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Outdoors Songs and Games

October 21, 2019

[ Music ]>>Getting girls
outside to sing songs and play games promotes health,
sisterhood, and teamwork. It inspires girl’s love for the
environment and it’s creative. Many ideas are sparked
when girls are having fun. In this video, we’ll show you
how to plan songs and games for girls and the outdoors. Girls Scouts have a song for almost every
occasion, like, these. When they hike, girls sing
songs that celebrate wildlife and nature, like,
“Ants Go Marching,” or , “Swinging Along.” They sing songs to
open or close meetings, to celebrate something
special, or while doing kapers. They sing round songs where
girls sing the same melody, but each begins at
a different time. Do this with some easy,
well-loved songs, like, Sing-Sing Together and Hello. Of course, girls sing at camp. The song Weave is a favorite way
to welcome girls to a campfire and when it’s time to
wind down from a busy day, girls often sing a
calming, quiet song, like, the Girl Scout version of Taps. What’s the best way
to learn a song? Start by listening to it. Find someone in your
council or another volunteer to share songs with you. You can also watch Girls Scouts
singing on YouTube videos. On the GSUSA website, volunteers
and girls sing and act out songs, like,
“Kookaburra, Linger,” and the Girl Scout
classic, ‘Make New Friends.” Search for five camp songs
every Girl Scout needs to know. Get Girl Scouts songbooks from
your council, local library, or search online
for lyrics to songs. Look for songs written just for
Girl Scouts at different levels, like, “Daisy Happy Face,” song,
“We Are Daisy Girl Scouts,” “Brownie Smile,’ song
and, “We Are Brownies.” Before you plan a
singing session, print handouts with the lyrics. To teach girls a
song, sing a line and then have them
sing it back to you. For fun, use a harmonica to find
the right key before starting. If you have a Smartphone,
you can request a key or even play the song so
the girls can hear it first. If you want, you can bring
maracas, tambourines, or cymbals, for girls
to pass around and play. Who knew you could have so
much fun singing outdoors. Games, like, songs, are a way to
tap into a girl’s playfulness. Ask your council or
another volunteer about fun Girl Scout
games for the outdoors. You can use games as
icebreakers, like, action name game, where
girls stand in a circle. One girl says her name and acts
out something she likes to do. The next does the same,
but introduces the girl who just had a turn
and repeats her action. And so, it continues until
the circle is complete. You can also use games
outdoors to build teamwork. Girls can play capture the flag
or tag in a large field, park, or woods, also known
as, wide games. You can also use games
to explore nature. Have girls go on a scavenger
hunt to spot plants and wildlife or play, “What Animal Am I?” by pinning a picture of an
animal on the back of the girl who asks the group yes
or no questions to figure out what animal she is. You can also use games for camp
time team building and fun, like, “Ready Camper Relay,”
where teams of girls race to put on the right camp gear. To make it fun for everyone,
learn the rules and find out what materials you’ll need. Rotate the girls so
they’re not always paired with the same girl or team. Try drawing straws or
picking names out of a hat. If you have girls with
physical challenges, make sure to adjust the
games so everyone can play. Ask girls what they want to do, what do they want
to sing or play. Girls enjoy activities
so much more when they feel they
have a voice. Our research shows that
Girl Scouts really enjoy the adventure and fun
of being outdoors. Singing and playing games
outside not only keeps them healthy and happy, it can deepen
their connection to nature and this helps girls
want to take action to protect the environment. So, enjoy your volunteer
experience even more by getting outside
with your Girl Scouts. The tips and guidelines in
this video are just some of what you need to know. To get more ideas about
songs and games outdoors, check out the back, “Outdoor
Education In Girl Scouting,” available at the Girl
Scouts online store. Go to, “Venture Out!,” on the
Girl Scouts University website to learn practical tips and
tricks for taking girls outdoors and to read other
volunteer stories. Watch the, “Camp Hacks,” videos
on Girls Scouts YouTube channel to get ideas about
outdoors activities. Go to, “Leave No Trace,”
online and see tools and activities for educators. And, “The Girl’s Guide
to Girl Scouting,” includes several badge booklets
with information about songs and games, like, Brownie-making
and junior musician. [ Music ]

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