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Pete Eats Lancaster – Horse Inn

October 1, 2019

Welcome to “Pete Eats Lancaster,” sponsored
by Gochnauer’s Home Appliance. We’re on our quest to find the top four burgers
in Lancaster County. Let’s go to burger school. Hiyo! We’re here at The Horse Inn. I’m with Russell. Russell, how you doing? Very good. And yourself? I’m doing very well, very well. Congratulations, first of all, on being one
of the top four burgers in Lancaster County. There were nominations throughout the entire
process and it seemed like there was a continual theme that everyone wanted The Horse Inn burger. How do you feel about that? Feels good. Good, good. Smells good. Tastes good. I can imagine. I am waiting to get to it. I kind of want to learn a little bit about
that, but, before we get to that, there’s a history in this building. It was, and correct me if I’m wrong here,
opened in 1920 as a speakeasy, branded The Horse Inn in 1935 when you started selling
food… That’s a fact. These are facts, these are good facts, too. And is the longest continuously running restaurant
in Lancaster city. All facts? Fact check me here. Good? All facts. Phenomenal. Awesome. Can you tell me a little bit about what goes
into this process? And why people are coming here and why this
is now surpassed your tenderloin tips? Which, nothing against them … I am sure
those are phenomenal still … but this is The tenderloin tips are great. This is it. They are still popular. The burger is great. We start with super, hyper, quality ingredients. The beef is a blend of chuck, brisket and
short rib, dry-aged blended especially for us. Nobody else can get this particular blend. One of the most important parts is the vessel
on which we cook the burger. So we have this 70-plus-year-old cast iron
flat top. There’s just a ton of soul, a ton of history
in that piece of equipment that imparts kind of a flavor that you are not
going to find in any place but The Horse Inn. So this is not only a handcrafted burger,
it’s a soulcrafted burger. It is. There’s love in there. Yeah, there’s love. It’s a deliberate burger. It’s classic. It’s very straightforward and simple, but,
like I said, it’s meant to be exactly the way that it is. No substitutions. Fantastic. Well, there’s no substitution for the actual
taste. Do you mind if I just dig in and find out
what we’re talking about? Please do. Awesome. Thank you. To tell you the truth, I am looking forward
to this. Oh, look at that. Yup, yup. Yeah, that’ll do. I love that. It’s a little messy. But hey, it has to be. I don’t want a clean burger, I am here having
a burger. You’ve got some on your face. I’ll get it off. Russell, thank you so much. I’d shake your hand, but I am probably going
to get back into this burger. Awesome. I love it, I love it. Thank you so much for walking me through what
makes this one of the top four burgers in Lancaster County. Absolutely, thanks for coming in. Congratulations. Thanks to Russell and the friendly staff at
The Horse Inn. Don’t forget to visit us on
and throughout all of our social media platforms. Also, remember, Tuesdays and Saturdays, dixieland
jazz here at The Horse Inn . So, I’ve got to practice. So give me some time here.

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