People Are Calling This Rare Creature ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’
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People Are Calling This Rare Creature ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’

August 14, 2019

if you sit back and really consider the world’s unfathomable array of natural beauty it can be a little overwhelming whether it’s a stunning geological formation or a lovely flower there’s a bevy of hair-raising natural marvels all around you still few of them stack up to the one rare breed of horse from Turkmenistan the creatures are called a call Tiki and they’re breathtaking coats are completely unlike anything most of us have ever seen just wait until you look at this majestic creature you won’t believe your eyes you the world is filled with a vast array of natural beauty and for that reason it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed by it no matter where you look there’s something at which to marvel be it a beautiful flower or a gorgeous mountain beauty is all around as it turns out there are many gorgeous animals that walk the earth that the average person may not realize exist even among a fairly common animal like horses for example there is surprising Beauty to be found it’s certainly no secret that all horses are majestic beautiful creatures but there’s one breed in particular that truly stands out from the rest it’s called a call Tiki and it hails from Turkmenistan as if that didn’t seem exotic enough these horses are known for their shining blond coats that almost look metallic known in China as horses from heaven these creatures are very rare with only around 1250 in existence today their coats actually get their trademark luster from the unique structural properties of the hairs themselves scientists have discovered that the proteins in these horses hairs are arranged in such a way that when light hits them the hairs reflect and refract the light similarly to how metal does that’s a pretty nifty genetic flu just look at this beauty as it turns out a kale Tiki aren’t the only rare majestic horses roaming the earth just ask Scott and Jackie Nelson who have owned and operated the downunder colour ranch in Melbourne Florida for many years their ranch boasts quite a number of impressive American and Australian paint horses which have a recognizable pattern on their coats and are known worldwide for their incredible appearance this includes the presence of what are known as Pinto markings the Nelsons are highly regarded by other ranchers as experts in the business they train and raise the animals right of their own property additionally they partake in nationwide competitions where their horses stand to win rosettes clearly the Nelsons were incredibly proud of the horses they’ve been raising all these years so it’s no wonder they were excited to discover that one of their mares polka had recently become pregnant for the first time ever little did they know what would lie ahead of them one night during her 11th month of pregnancy polka suddenly went into labor the Nelsons stood by in anticipation of the foal that would emerge with their cameras in hand they were instantly stunned this foal was different in a major way incredible the pictures of these horses are magnificent you can only imagine how impressive they look up close and in real life [Music]

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  1. Oh no… she gave birth to a piebald!! How amazing!! So rare!!!!…. so rare that I used to own 3 and my riding instructor has 2 and…a pinto isn't rare either

  2. The paints/pintos are not rare. The "medicine hat" foal is not rare – less common – Yes. That being said the very shiny "creamello" (that is a double palimino gene) is rare. Not "creamello" but the iridescent shine. I have a 29 year old bay mare with that shiny translucent protein in her coat. When the sun hits her just right, she shines iridescent blue and red – awesome! She had 2 bay foals in her life time, neither has the iridescent gene nor did her parents. I have been around lots of horses since I started riding at 18 months and am now 68. My mare is the only one I have ever seen. I was told she is called a blood bay, but I do not thing that is right because if you look up "blood bay" they talk about bright red coat color not iridescent.

  3. "Take a look at this majestic creature, they're rare!!"
    Yeah it's called a horse
    Why dont i just call a normal cat rare??

  4. I've learned this references the Turkmenistan horse or the Akhal-Teke which has a metallic sheen to it's coat. It is unfortunate the level of ignorance which spouts itself in the "Comments Sections"!

  5. these videos are kind of dumb. They never explain the subject they are commenting on and in this one, the one photo of the foal at the end tells a non equestrian absolutely nothing.

  6. Okay okay. While I agree 100% that saying pinto is a rare horse color is very incredibly stupid (I'm not even any expert and I know that), but give the guy some slack on the blonde thing. The color in general does exist. It looks blonde. No, it's not recognized as a horse coat color, but the color is blonde. So it works in a sense.

    Pintos being rare? No. No that doesn't work. I have no idea where the hell he got that idea.

  7. Are you trippin? Honestly? How do I get these videos to stop showing up my feed. Some whack color breeders in Oz are not producing anything you can't find in any US county. These are probably the most ubiquitous horses in the US.

  8. Jesus can you just get to the point I dgas about beauty in mountains or flowers I clicked on this video for a reason not to sit down and skip 4 minutes of the video

  9. this video/slideshow (intro and painted horses) is practically verbatim from a site called the pictures are from there too.

  10. I know so many equestrians have already said this but blond is not a horse color and Pinto's are not rare. Just saying but do a little more research first.

