Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Trading French racing – The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe
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Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Trading French racing – The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

August 30, 2019

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below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more of them
in the future so this weekend is one of the few
weekends when I will actually trade French racing I will trade French racing
like a connoisseur drinks a fine French wine and the reason for doing it is it’s
the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at shaunti and the thing about this meeting is it’s
over two days it’s on the Saturday and Sunday but on the Saturday it clashes
with the Newmarket Cambridgeshire meeting so most of my focus on Saturday
will be at Newmarket in the UK of racing I may dip in and out of the French
racing but I’ll keep my powder dry generally for the big race on Sunday and
it will be pretty big it will turn over pretty substantial amounts probably well
over a million and therefore it’s you know it is a highlight within this part
of the racing calendar I couldn’t let the race go by without doing a quick
video to tell you to take a look at it you’ll find it trades very differently
from the UK Racing so if it’s the first time you’ve ever done it
you probably may not get it right but it’s worth having a look at the races
that lead up to it because they tend to start a bit earlier in the day so that
you can get a feel on how the race is likely to trade I’ve done some really
good results and in the past varies from year to year so me is not so great but I
will give it a go and it’s you know at this time of year the interesting thing
about this weekend as we had group racing on Friday evening which was the
sorry Friday morning which was the Australian evening we had group racing
overnight at Randwick we’ve got group racing at new markets today we’ve got
group racing at Caulfield overnight in Australia and then we’ve got group
racing at shanthi tomorrow so it’s definitely worth Popper’s loads of
things to get involved with I’ve been really busy this week and but I realized
this morning that I hadn’t done a video to alert you to the opportunities at
shanthi remarkably I actually have been to Shante and it was quite a few years
ago and it was when I was in a different life but we went to the Chateau there
and had a good look around the grounds and so on and so forth while I was there
but of course I didn’t know I was going to be doing this now
didn’t understand the significance but another wonderful coincidence there and
I’ve actually been to Shanthi normally the Prix de l’Arc is run at lon Shawn
but that’s being redeveloped so they’ve moved it Shanthi temporarily and I’m
sure it will return to its original home yeah I’m not sure when before too long
but anyway it’s worth having a look at the big race on Sunday and you may want
to give it a try trading it’s not going to trade exactly the way you would
expect it would do in the UK and you can have a very long period of money
arriving and also of course betting exchanges are not legal in France so the
behavior of the market and the way that it’s shaped will be somewhat different
as well but anyway it’s certainly worth a good
look you

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  1. Hello mr Webb. I am grateful of your instructional trading videos and learning new stuff every day by watching them closely. Will u kind enough to produce a trading course for international viewer ( paid of course). I know u have masterclass but that's not possible to attend for many of us. Please make a educational course by acknowledging novice to expert traders. You have a nice day sir.

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