Paw Patrol Lookout Tower Scare and Seek with the Assistant and Rubble’s Digger
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Paw Patrol Lookout Tower Scare and Seek with the Assistant and Rubble’s Digger

August 29, 2019

– [Girl] Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Hey, everyone! We’re gonna join Paw Patrol
at the Paw Patrol lookout with the assistant to play scare-and-seek. That’s right, check out this super cool Paw Patrol lookout tower. Let’s go play! Hey assistant, what are we gonna do today? – We’re gonna play scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] We’re gonna
play scare scare-and-seek in the Paw Patrol lookout tower, right? – Right! – [Narrator] We’ve got Marshall! And we got Chase, and Zuma! And we’ve got the slide
that they’re gonna go down for their lookout tower. Marshall, are you ready
to play scare-and-seek? – Yes! – [Narrator] Chase, are you
ready to play scare-n-seek? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Zuma, are you ready? – Ruff ruff, I’m ready! – [Narrator] All right, then
we’re gonna play scare-and-seek and see if they can scare me
or if I’m gonna scare them while playing hide-and-go-seek. Okay guys, let’s go! – Okay I’ll go down the slide. – [Narrator] Wait,
where’d you go assistant? – Down the slide. – Oh, okay. There she goes! Bye! – [Assistant] Bye! – [Narrator] Who’s gonna
go down the slide first? Coming down the Paw Patrol slide is none other than… (Chase cheering) Chase! – Chase is on the case! – [Narrator] Okay Chase, go hide, okay? – Okay! – [Narrator] Who’s going
down the slide next? Why, it’s none other than… (assistant cheering) The assistant! Assistant, are you ready to go hide? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Alright, there she goes. Who’s the next pup to go down the slide? Up next is the next member of Paw Patrol, who do you think it’s gonna be? Why it’s Marshall! Good job Marshall! – Yeah! I’m all fired up! – [Narrator] All fired up, alright, you better go hide, okay? Alright, here’s our next member. It’s gonna be done other than… (Zuma cheering) Zuma! What are you gonna do, Zuma? – Let’s dive in! – [Narrator] Let’s dive in, okay! So everybody’s gonna go hide. I better go count. Let’s go count, people at home. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Ready or not, we’re gonna
play scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Do you see anybody, people at home? There’s the lookout tower. Hmm. Wait a minute. There might be somebody behind the tree. I see some orange. Let’s see if we can scare them. Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! I think it’s Zuma. Let’s scare him. (spooky music) We found you, Zuma! – Whoa! – [Narrator] Alright, Zuma, we found you! Scare-and-seek! Are you ready to go find the rest of the Paw Patrol and the assistant? Ready? Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] Scare-and-seek! – [Zuma] Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] So we’re
going to the lookout tower. Right, Zuma? – Right! – [Narrator] Wait a minute. Somebody’s in a firetruck! You go that way, I’ll go this way. Let’s see if we can scare Marshall, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Let’s go. Scare-and-seek. Scare-and-seek. Scare-and-seek. Keep going, do you see Marshall? I see Marshall. (spooky music) We found you, Marshall! (Marshall screaming) All right!
– You found me! (Zuma laughing) – [Narrator] We found you, we found you! All right, so we gotta be careful because Chase could try to scare us or the assistant could
try to scare us, right? – Right! – [Narrator] So here we
are at the lookout tower. Wait a minute. I think I see something on the slide. You guys go around the back,
I’ll go around the front, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Zuma] Scare-and-seek. – [Narrator] Scare-and-seek. (playful music) Boo! We found you, Chase! (cheering) Chase, we found you! Chase is on the case,
but we found him anyway. (cheering) Good job, hey, now we
gotta find the assistant! I’m gonna go up in the lookout tower and see if I can find her, okay? – [Together] Okay! – [Narrator] Let’s go in the
lookout tower, people at home. That assistant could be anywhere, but I bet you she’s up
here, what do you think? Have you ever been up
in the lookout tower? We’re going all the way up here. Find the assistant. We’ve got a little special
gate we’ve got to take down. What do you think? Do you think it’d be fun
to have a lookout tower that you could play in? I don’t see the assistant anywhere. I don’t see her, do you see her? Assistant! We need to look. There’s Paw Patrol. I see Marshall, Chase, and Zuma. Boo! (laughs) (cheering) Do you see the assistant, guys? – Not yet.
