P2 – Breaking your own horse to harness – retraining a horse that bolted pulling a tyre.

October 13, 2019

He’s going to make one hell of a horse all his fear has left him now. He has far more confidence in himself, courage in what you want him to do – you’ll see as we go on what we achieve with him. Please please please consider this, before you set off and break your own horse. And I’m not saying this because we’re looking for work – we’re stacked out with work Baby you good boy. What you’ve got to look at is this fellow. These horses. These are dumb animals. Have you got the skill to break the horse and make him safe, confident and happy in any sphere of harness work. That’s what we aim to do here. If you look at our films on Youtube, there’s hundreds on there. People keep saying to me “Why don’t you make a film, why don’t you make a film from start to finish of what you do?” Because
every horse is an individual what works for one would be the worst
possible thing to do with another horse. People are asking me all the time “Make a film!” they’ve made bloody books anyone that’s ever wrote a book didn’t tell you what to do when it goes wrong. And that’s the problem. And the only one
that suffers is him the horse is the one that suffers, the pony or whatever, suffers because man is not up to the task. The next thing people say to me is “I’ve bought a cheap set of that Indian harness or foreign harness just to get him going”. Well that’s some brains isn’t it?! That’s the most stupid thing you can do. The very time when you want a good set of harness; strong, safe set of harness people go and find the cheapest rubbish they can. They put them in an old made-up 2-wheeler. You know, it’s not good. You owe it to this horse first and foremost if you want to kill yourself, that’s lovely but you haven’t got the tyre tied to you, you haven’t got the pallet like I saw someone do the other day. With a pallet, a wooden pallet behind the horse which is put together with nails and
god knows what behind a horse pulling it – “He’s pulled a pallet up the road!” well yippee yippee. That’s marvellous when that comes smashing up behind him. A tyre’s bad enough – look at that big metal swingle tree on there we’re using. You know, you’ve got to know what you’re doing and we owe it to these horses dear God in heaven they’d lay their life down for you, they’d work until they fell down on their knees they’d do anything for you, they’re beautiful, beautiful animals and all they want is a bit of kindness, a bit of time, a bit of love and a bit of discipline. And this to my mind is a partnership. But you cannot break horses to what’s written down in a book. It will work with some horses but when it goes wrong we don’t hear of those horses. They end up in an auction or sold as riders or sold we’ve had some here that had been sold to people as soon as I put the harness on I know they’ve had harness on before and you can see that they’ve run away; they’re frightened, they’re terrified, they’re shaking when you put it on – no good. This horse when we went to start doing anything with him, just started him he was frightened – make no mistake about it –
he was frightened, he didn’t want to know. But he’s come back and I think he’s going to make one hell of a good cob a real good cob. He’s a lovely lovely lovely boy. But when people say to me tell us how you do it – there’s nothing I do,
I don’t whisper in his ear at 3 o’clock on a wednesday morning and all of a sudden the horse is a wonderful horse – its a lot of bloody hard work. Its a lot of know-how and you can’t write a book about it! We’ll help anybody we can but if you’re going to break your own horse make sure you know what you’re doing. You
owe it to the horse. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t let your horse be one that ends up in a market because it’s run away with something behind it or you put it in the shafts for the first tine and it goes absolutely crackers. We haven’t got the right to do that to a horse. Show them the respect they deserve. That’s why we drive in rubber bits that’s the reason we do it. You’ll see this horse across the road doing exactly what he’s done now in a rubber bit. I’ve just done it in a headcollar over here not because I’ve enclosed him I’ve just taken him out on the road. I know what I’m doing. I’m sorry if I’ve rambled on and I’m sorry if I’m passionate and get uptight but I love my horses with all my heart and soul I love them. And we owe it to them if we’re going to do this, is break them right, school them right, you know uh… natural horsemanship right, whatever you want to say it is, do it right for these horses. Alright babe, you lovely boy *kisses* Good boy.

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