Percherons bring some horse power to Last Chance Stampede
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Percherons bring some horse power to Last Chance Stampede

September 3, 2019

attending the last chance Stampede in Helena this weekend will be treated to 12,000 pounds of pure horsepower The Young Living Percheron hitch showcases the strength power and athletic talent of six black Percheron horses based out of Moana Utah at the Young Living Essential Oils lavender farm each horse stands about six feet tall at the shoulder and weighs around 2,000 pounds and it takes about two hours to get these horses ready for their arena performance each night team driver Jason Goodman has 16 years of professional experience he says his favorite part is showing people that big draft horses can be just as athletic as barrel racing horses and bucking stock perception of the draft horse is just a big slow workhorse so I like to take these guys out there and the performance that we do is pretty fast paced and it’s one of the only hitches in the country that’ll take a six horse hitch on it on a dead run around the arena and really showcase how athletic these big guys are Goodman added that the Percherons are very friendly and they’ll be on public display during the fair so that people can get an even closer look at them

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