  11. Calm down everyone, they didn't call pintos rare, godammit. They called the pinto horses that the farm owned majestic and one of a kind, as a compliment. Jesus christ guys…

  12. She was beautiful although she got sleeping sickness at 5 months old and lost the saddlebred spark. I did notice the mare swap. This happens all the time on TV & in movies. I point this out frequently to my husband. A palomino is one sorrel (red, not chestnut) with flaxen gene combination and one diluting gene. The cremello is the palomino set-up without the sorrel gene, but 2 palomino genes (diluting genes). If you breed 2 palominos you can get a red with white mane or a palomino or a cremello. If you cross a sorrel with a flaxen mane & tail with a cremello you will get a palomino 100% of the time. Quarter horse people do not understand this, so they breed palominos to palominos and then will not register cremellos.

  13. Yes, horses are very beautiful… Until you fail to maintain grooming them (and I mean for them to look really majestic you should groom them EVERYDAY, at least THREE times a day). The problem is that horses absolutely love rolling (especially after getting wet) in the dirt and they seem to easily get dirty. Props to those who are able to keep up their horses' grooming (because I can't).

  14. Yes, the Akhal-Teke is gorgeous but blonde isn’t a horse color and paints, uh, they aren’t exactly rare. Unless you’re talking about a medicine cap paint.


  16. Pinto horses we have 1000 of them in fields in the UK way to many are being bred we call then gypsy horses 10 a penny. Not rare at all there are way too many just sitting in fields doing nothing more then like end up in France for meat. Now the Suffolk Punch horses are rare not many around,a magnificent horse that needs to be kept around.

  17. Lol that foal is called a medicine cap horse. Akhal-tekes are not blonde. There is no such thing as a blonde horse. It’s not a coat color. And uhh, pintos and paints are very common 😂😂

  18. This is more than cringe-worthy, let me point out all the mistakes for you:
    Akhal Tekes aren’t the most beautiful breed, Arabian pure-breds are beautiful too
    Blond ain’t a colour, it’s palomino
    Paints and Pintos are one of the most COMMON breeds in the world.
    Every breed’s unique, one breed never stands out from the rest, they all stand out from each other

    Me: Mom, can I get a horse?
    Me: shows mom the video
    Me: 😏

  20. When he said majestic beautiful creatures i litterally look @ my horse and said if your majestic we all should be dead

  21. When people talk big when they know fuck all about horses lol, I bet if I said a horses most sensitive spot is the frog he would be like "no that is an animal also very rare" haha get your facts straight

  22. This video is halarios😂😂😂 pintos are not rare😂😂😂😂😂😂 blond is not a real coat color😂😂 this is how a non-equestrian describes a rare horse😂😂😂 this video also made me cringe ALOT😂😂😂

  23. Piebald is black and white; skewbald is brown and white. Pinto or Paint is the general overall name for these two colors.

  24. Pintos are not rare if you won't to see a rare horse przewalski's are rare and absolutely and entirely wild horses there beautiful horses and are a endangered species

  25. From the picture I'm assuming that little pinto foal was indeed a very few and far between "Medicine Hat". Didn't anyone proof this video ? Two thumbs down.

  26. I love how he says akel teke! It's hilarious. Yes there aren't many of these. But really it's coat is just done by 'shine'

  27. Pinto's are common, pretty common actually.
    This cringed me so hard.
    Just stay away from making horse videos, you obviously don't know anything about horses, and you are passing false facts.

  28. 1:50 is an achal tekkiner, not anything else…… colour and race haven't anything to do with each other. Of course there are other genes per race, but the colour can always be different from the races' ideal, because of simple genetics

  29. Blonde? BLONDE? Really. Pintos are not rare. Only PAINT horses can be pinto. Please do some research on animals BEFORE you make a video about them. I’m an equestrian myself. I know more than you about horses and I am a kid, and you are a GROWN MAN!

  30. Omg this was the most cringe video in the world to an equestrian… ohh ya pintos are rare and blonde is a coat colour😂

  31. this video is just wrong. my friends aunt breeds akhal-teke’s and they are not super rare. pintos are not rare. paints are not rare. do your research next time so you don’t have a crap ton of equestrians on your back

  32. Is this a try not to laugh edition for equestrians. But still, those realy are beautiful horses, all of the horses are.☺

  33. Holy crap! It's a pinto! So rare! #TotallyDon'tLookLikeDairyCows…..Wanna know what IS rare? A BLONDE horse! It must be the only blonde horse on earth as that isn't actually a coat colour…..

    Yes, I know, it's a medicine hate pinto but hurrah! I really couldn't care less, I've seen tons of em. While they aren't common they aren't rare either

  34. Blonde isnt a horse color nor gene, paint's arent rare, tobanio and overo patterns are extremely common. medicine hat's are common on paints, stop making fucking horse videos you dont know shit my guy

  35. "this horse is called a Call a ticky" 😂😂😂omg wow great job pronouncing it! I know that's not how you spell it did it because that's how he said it!

  36. Blonde is not a coat color 😂😂 do your research dumbass 🙄😂 also paints and pintos are not rare either I own one 😂😂 god I cringed so hard

  37. This is the dumbest one of these videos I've seen. You started talking about one breed of horse, switch to another breed of horse, and then say the new baby is different and rare but you never say why. You just give a half blurry shot of a foal next to a mare with no explanation. Can you please have somebody else see these before you post them because that s*** was stupid.

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