’re going to actually do a little
bit of a nature walk. We’re going to leave the yard where everything is pretty much,
it doesn’t have a lot of trees, no tall grasses and we’re going to go into an area where we
have a little bit more diversity of plants and trees and grasses and that kind of thing.
The benefit for that, you know again, talking about connecting kids with nature, I think
it’s very important, is you can help them, you can talk to the kids about how everything
looks different in the winter, you can talk with the kids about animals that hibernate,
you can continue to look at the different types of animal tracks. Just lots of different
things that you can do. And you know again, it’s getting them exercised, getting them
fresh air, helping them to appreciate nature. Well what we’re doing now is we’re finding
some of the different tracks and the kids are following them a little bit of a ways,
we’re trying to figure out what some of the different trees are and we’re just basically
just talking about what we see and having conversations about that. Look over here guys,
see the tree? What happen, what do you thin happen to this tree over here? What do you
think did that? A lion. A lion, do you think there’s lions out here? No. No, I don’t think
so. I don’t know. Where do you think some of the animals that are hibernating are staying
at? Do you think they’re in the ground? Are they in maybe a log? Yeah. Just having conversations
about where the animals are because things are very different in the winter and why do
they think some animals don’t hibernate and other ones do.

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