Paw Patrol and PJ Masks Explore Learning Colors
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Paw Patrol and PJ Masks Explore Learning Colors

August 10, 2019

– [Child] Family fun for everyone! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey,
everyone, thanks for watching! Today we’ve got a fun video
with the color green… Red and blue. Now, can you tell me all the
different characters that are each of these colors? And I’ve got a surprise
color inside this pokeball. So let’s start with blue. So Chase from Paw Patrol is blue, right? So this is snuggletime Chase. And what I like about him
is that he actually… Plays music! Awww, goodnight, Chase! He sleepy sleepy. Goodnight, Chase! But we still have to find
more blue ones, like… Catboy! – [Catboy] PJ Masks all shout
hurray, ’cause in the night, we save the day! – [Mr. Engineer] So Catboy and Chase are the color blue, right? So they are blue. Hmm, do you know anyone else that’s blue? Hmm… Let’s see. Here’s one! Donald Duck in his car! That’s a blue car, right? I like that blue, huh? Let’s see, let’s keep thinking. Who else is blue? Well, another person who’s
blue is Dory from Finding Dory! She’s a blue fish, right? Okay, so we’ve got Chase, we got Catboy, we have Donald Duck. Chase, ya fell over, silly Chase! Chase, you’re on the case. And we have Dory. Do you know of anyone else that’s blue? So who else is blue? Well, I know one bad guy who’s blue. Do you know who it could be? He’s a bad guy alright. It’s Crusher from Blaze. “That’s right, I’m blue, ooh boy!” Well, Crusher is blue. Hmm, while we’re doing this,
see if you can think of people who are red and green as well. So Crusher is blue. Right there’s Crusher. Can you think of anyone else who’s blue? What about Thomas from Thomas and Friends? He’s a blue train. Right? Oh, look, he ran right into Crusher! Thomas! Thomas must not be a
really big fan of Crusher. Well, there he goes. Back over this way, ran
right into him again. So, Thomas from Thomas
and Friends is blue. And he will never stop going,
he’s like all over the place. Alright. So let’s think of one more person. Do you think you know who it could be? Did you come up with none
other than Captain Jake from Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We’ve not done a lot of videos
with Captain Jake lately, have we? But Captain Jake is definitely
wearing a blue hat and a blue costume. So those are all of our
friends that are blue. Now we’ve got red. Red, red, red. What do you think about red? Red, red, red, red, red, red. Now, I’ve got… Skye right here. Is Skye red? Well, her badge right
there is kinda red, right? But she’s mostly pink. So sorry, Skye, you’re not red. You’re pink. But who is red? Well, don’t forget Lightning McQueen. This lightning McQueen even talks! – Kachow! Alright, work on it quick. – [Mr. Engineer] So Lightning McQueen… Is red! Well, I’ll give you another hint. Crusher was red, so you can
bet we’re gonna bring in the fastest monster truck of all time, Blaze! Right, Blaze, ’cause he is red. And this Blaze can do all
kinds of silly things. Just like that. So Blaze is the color red. Red, red, red. We’ll see if he can stand up. Blaze, do you think you can
stand right on top of these? Let’s see. Blaze! And he didn’t do it, nope, sorry. Good try, though! Good try. So Blaze is the color red. Hmm… You know who else is red? Marshall from Paw Patrol! That’s right, here’s Marshall! He’s all fired up! He’s a fireman and he is
a member of Paw Patrol. He’s got a red hat, jacket,
and his pup pad is red. So that’s another member who’s red! So we have Lighting McQueen,
Blaze, and Marshall. Well, if we have Catboy, you
know who’s probably next, don’t you? That’s right, Owlette! She’s red. – [Owlette] Time to be a hero! – [Mr. Engineer] Well,
her costume’s red, right? She’s wearing a red costume
and she’s got red eyes! But that is Owlette. Okay, I’ve got one more person who’s red. He’s a really bad guy. Do you know who it is? Why, it’s that sneaky crook Captain Hook! He’s got a red jacket and
a red hat and a red hot temperature. Well, not really about that,
he’s kinda mean isn’t he? But Captain Hook is also red. Next up, you know that color, don’t you? Why, it’s green! Now, I’m not able to find
