Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game in Stellar Condition (Season 12) | History
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Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game in Stellar Condition (Season 12) | History

December 8, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] COREY: We got a call
at the pawn shop. Somebody had a old vintage
Donkey Kong arcade game. It’s a video game. Chum’s my sidekick. Might as well bring him with me.
– Come on in. This is my weird media room. And, you know, this
is Donkey Kong. But as you can see,
it doesn’t really fit the motif of the room
with the killer clowns. We got a dead pig
carcass on the ground. We got Ouija boards. And then we have Donkey Kong. Definitely a little odd. JASON: I do have
some sentimental value with the game. I mean, it’s a neat piece. It’s a good conversation piece. I just need to get
something that makes more sense in my room of horror. Donkey Kong’s just not
scary enough for me. COREY: So where’d you
end up getting it? JASON: My company is
partners with Circus Circus. We lease out their theme park. I was begging and pleading
with them one day. And they finally agreed
to sell me a couple games. And this was one of
the games they sold me. COREY: Oh, wow. I mean, just the history of the
game itself– before his name was Super Mario, before he was a
plumber, his name was Jump Man. And that was his pet gorilla. And that was his girlfriend.
JASON: Really? Yeah. And then one day, the
gorilla got pissed off, kidnapped his girlfriend,
and I guess started throwing barrels at him. He had to jump over the
barrels and climb the ladders to get up and save her. CHUMLEE: One of the most
influential games ever– started the Mario Bros, boosted
Nintendo to what it is today. I had no idea. I just knew it was a cool game. COREY: So can we play it?
Can we check it out? Yeah.
[GAME BEEPING] CHUMLEE: You know you’re
supposed to jump, right? COREY: No idea that
you had to jump, Chum. CHUMLEE: Lame. COREY: Shut up, Chum. All right. Tell me, man, what are
you looking to do with it? I’d like to keep it, but
my house is only so big. COREY: What are you
looking to get out of it? I’d like to get
$2,500 out of it. It is in great shape, though. I’ll give you this. I don’t know if Donkey
Kong is the actual arcade game people are looking to get. Let me have a friend
of mine come over, check it out, see what
he thinks it’s worth. JASON: Sure.
– Do me a favor. Go call Nick. Yep. I’m gonna stay
here and play it. JASON: I’m actually
welcoming an expert today because I want to know
some stuff about the game, too. And I want to make sure that
it is all really original. COREY: I really want
to get Nick down here and make sure it’s not a
bootleg because sometimes, when these things are
too good to be true, they most of the time are. NICK KOVALEVSKY:
Well, here It is. Wow.
– Yeah. It took a lot of my lunch
money back in high school. CHUMLEE: Good ole Donkey Kong. NICK KOVALEVSKY: Yeah, this
is the game that gave Namco a run for its money because
Namco was the king in America with Pac-Man. And then when Shigeru
Miyamoto came out with this, Nintendo basically
conquered America with selling just as many of
this as they did as Pac-Man. There’s a lot of bootlegs and
reproductions of this game. But what’s really going to
matter about as far as value goes is if it’s all original. Well, do your work. NICK KOVALEVSKY: All righty. CHUMLEE: What are
you looking for? NICK KOVALEVSKY: Well, I’m
looking for serial numbers. And I’m looking for a TKG
serial number on the board because that makes a difference
on whether it’s a bootleg or if it’s a real Donkey Kong. I have your answer. This is an original
Donkey Kong cabinet. Nice. COREY: So what’s
it worth, retail? NICK KOVALEVSKY: OK. Because it’s original,
and the board’s original, it’s got an original monitor,
and an original joystick, and they are sought after
in original condition– somewhere between $600 to $800.
– That’s it? NICK KOVALEVSKY: That’s it. Not quite what
you’re looking for. CHUMLEE: No. NICK KOVALEVSKY: They
made a lot of these. It’s not rare. Nick, thanks a lot, man. You’re welcome. There’s really not much
market for video arcade games because most of the
people nowadays, they’re looking for, you know, 60 to 400
games packed into one cabinet. COREY: All right, man, so this
is always a tough one for me because you wanted $2,500. On a good day, retail
is going to be $800. I mean, I could offer
you $300 for it. JASON: No. COREY: I’ve got to
double my money. If I went up to $400, would
it change your mind at all? JASON: No. No. It’s too cool a piece
to sell for $400. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I totally 100%
understand, my man. Thanks a lot. I hope you find room for it. JASON: The offer was way
lower than I thought. So, you know, I get to
keep the Donkey Kong game. And, you know, better
luck next time.

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  1. The implication is that they made lots of Donkey Kong cabinets and its not worth that much. Total con. Try finding a working DK unit from the 80’s with all its original parts.

  2. Why dont they bring the expert with them.
    I know its a fake show but come on.
    And to give him $300 is an insult for a classic.

  3. As a professional appraiser he should have told him over the phone 600max. Not rare. My fee to come out is 200$.so just over 400 lol

  4. Such utter stupidity in the comments. No, this game isn't worth a fortune. 1 sold recently on Ebay for $800. And no others have sold. It's not a collectors item.

  5. 3:06 when the "expert" said its an original the guy was like um yeah i know i bought it directly from the manufacture? ?

  6. Are they joking? You can almost not get those new bootleg cabinets with a raspberry pi for that money.. this is the real deal. Donkey Kong is one of the most wanted ones and in this condition. This would easily sell for 3k or even more to a collector.

  7. I've sold video games of all generations for many years and an original DK cabinet in this condition is worth more then $600-$800. That was a terribly low ball assessment.

  8. Very few people know this but originally it was a Donkey that was the main character. I remember this, because I remember going to the Bowling alley and watching these guys playing this game where a Donkey was jumping over these barrels and it wasn't even in color. My brother remembers this also. When we went back a few weeks later, the game was different and it now had a guy jumping over barrels. The only thing I can conclude all these years later, that the original game with the Donkey might have been just a test prototype because the cabinet was rather plain looking with really nothing on it, but the words Donkey Kong.

  9. Wow $400, here in Australia asking price for an original arcade machine in poor condition is anything from $2000-5000AUD!

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