– No. – [Narrator] Neither do I. We’re gonna have to look. I think maybe I’m gonna
have to go down the slide. So let’s go down the slide. (suspenseful music) Alright, so here we go, down
the lookout tower slide. Here we go! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Zuma] Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] Hmm. I don’t see her. Alright guys, let’s go. This way, ready? Arms out in front of you! – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] Marshall,
do you have any idea where she could be? – I don’t know where the assistant is! – [Narrator] What about you, Zuma? – Nope, haven’t seen her. – [Narrator] Hmm, she’s gotta
be around here somewhere. – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] I don’t think she hid by the Paw Patrol lookout tower. What do you think? – I don’t see her! – [Narrator] I don’t think so either. I hear something over here. Wait a minute. I think she’s behind that giant tree. What do you think? I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go scare, ready? I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go scare the assistant. I’m gonna go scare her. I’m gonna scare her. Boo! Hey wait a minute,
you’re not the assistant. You’re not the assistant at all, are you? (all screaming) Assistant, you scared me! You came and got us! Whoa, you guys ready for another round? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Let’s go. Okay Marshall, are you ready? We’ve gotta find them this time. – You bet I’m all fired up! – [Narrator] We’ve gotta find
the assistant, her friend, I think her name’s the associate. We’ve gotta find Chase, and what’s the name of the other doggy? – Zuma! – [Narrator] Zuma, that’s right. Okay let’s go, ready? Hands in front of us! – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] Wait a minute. I think Zuma’s hiding in
the same spot as last time. (Marshall laughing) That’s pretty silly. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Look, right
over there is Zuma. Why don’t you find her from the front and I’m gonna scare her. I’m gonna come behind
her and scare her, okay? – You got it. – [Narrator] I mean, so
I’m gonna come behind him and scare him, okay? – You got it. – [Together] Scare-and-Seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! (Marshall roaring) (Zuma screaming) – You found me! – I found you! (narrator screaming) (Zuma screaming) – [Narrator] We scared Zuma! That was pretty funny, good job guys. And now we gotta go find
Chase and the assistant, and the assistant’s friend the associate. You ready to go find them? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Hands in front of us! – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] I think I see something. I see an ear up there. I’ve gotta be careful and
not scare Chase in the tower, ’cause it’s too far up. I’m gonna tell Chase to come down. We’re gonna go up the ladder. Up into the Paw Patrol lookout! Chase, we found you! – Aw, you sure did! – [Narrator] Oh, good job
hiding up here though, up in the lookout tower. – Thanks! – [Narrator] Now we’ve
got to find the assistant, and the assistant’s friend. – That’s right! – [Narrator] Hmm, do you have
any idea where they could be? – Hmm, I felt like I heard
some noises below me. – [Narrator] Below you? – Yeah! – [Narrator] You mean where
all the vehicles are stored? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Huh. I think Rubble and Skye and Rocky are on missions though. – Huh, so who’s down in the vehicle room? – [Narrator] I don’t know. Let’s go. We gotta go down the slide. Here we go. Do you see anything, anybody? Oh there’s Skye and Marshall. Right? No, that wasn’t Skye and Marshall, that was Zuma and Marshall. Well there’s the firetruck. Marshall, do you know your
firetruck’s down there? – Yes I do! – [Narrator] Oh that’s right, you hid in it in the
first round, didn’t you? – Yes, I did. – [Narrator] Hmm, lets
go explore that, okay? – Okay! – [Together] Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! Scare-and-seek! – [Narrator] Here’s the firetruck. Wait a minute. Who’s that? Oh, we found the associate,
the assistant’s friend! Good job! Good job. (assistant yelling) (screams) Oh, the assistant
was actually in the firetruck! You guys probably
planned that, didn’t you? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Did you plan it to scare me? – Yes. – [Narrator] Well that was a great job! Alright, so people at
home, what do you think? Did we have a fun time
playing scare-and-seek? So that was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Oh, and here comes Chase! – Hi Chase! – [Narrator] Who do you think
had the best hiding spot? I think the associate and the assistant did a really good job. What do you guys think? – My spot, me!