quite as many people that are green, but you’ll know who is. First off, we’ve got Rocky
from Paw Patrol, right? Here’s Rocky and he’s got a
Pup Pad that has his wrench in it that actually works, right? He’s got his screwdriver
and he’s ready to go. Right? Because green means go, so there’s Rocky. Our green marbles, right? Have you ever seen so
many green marbles before? They’re pretty fun. Alright. Who else is green? Why, all the members of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Turtles are green, right? Right here’s green and a little
different color green, and who’s this with the blue headband on him? Is that Michaelangelo? No, it’s Leonardo, right? So he’s wearing his blue
headmask, but he’s a green turtle! So that is green. But there are more people that are green. Remember from Blaze? Crusher’s blue, Blaze was red… And Pickle’s green! Right? Pickle! Pickle needs to stop paying
so much attention to Crusher, right, because Crusher’s a bad guy. Well, there’s another member,
too, but he’s kind of like a greenish yellow. Zeg! Zeg’s a dinosaur truck. “I’m Zeg, Zeg here! How are you doing? Zeg says ‘I’m doing fine!'” So Zeg is kind of a greenish
yellow, but we’re gonna call him green. One more person that’s green! Do you know who it is? Why, it’s none other than… – [Gekko] Slithering serpents! – [Mr. Engineer] Gekko! Right? Gekko’s green. ‘Cause he can do Gekko camouflage. Where did he go? Where did Gekko go? Gekko? Geeeecko? Does anyone see Gekko? There he is, right there! So Gekko is also green. So let’s see, we’ve got
our green characters here, everyone who’s red is right
there, and blue, right? Which one of those
colors is your favorite? Guess what? The pokeball’s got a special color in it. What color do you think it is? It’s not blue, it’s not
red, and it’s not green. Why, it’s none other than… Yellow! Oh-ho! Yellow? Who could be yellow? Why, Stripe from Blaze is yellow, right? He’s like a tiger, rawr! And he’s not a tiger, but he’s a lion! Kion from The Lion Guard! He looks like he could roar, rawr! So Kion is yellow. Anyone else that you can think of? Well, if you like princesses,
you probably know that Belle has a really
pretty red dress, right? So Belle is yellow. Hmm… Maybe, is that it? I know of two more. Ready? This one, do you know what it is? (Minion making gibberish minion noises) Minions! Minions are yellow, and this
minion is eating a yellow banana! (Minion gibberish) – [Minion] Banana! Banana! – [Mr. Engineer] What was it? – [Minion] Banana! – [Mr. Engineer] Banana. So he’s wearing blue pants,
but he’s a yellow minion. Alright. Last one. Do you know who it is? Why, here he is! “Rubble on the double, I’m yellow! Yellow Rubble!” That’s right, Rubble is yellow! In fact, we can put all the
yellow marbles inside of Rubble’s yellow scoop. Uh, Rubble, you let ’em all fall! Rubble! Oh, Rubble, you made a mess
with all the yellow marbles. So there you have it. Our four colors. Let’s look at ’em again! So there you have it. Blue, red, green, and yellow. Tell us, which one was your favorite? Which one had the best characters? And also, did we forget anyone? Did we forget anyone that was blue or red? I know that Spiderman’s red. Leave us some comments and let
us know some of your favorite characters and what color they are. Okay, can you do that for me? And now, 10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… And the next video! Look everyone, it’s PJ Mask, right… Wait a minute, what happened to Owlette? Oh boy! Oh, there she is! We found Owlette, she’s right here! We’re gonna show you how
you can play with these super cool PJ Mask… – [Owlette] Super owl wings! – [Mr. Engineer] Toys! And we’re gonna do some magic with them! Let’s check ’em out! Okay, so here’s PJ Mask! And here is Gekko! Now watch what happens when
we push the button here on his hand. – [Gekko] Gasping Geckos! – [Mr. Engineer] He lights up, watch this. – [Gekko] It’s time to be a hero! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! So good job! Now here is Catboy. People at home, do you know
