Pessoa Alpine 1200D Turnout Blanket Review
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Pessoa Alpine 1200D Turnout Blanket Review

August 14, 2019

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and today
I’m reviewing the Pessoa Alpine 1200D Turnout. What first attracted me to this blanket was
this beautiful plaid color. I purchased mine in the navy and black plaid,
but it also comes in this beautiful teal and charcoal color. What made me fall in love with this blanket
is the beautiful construction. It’s reinforced in areas that tend to have
a lot of pressure or wear and tear on them. Such as the shoulder gussets, the withers. It has satin finish hardware, so it’s really
durable. It’s got the quick clip front closures which
make it really easy to take on and off your horse. They’re also adjustable so you can get the
perfect snug fit. What I also really like about the opening
is that it has a very heavy duty Velcro that is completely covered, so you don’t have to
worry about shavings or straw getting into the Velcro. It also has reinforced leg straps, and the
leg straps are removable, which is a feature that I also really like. It’s got an extra large tail flap which is
great for keeping in warmth and keeping out the elements. The withers not only has that reinforcement,
but also has a soft fleece so there’s no rubbing or irritation in that area. The outer shell of this blanket is a really
durable 1200 denier. I also like that it has a 420 denier nylon
lining on the inside. In addition to that, it’s quick drying so
it’s going to not only keep your horse’s coat smooth but take any moisture away. I tend to send my blankets out to be cleaned,
but if you want to do this at home just use a cold wash, a detergent that’s appropriate
for blankets, and hang to dry. This blanket is perfect for anyone who wants
to make a statement with their horse’s wardrobe but also have a blanket that’s going to hold
up for years to come. My horse JZ tends to wear between a 76 and
a 78, and in this Pessoa blanket I found that rounding down to the size 76 fit him perfectly. I’m Emily, and the Pessoa Alpine 1200D Turnout
makes JZ the most stylish horse in the barn.

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  1. The pony I ride has this blanket! He's been so much cleaner and his new blanket has lasted so much longer than any other blanket!

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