Ozzy Man Reviews: Horse Uprising
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Horse Uprising

August 15, 2019

Welcome to “Country Pleasure Driving” I don’t think it’s as relaxing as it appears to be I personally prefer a fucking car I guess I’m an early adopter I’ll tell ya what I think this horse is fed up with wheeling a fat ass human around *laughing* yep! It looks like the horse has dumped the human It’s going rogue Fuck yes horse, fuck yes! The country-pleasure drivers are starting to panic Look at this top hat wanker, he’s like: “Oh dear, this won’t be good for business” This horse doesn’t care about business Its primary objective is to get rid of the stupid fucking baby seat, tied to its back And it looks like it has done it Humans try to be heroes and stop the horse But it says “Fuck you, I won’t do what ya tell me” And it recruits another member for the rebellion! The bloody uprising is gonna be bigger than flower-powering in the 60s Mr. Ed burns around the corner again And recruits yet another member! Have a look at the country-pleasure driver stranded in her carriage The only destination she’ll be trotting towards is good ol’ Destination Fucked Oh no! Mr. Ed the leader has been captured by Chuck Norris This is not good for the movement But now the humans have to deal with a complete fucking radical as the leader A former racehorse called Shamrock You do NOT want to mess with this bloody stallion Shamrock proceeds to mow down humans And then tries to turn this into fucking Demolition Derby This bloody peanut gets involved but, he can’t do shit Ten hours later, the humans have managed to tranquilise Shamrock The rebellion is over Mr. Ed has negotiated with the humans He’s got himself an extra bale of hay per week Fucking sellout My sources tell me that one horse is hiding in the back of the ambulance though Her name is Sarah Connor [Music]

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  1. If there's a horse hiding in the ambulance, then naturally it follows that soon there will be a

  2. The “top hat wearing wanker” was The Monopoly Guy.

    Should’ve gone directly to jail without passing GO.

  3. The “top hat wearing wanker” was The Monopoly Guy.

    Should’ve gone directly to jail without passing GO.

  4. That horse represented all us stupid Americans the morning we all woke up to Trumpelforskins new title.

  5. That horse listens to Rage Against The Machine “Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me!”😹 Killing in the name of horse kind!

  6. Honest screw those people putting those things behind horses. Riding a horse is one thing but making them drag something with you on it is not cool go horses

  7. Moral of the story……. Don't ride or use animals for your own pleasure/entertainment! Bunch of wankers!

  8. I'm a French Canadian fan of your channel and sometimes the topic title of your videos are translated in French but this one uses a word only known by Quebecers and there is no way an app would know that ( imo) so i was wondering if you translate by yourself and where did you learn the word Tabarnak ? 😁

  9. I ride an amish Ferrari, and she's great. These people look like they are all out to lunch. It's not what you do but how you do it.

  10. What a bunch of fucking assholes torturing fucking animals y'all need to be fucking shot fucking pieces of shit

  11. Oh yeah
    You are right about Sarah corner,
    Beacuse she is here in 2019👍👍 .
    She finally decide to appear in the world.

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