what Catboy’s real name is? Leave a comment and let us know. (PJ Mask them song) He lights up! His mask lights up in there. Pretty cool, huh? And then we still have Owlette. What do you think? – [Owlette] PJ Masks all shout hurray… (toys talking over one another) – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, that’s
what Owlette just said. – [Owlette] Fluttering feathers! – [Mr. Engineer] So she’s
got her cape and everything. But that’s not what we’re
gonna do in this video. We’re also gonna do something really fun! We’re going to… Ta-da! Use the magic box! So we take Catboy, which
is right here, hi Catboy. Catboy, you’re going into our magic box. You’re in. So there’s Catboy. Now here’s Gekko. We’re gonna put Gekko over here. And we’re gonna put Owlette
there and we’re gonna… We’re gonna flip it up like that. Right? And then we’re gonna flip it and flip it. And guess what? I didn’t turn the camera off, but look! Nothing’s inside! That’s right, it’s empty! Whoa, isn’t that cool? Catboy vanished! Let’s look again. Catboy, are you in there? Catboy… Are you in there? Catboy… No Catboy in there. Hmm. So let’s see. We can flip him up. Gekko? You think you can help? Give us some music. So flip it and then we’ll go like this. And we’re going to open it up and… We have Catboy! (laughing) Isn’t that cool? Alright. Now I’m gonna take all three
of them and we’re gonna do something even cool. More cool. We’re gonna start with
Owlette, right, here she is! Here’s Owlette, right? I took and I put Catboy and
Gekko away, which is fine. So I’m gonna put Owlette inside the box. Like that, right? And then I’m gonna go… I gotta flip it, I gotta flip
it, and I’ve got to flip it. And who do you think’s inside? Well, it’s Catboy! That’s right! Catboy’s inside! Well, did you see, that was pretty cool! I didn’t even use my hands and
he popped right out of there, didn’t he? So that is how we got Catboy. But watch. Who do you think we can turn Catboy into? Well, let’s see. Take Catboy and put him inside, like that. Right? And we’re gonna flip it… Knock on it. Flip it, flip it, let’s see who he is. Why, it’s Gekko! Look at that! We turned Catboy into Gekko! – [Gekko] PJ Masks all shout
hurray, in the night we save the day! – [Mr. Engineer] Alright,
high five, Gekko. Whoa, that was way cool! I wonder what would happen
if we put two members inside? Let’s check. So here we have Gekko and
Owlette, we’re gonna put ’em in. There’s Owlette and now
we’re gonna put in Gekko. Put ’em right in there inside. Gotta get in, Gekko, gotta get in. Close the door. Knock one. Turn it like that. Turn. Flip. And what do you think’s inside? Why, it is none other than… Look at that! We’ve got Sheriff Callie and Romeo inside! Wow! That’s who was inside? Sheriff Callie and Romeo,
that’s who we turned them into. Isn’t that way cool? Hey, does Romeo look kind of funny? He’s got funny glasses. I don’t know why he’s
got silver in his hair. And why Sheriff Callie? Is she a member of PJ Mask? Why would Sheriff Callie be in there? I just don’t know. But it was a lot of fun playing
with our magic box, right? So wait a minute, let’s
put these guys back in. Let’s see what happens. So we’re gonna put them in, like that. Close the door. Knock. One. Two. And three! Just like that, and… There they are! Gekko and Owlette! – [Owlette] Fluttering feathers! – [Mr. Engineer] Pretty neat, huh? So these are the PJ Mask
figures, right here. So we have Owlette and Gekko
and they talk and they play music and they do all kinds
of cool things, right? And you know, they’re really,
really soft, so they’re kind of fun. Now, normally we don’t show
a lot of plush toys on our videos, but these are just
so cool, I couldn’t resist. So if you want to see more
fun PJ Mask videos, up here it says “TEF Kids” so subscribe
to the “TEF Kids” channel so you can see lots of
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member of PJ Mask? Let us know that too. Okay everyone, ‘bye! Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family so you
can see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it. I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol,
surprises, Frozen, Blaze, Masha, there are so many videos to watch! Bye!

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