– Me, me! – [Narrator] Parents, leave
a comment and let us know, who did the best job? And should we do any more videos with the Paw Patrol Lookout tower? – I don’t know! – [Narrator] Leave a
comment and let us know, ’cause we want your feedback! Right? Bye, everyone! – Bye! Let’s go play another round! – Rubble, I need you to do
some work on your digger! – Work on my digger? All right, but my digger’s
right here, assistant! Rubble on the double, here I go! – I need you to cut
through the whole field! – All right! Let me get going. Here’s my digger, right here. (cheerful music) Hey, assistant! My digger, it’s not working! Assistant, my digger’s not working! I can’t get it to work! Rubble on the double,
what’s wrong with my digger? Oh boy! Agh! It’s not working! (groaning) Rubble on the double, okay assistant, I need to fix my digger. Assistant, I need a wrench to
see if we can fix this digger. – Here you go, Rubble! – Thanks, assistant! You’re an awesome helper, you know that? Rubble on the double. Oh it’s really broken, assistant. Can I have my hammer? Thanks. (metal clanging) You think it’s fixed yet? – No, I think you might
need some more tools. (metal clanging) – Ow! I hit my thumb! Ow, my thumb! Assistant! My thumb, that really hurts. – I’ll do it. – You wanna see if you can help? – Yeah. – Alright let’s see if you can help. – Move your hand. – Oh yeah, I’ll move it. Alright, good job, assistant. – I just did two. – That’s okay, let’s see if it’ll work. Okay? – Okay. – Oh no, assistant! It’s still not working! – Oh no, Rubble, what are you
gonna do without your digger? – I don’t know. We’re gonna have to find a
new way for me to work, okay? – Okay! Scissors? – It’s not working, hmm. Alright, lets find something else, okay? – Okay, let me look around. Rubble, why don’t you try this forklift? – Good idea, assistant,
let me give it a try, okay? I can’t get it to work! Assistant! First the digger, now the forklift! Neither of ’em are working! Oh boy. Rubble on the double, we need
to find something else, okay? – Okay. – Let’s go find something else. Assistant, if I can’t use my
digger, I’ll use a scooter. What do you think about that? – Yeah, let’s go! – Let’s go assistant, let’s ride scooters. (cheerful music) (Rubble yelling) (assistant laughing) Rubble on the double. Hey, let’s go try something else, okay? – Yeah, like the lawnmower or something. – Yeah, let’s see if the lawnmower works. – Okay. – Assistant, why don’t we
just try the lawnmower? – Yeah! – Alright, assistant,
nothing else has worked, and I’m not very good at scooters, am I? – Yeah! – Alright, let’s try the
lawnmower and see if it works. (engine revving) – Now let’s drive around! (upbeat banjo music) (lawnmower buzzing) (squeaking) – Assistant, this has been a lot of fun, but now we need to get
back to the digger, right? – Right! – I hope it works! Let’s go to the digger! Aw man I never turned the lawnmower! It didn’t cut the grass! Rubble on the double. (assistant groaning) People at home, none of ’em work. What do you think’s the best
way for me to do my work if I can’t get my digger working? Leave a comment! Also, tell me, how should I fix my digger? Why won’t it work? Can you help me? Rubble on the double, I
need to get it working. Okay? Alright, and remember, down
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