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October 24, 2019

What up. How my people doing today? Let’s go ahead and get this thing poppin’ Y’all hear that? You ordered an Amazon package or something bruh? It’s kind of weird. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I hear footsteps. somebody coming up the stairs.
Somebody order some wet wipes and vanilla scented candles? oh yeah. yeah. I did
order that. what’s good everybody this your boy Grip City Ggaming and welcome to Outside the Home.
you might ask yourself, if we’re outside the home, how are we gonna play inside the home. outside the home
inside the home we’ll start off inside the home on outside the home trying to
get outside the home got it? good. let’s play outside the home. Game made by dema studios for svil.. Uh, let’s just go ahead. Ahh, it’s late I’m tired of watching TV. Better go
to sleep. look what you’re watching man. you’re up here watching this stick man get nasty with it. man we gotta go to sleep but let’s
explore a little bit first it’s a nice green couch and apparently homeboy been drinking.
all right hey buddy what’s your baby always faithful to the cult of toast
hate to break it to you homeboy but hey no toast dim sum but cheese
I mean if mr. Kolter toe please no I can’t really get down with that but if
mr. Colter but sheets you can consider me like your right-hand man the hand of
the butt cheeks if you cute little picture nice Nathanson self-portrait
just not as homely when you got all your exits just up on the wall you see cuz
like all the exits we head into the kitchen look at that counter Biggie’s
want to jump on that thing and dance on it like the stigma just me yeah I figure
nope no trophy anything on that nope yeah say I do not
like green eggs and butchie’s happy Gerald Hey look the jokes lame man just
take it out your mama what you saying me Jer we seriously need to talk about your
taste in art you got you up here framing notebook paper face it you got a picture
of the door over here you know what you need me framing but she all right let’s
head upstairs so this is my bed this thing can’t be comfortable though you
have been sleeping in a matchbox on to breeze let’s go ahead and take a nap
go sleep welcome is this dreamland what’s up fellas nothing oh is this how
y’all do would you point to the door can I take you no okay
you’re not gonna hurt me buddy pack no lethal weapon okay
see buddy packing that would you get it cuz it would like it okay let’s go go on
into dreamland here we go color is a well-being I’m lucky this is
my favorite dream you and a blue padded cell to each his own if that’s what you
like that’s great all right okay how know is in green room go to read it
wrong let’s check it out rotate red to pink obviously watch your back over I
didn’t jump down okay okay uh take off exit okay let’s go
why is the door gone what that trigger what I’m supposed to do now
maybe we just go back be careful now what’s the what’s up there oh that’s
what we fail from got it whoever painted these rooms you need to have you
probably need to get some better dreams because these rooms are just I don’t
know and then you got lights in here but it ain’t no lights in here it’s going on
this way bro that exit door better not leave I’m just telling you right now oh
no not again huh you telling me yo if we keep going
around and we run into the same kind of setup again with us another we go red
way right and it’s another door i’ma need y’all to hold your butt cheeks
man because they trying to set us up I’m just telling y’all right now there’s a
door man y’all tighten up there but hold man because I
don’t want no accidents viola yeah you can’t door do it wide up okay
why don’t you let me out of here oh it’s a dark room Oh ain’t named behind me
okay hold up sit back real quick yard the music a little bit
wait now why is this illuminated it’s becoming crazy it’s a big shadow right
ever incredible am I going backward I’m going back with all my self if you pop
out and I swear I’m not fill out you man don’t don’t risk it don’t risk it please
don’t risk it huh what is this oh it’s open no this is different
we got to go back where we can I don’t be stopped running up and what is this
on floor oh no okay that’s an arrow I thought was a blood stain start their
treatment hold up no this isn’t an easter egg what’s your time Bob what oh
okay wait what now I’m all kinds of confused it’s not easy but I’m stuck in
in me I feel like I’ve been here before you meet Oprah you need to wake up man
you have any crazy dreams and can’t nobody like I got a pistol I don’t I can
jump though and I can run man so just rotate you slowly okay wait nobody come
that way was it oh no come on yeah you get mad you like me okay oh my
god it’s a black door I want to wake up me oh okay make up wait just wait go
take old man one fare another black door it is a black door but dream to the
artifact which come on pause that we appear me
nervous man you get me scared what is in his what’s it is can I get it no just
work slowly just take your time man don’t be rushing because if you rush
somebody don’t get you and I mean they’re already gonna get you but see
the artwork in this place it’s a lot better than the artwork in the other
place hello whoever you are I’m the professor
Jonathan and if you’re reading this letter I will be seated sorry I mean
left can you put it down Oh Brian escape exiting out of the game
and I was trying to put the letter down I see y’all we get better so it’s three
but she’s in the room right and from this letter right here it’s only one
path to each side and down there is lava or blood or that’s maybe Syria carpet I
don’t know all right cool pick up a piece of bread this knock on the doors
ruining my dreams yeah but I’m not dead that’s what I see oh wait what is it oh
it’s no over here you answer my dad’s multiple angles
hold on a second okay all right there do you finally let’s take our artifact is
mine let go get know once again wasn’t you what I thought I’ve been picking
this up the whole time no can disappear is it what I don’t understand man what am I
supposed to do with each of doors this could be your problem yeah it can’t be
because it’s just doors in here they don’t really go nowhere
let us figure the door – dude that goes to a place Oh black door then we need to
go um if somebody come out of there you’re gonna wish you did but I’m gonna
slap it fine we’re gonna run this door y’all cuz I
don’t trust me you trust it cuz I don’t they go hey you come here
Brooke who say it well no no no wait don’t want to talk to you nah man okay
you were you talking to me Oh me I want to talk to the door uh stop I don’t want
to knock you I don’t want to knock you huh why are you afraid of me Oh hold on
look be away cuz you know stuff don’t get ready to pop off man we were playing
a little bit too long haha now you can no longer escape what who’s there
back up from the door now why are you ruining my dreams you quit have any
nasty breathe ain’t gotta worry about anybody running he can hear me he
controls everyone we are never free oh no he has arrived oh no oh no oh no run
buddy he kinda can I see him oh snap what what I came back home who is
knocking on the door ah why the lights see I knew this was gonna happen I knew
it can i really can I see get to bring upon it just tell
me where is that man we’re gonna protect ourselves you can’t get in the drawer let you go no going down stay here don’t
answer Oh buddy okay I’m not leaving until you
give me my money open the damn door I’ll call it a boss
who the bomb put the money TV you see you buy new dirty stuff here
I am for I wouldn’t I need to do man Nicole to toast whether you won’t help
me are you sure about that buddy you miss that was horrible did I hit it out
strength let’s go maybe can we open the door see nope but it’ll look at it you’d
be a pain right weird free lemonade uh-uh what if I want eliminate wait I
think I’ll kind of press it bud how well you enemies have appear in the maze no
free lemonade what made whoopee okay so I’m supposed
to get through without touching oh wait is he gone I don’t get it
oh ah the door is killed you know I’m so smart it only take me twice is he coming wait yeah I hear me kind of
close buddy just got scared by a damn door man come on man if it’s up to me
for you to wake up to find our way out of this maze you just gonna you don’t
die here you sleep buddy cause I’m not good at this
what door you know say boo I mean come on turn around
you lost man wait when the piece of break oh it’s a trophy what is it
telling me I made it nope I don’t understand what that’s doing oh
wow now I feel like I might be going backwards I hate mazes man I just hate
him so much I’ll get him out we in the middle right
okay which one is the exit right right I’m crazy I mean it would be great if
you had a way out or a dot or something to be great I mean could you serve me
right one two three day dance first turn and you just keep circling your way
around right that’s it so you go right one day dance to dance all the way down
three dating made this first one here and then you just work your way around
it that’s it that’s the way out though that’s the way out so right one day and
two days three days and and you go all the way down here but it’s gonna be a
door coming this way somebody adore but wait is it is it not
yeah he coming okay so you’ll go whoops now coming so we gonna try to do
ring-around-the-rosie with you boys okay don’t you come this way alright there we
go see I told you I straight it’s just straight easy man that’s easy money
that’s enough I’m angry I’ll be the door bro you angry I’m angry too I’ve been
running around this puzzle room for like 20 minutes man I just wanna kick every
single one of these boys cuz I’m pissed at this point who out here you by to get
slapped piece of man no been waiting three hours
to deliver this pizza you ordered I’ve never ordered pizza
wait wait what isn’t this the way of roses three no it’s the way of rose to breath exactly you telling me that I
went to sleep in my dream straight chillin having wild and crazy dreams and
when I’m talking about I mean like just you know different color rooms it’s
pretty much what I mean going through pier me is an Egypt all
that stuff get woken up by knocking doors somebody saying they won’t pay
money it’s the pizza man and I don’t even get to eat the pizza cuz it hate my
peace appreciate y’all for hanging out with your boy I mean if you’re gonna get
lost it’s me and you we got lost together can’t get no better than that
right you have fun today don’t forget to stop like button hit subscribe to join a
nation till next time fanboy your city gaming

