Paw Patrol Chase and Rubble with Rocky Rescue Everest and Walrus Clean Garbage and Brush Teeth
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Paw Patrol Chase and Rubble with Rocky Rescue Everest and Walrus Clean Garbage and Brush Teeth

August 17, 2019

Oh boy, this is a slow day. It doesn’t look like anything is going on,
just this train going by. Rubble, do you want to look through the telescope? Well let me see here, hmmm, let me see, there’s
nothing there. Nope, nothing there. Everything is clear here too Chase. It’s just a calm day. Hey guys, that’s the secret Everest beeper,
she might be in trouble, can somebody answer it? Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, we need your help,
someone left all their garbage and junk over here, and now the walrus is getting sick,
can you guys help move all this junk? Oh no, that’s terrible. Everest, stay put, don’t you worry, we’ll
be up there to save you and the walrus. Oh, and make sure Rubble brings his bulldozer,
we’re gonna need it. [Walrus Sounds] Okay, we’ll make sure that
Rubble brings his bulldozer. Well, you heard her, Everest needs our help. Let’s head up to the Arctic. Rubble, bring your bulldozer, and Rocky we
may also need your recycling truck. Now I just need to climb into my police cruiser. Alright Paw Patrol, hurry get in your cars,
so we can get up there. Okay, we’re ready. Wow Everest, you were right, there’s garbage
everywhere, and how did it even get up here? Well, never mind that, let’s start cleaning
it up. Oh guys, thanks for getting here so to quickly,
we really need your help. No problem Everest, I’ll make sure to start
cleaning right away. Well, we cleaned up everything, we recycled
what we could, but I want to keep this soccer ball for myself. Oh guys, thanks so much for your help, you
guys did great. There’s just one more thing we’ve got to
do, because Mr. Walrus was eating all that garbage, his teeth got dirty, so now it’s
time to brush them. Brush brush brush brush brush, there we go,
getting them all clean. Okay and one more thing, now we have to look
in the mirror and look at your shinny white bright teeth. [Walrus Sounds] Hey, brushing isn’t just
for walruses, it’s for everybody, including us Paw Patrol. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like
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