PennVet New Bolton Center | Neville Bardos and Catch a Star Strut Their Stuff at EPEF

March 4, 2020

Neville Bardos was treated for smoke inhalation while he was here. Eight weeks after being treated by staff here
at New Bolton Center, he was able to go on and compete in Burghley Event, which is
in England, which is widely regarded as the most difficult three day event in the entire
world. Not only did he compete successfully, but he was cleared for cross country, and Neville
Bardos ended up seventh in a field of over one hundred horses. That’s a remarkable event
for a healthy horse, let alone a horse that had just eight weeks prior to that suffered
severe smoke inhalation. The other horse is a gray mare and she is also an event horse.
Her name is Catch a Star. She was also in the fire. She suffered second-degree burns
over 10 percent of her body, including her neck, her back, and the sides of her abdomen.
She stayed in our hospital for several days and received wonderful care from our clinicians.
After she left here, she had numerous weeks of intensive care at home, followed by the dedication
of her owner, Kaitlyn Fullman, followed up by follow ups and information from our dedicated staff that helped her with her care at home. Some of that care at home included the in
stall mount and only being able to walk outside at night because obviously the sun exposure to the devastating burn wounds would have been very detrimental to her healing. She
also has gone on and remarkably healed and has gone back to being a very successful event horse and in fact, in her very first three-star event after her very severe injury, she placed
fifth. Again a very remarkable story for both of these horses, the dedication to our clients who are in this area and the dedication of our staff here at New Bolton Center. So please join me in celebrating these horses, and our staff, and the people who make this all possible. (Dr. Elizabeth Davidson, New Bolton Center Sports Medicine)

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