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  1. A fun little creepy game by Dema Studios. If you enjoy, feel free to drop a like/comment and sub your boy! Appreciate the watch Nation!!

  2. LOLZ yoooo this game and them green ButtCheeks 🀣🀣🀣 funny as hell man! Why homie flew away at the end with the pizza box and aye I now that tune in the background! Freakin Beverly Hill Cops n shi* aye aye aye πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ»good to see you back my main man πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸΌ

  3. This was the most random game I've ever seen.lol Your editing was brilliant! It must've taken forever to edit all this, plus I need to do green screen stuff like that! I have no idea how you were able to navigate that maze when I couldn't see a thingπŸ˜‚ Especially with those doors coming around to kill you! The pizza guy flying off for no reason was gold tooπŸ˜‚ Great commentary! Enjoyed it all the way through!😁

  4. Watched the whole video and enjoyed every second of it! First, your commentary is simply amazing! I really love your comments, man!! xD 11:58 🀣 Shared you on twitter, I am just impressed how cool you are!!

  5. ROTFL! Yo this gave me life…..don't sleep on that bed….wake up all stiff! πŸ˜‚love it. Yo I love what u do. U are the only gamer I will watch. I promise u

  6. Watch up bro…you are cool and likes your channel. Thanks for sharing dude. Here I give you some giftt and I wiish you too… A NEW FRIEND HERE… I wish everyone will support me…And I will support you all back too one-by-one. Stay connected. β€”Watching from Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β­οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  7. Very good, my friend! One more subscriber #110! Congrats on your channel! Please if you can, check out my channel later!✌

  8. Wet wipes and vanilla scented candles killed me one of the funniest commentators on YouTube πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. I literally laughed allowed throughout the entire video your editing skills are freaking on fleek! The audio and camera angles Blow Me Away that's awesome bro

  10. This game looks amazing and fun to play great video and editing Brother i'll try to be good at editing videos just like you enjoyed watching it. What are your thoughts about this game? Also Huge like and Subscribed to your awesome channel #122. Would help me a lot if you could show your love and support for my channel as well. You're awesome you seriously deserve more subscribers and Looking forward to your future uploads. πŸ˜€

  11. 2:51 is that a Dark Souls "hello there"? >.>

    I can tell this must take a lot of time to edit but not one second of it is wasted. This is good shit.

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