PEAU MAGNIFIQUE .APPLIQUE CECI juste Avant le Coucher ;Résultats 100% garantis/Clarté,Brillance,
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PEAU MAGNIFIQUE .APPLIQUE CECI juste Avant le Coucher ;Résultats 100% garantis/Clarté,Brillance,

February 29, 2020

APPLY THIS just before bedtime and wake up
you beautiful as a Princess; Results 100% guaranteed / REVERSE the Signs of AGE
Make this mixture just before bedtime; results 100% guaranteed lemon and banana are
here what it you necessary in case of chronic fatigue, stress,
anemia and much more as you will see
throughout the video, First of all, tell me in the comments what name do you give
to this fruit in your country, The banana is very important I invite you to look
the video up the end and pay close attention
to each steps so that that way you
can do this remedy by yourself and shoot all
the advantages that this offers us but before to give you the recipe for this remedy
amazing, i will want you already talk about each of these ingredients is this
that you knew that bananas regulate the pressure arterial thanks to potassium is a vasodilator
and helps maintain blood pressure , levels
high potassium in bananas can help protect yourself
hypertension and heart attacks, Stroke and atherosclerosis.
reduces anxiety and lowers the level of stress With potassium and high concentration
tryptophan banana juice is a great stabilize
able to reduce symptoms of stress and of
anxiety before continuing i recommend you share this information with your family
and friends this can be great relief, banana contains
sugars which the body can use immediately , for the most part it means that only one
banana can you energize mental and physical energy
and much more if you add two or three juices
lemons in a glass this tasty juice improves immunity
brings Vitamin is several vitamins
That means banana juice and lemon is an excellent reinforcement for the system
immune, contains acids which helps in the manufacture of
white blood cells and can also reduce oxidative stress
and neutralize the radicals free, detoxify the body C is a powerful
diuretic, good for digestive tract and rich in vitamin B6 good
for control toxicity levels all this
makes banana juice and lemon juice is ideal for purifying the body stimulate
the Liver and kidney functions allow
of remove salts, toxins and
fat faster therefore helps kidney stones improve
the digestion the high concentration of fiber in
this juice is excellent for digestion because it helps stimulate the Movement
peristaltic increases the release of gastric juices and improves
absorption efficiency of nutrients We will quickly talk about
benefits and properties of lemon it is high in antioxidants, vitamins and
minerals is an excellent diuretic because it helps eliminate
liquids and toxic substances retained in the body thanks to this advantage
this is highly indicated for the body and helps prevent many
diseases lemon strengthens defenses and helps prevent infections, improves
performances physical and intellectual and warn
vascular aging has a wide range of properties
beneficial for various diseases like anemic ulcers
Hypertension, obesity in between and well many others now we come
to the party of the recipe so take note of the ingredients
2 bananas 2 organic lemons pure honey, slice
the chopped banana and put in a cup
or a container add the lemon juice to the banana beforehand
press finally add honey without abusing it
can consume it at any time, crush , smoothie, milkshake or snack
so here, be careful if you are diabetic this is not for
you can easily raise your insulin spike Don’t hesitate to tell me
in the comments if you’ve already tried this, how
you felt when consuming this, so here is no hesitation to leave your little ones
testimonials in the comments Take care of your health by the Know
that I carry you in my heart XOXO

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