Owning a Different Pony for a Day {} I’M BACK! {} Horseshoe 16
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Owning a Different Pony for a Day {} I’M BACK! {} Horseshoe 16

February 29, 2020

I feel very low right now. Hello members of the Horseshoe 16 Team and welcome back to my channel. I’m back. Finally. Many of you guys may know that I took a little break for a while just to let
myself catch up on videos and have a little rest from YouTube as I was
getting very stressed out with it, trying to upload every single week which didn’t
work. The lighting’s bad, what’s new. As you can tell by today’s title I’m going
to be owning a different pony for a day and he’s called Jessi. Jessi is small,
he’s four foot nine yeah. In my first owning a different pony for a day
video I said “Oh I’m too big for Shadow.” I’m not too big for him. I’m ashamed of that
right now. Now I’m riding this little four nine pony when Shadow’s 5/3. Right
now I am not too big for Shadow. Just before hate comments flow in which they
will, eventually, don’t hate on my size with Jessi, people have ridden him who
are twice my size twice my weight and he still pops over little jumps with ease
and bear in mind I’m half their weight and half their size so I’m nowhere near too big
for him he has loads of energy it’s not like he can’t carry me or anything.
Shoutouts for this video goes to these people on the screen now. This thing was
released a while ago but I don’t think many people picked up on it. If you
comment Horseshoe 16 Team in the comments, you’ll automatically get a shout out in
my next video. Before this introduction seems like half
the video, I’m going to say I hope you all will enjoy this video and let’s go
on to it Okay, so this is when a horse decided to fall onto the ground and roll, and I got a heart attack
because I thought he just collapsed. I then decided to plait his tail, I don’t
know why I just wanted to do if for some reason. Okay so a lot of people actually ask me why
I scrape the horses’ hooves into this bucket it’s actually because I prefer not to get the
mud on the ground and it just prevents me from having to sweep up later. People wonder why I put them in the
stalls before I take them out it’s just basically so that they can have a
drink before II take them while I sort out other stuff like putting tack away.

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