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Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Horse racing trading analysis

August 29, 2019

so when I was digging through my hard
drive this week here’s a trade that are recorded and it shows a characteristic
that often occurs in a market where there are lots of markets very closely
spaced together we tend to find there’s a rush of money into a market and then
it sort of extends a trade or a momentum that was in the market already but only
for like a a little block it tends to trade you know a little range so if you
participate in the market in this way you sort of get quite aggressive in
terms of opening your position but then you try and exit your position within a
relatively narrow range rather than letting it run because ten you tend to
find that it’s if it comes back as settles at a certain level but yeah
here’s a trade that tends to work when you get markets that are very closely
spaced together please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to
produce better quality videos and more of them in the future if you’re
interested in learning to trade successfully in sports then why not
visit the better angel Academy where we have more detailed videos okay so the
previous race went off a little bit late and we have a steamer so you can see
this has come from about threes and to about two twos and there still continues
to be a fair amount of support for this runner because it’s come in so low
you’ve got to get the feeling that it’s probably gonna bounce there’s an
absolutely loveless is some this one the second favorite they really don’t like
this and it’s loveless on quite a lot of support at the higher levels so if we
think the favourites going to continue on inwards then you probably want to lay
the second favor here the problem with the the favourites come in so far I just
I can’t see it I need to see some evidences it’s gonna
be back so I think if it breaks to ten we could see it push down to two two and
see there’s a bit of money set above this or this particular price so let’s
tee up something if it does get down there
come on get matched get matched get matched mmm it’s bounced at that
particular point if if it gets below to ten it gets matched significantly at toy
then you imagine it’s gonna head down towards 2 so I’m going to pop the little
crows and trade in in front of that just to insulate ourselves not seeing any
interest in any of the other runners it’s interesting to see a ground at 4.9
though I see what happens here until my hands off this one come on son you’ll get here there we go
so that insulates up trade a bit let’s see if it breaks – the brakes – and we
could see it go all the way down to 191 so let’s start queuing up a few trades
ahead of that move that is so frustrating should have put
the trait in earlier should have put the trades in earlier ah that’s what happens
when you to y’all y’all gonna get I move anyway
that’s helpful just that last one did not get much but you can see we’re going
to make money here so wherever it ends up we’ve got 38 seconds to go maybe I’ll
come down and reach 193 now can you see that the waves are backing is going from
from bump and then it retraces bit an anvil from wonderful better words if we
look at the chart you should see that reflected there there you go so it’s
still trotting down to post I’m not sure it’s going to get down to 193 now so
let’s just dribble out some of the remaining stakes here come on I’ll take it out here and so overall
we’ve made 173 and we can hedge that 485 so let us do that 13 seconds past post
but there’s still miles away from loading so we could continue this trade
by just you can see that there was no way I was going to head back down there
there was lots of frantic backing activities people feared missing out on
this good thing at Chelmsford but it’s going to struggle to get back down below
that level again you can see there’s a huge battle going on at twos and that is
obviously creating resistance to the price headed low and we’ll find we got
more less what we wanted but maybe we could have done a bit better somebody’s
trying to phone me so yeah let’s exit at that point hitch and had start having a
look at the next race you

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