Petsmart tried to kill my dog…
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Petsmart tried to kill my dog…

October 27, 2019

*Music plays* Alright, so today’s episode was supposed to be all about Getting ready to go camping. We are going camping this weekend, we are getting prepped We gotta get all set up Ummmm And I’m actually going to take the camper to the camp ground. However! When went camping today, the Dog was going to go to the groomers. We decided that Petsmart Was the groomer that we were going to Petsmart jacked up my dog. We took her there, she was there for about ten minutes. Ten minutes later we got a phone call saying that somehow she got cut and she was bleeding and they were taking her to the vet. so, instead of having a vlog about camping and preparing for camping and getting exited to go camping we instead spent the evening at the vet having surgery on our dog. because Petsmart cut the main artery in her leg somehow… And will not tell us how. so, what does this mean for us? Instead of having a fun, enjoyable, eventful evening preparing for camping we got to spend the evening at the vet doing surgery on our dog. a bloody mess put her through a lot… a lot of… the way that Petsmart handled it; fighting with us, arguing with us. If you can’t see here, but here’s the bandage; where the wound is here we’ve got a nice slice right through here where she has 15 stitches to bring that all back Now she’s all jumpy *talks to dog* she was bloody all the way up to her leg The worst part of the whole story is that Petsmart is taking this stance of they don’t know what happened they put her in a crate after she was done having a bath, and when they looked at her she was bleeding. so… that is the worst of the whole situation If you make a mistake, own it… Yes somebody screwed up; somehow you cut my dog… I don’t know how I don’t know what you have done to cut her, but somebody cut her. Own that mistake! And lets move on! But instead, you want to argue with us saying that you did’t cut her, but she got cut in your possession You’re not sure what happened and that’s where you went wrong! Music plays

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  1. See that's why I work at a Doggy Daycare I take my dog to work with me whenever I can I do her own bath so I'm I make sure that she is taken care of and I'm really sorry for what happened to your dog PetSmart can be irresponsible sometimes I never take my dog to PetSmart all this is just for vet check-ups but I'm planning on switching her to another vet soon I'm tired of PetSmart over pricing me on her vet care

  2. Well if anyone tried to kill me dog… well no one would be alive there anymore let’s just say.. no one touches my dog!

  3. My great dane has 3 legs and we took her to get a grooming and thay cut her only front leg she needed 3 stiches

  4. Yes, they are definitely liable… stick it to em. And the creek? That's BULLSHIT! No telling what the dog got infected with in that creek. I'd get a left leaning lawyer that will hammer the crap out of em.


  6. They took a chunk out of my dogs leg! I was so mad and started yelling at them and they said they didn't know how it happened, that my dog must have moved during his haircut. They always push the blame, they said they heard my dog cry out (which he never does, so it really hurt him) but they kept going. I told them I wouldn't pay for the haircut because they hurt my dog so badly & I wanted them reprimanded or to take responsibility for being carless when I trusted them with my dog. But I had these two horrible women who were talking to me like they were robots, so my cousin made me leave with my dog and he PAID them and didn't even hold them accountable! I'm so mad I'm going to report them. I don't know why PetSmart hires unprofessional people. I'm so sorry for what happened to your pup. I'm glad she's Okay! That's so scary I would have flipped out and called the cops on them or something. Ugh. The rage 😒

  7. People should do their own grooming. PetSmart is cheap as far as grooming goes, you know the saying, you get what you pay for.

  8. If i had dog and they did that to the dog i would kill them all with knife with people that dogs have been there and almist killed

  9. I'm sorry but HTF do you slice a Dalmatian's leg there's no need for any kind of scissors sheers etc  and that kind of a cut that deep would not come from a damn crate! I am so sorry for you and your baby Hang in there Baby Girl! If you are not aware please join us on FB at JusticeforGunnerandOtherFurbabies Pet owners are fed up and we are standing strong and will not rest until changes are made or even better the grooming shops are shut down! in the last 41hrs we have 42 states and 141 pets injured or killed by these people! a bill Bijoux's law is about to go before legislation! Please consider it and share this info!

  10. Did you hear about a employee at pet smart left work early left the poor dog in a dryer and baked the poor dog to death. Sue them you sue them when are you people going to wake up. Pet smart are evil…..

  11. they didn't try to kill your dog, it was a Mistake, and it might not even be there fault. she really might have cut her leg on the cage, you weren't there. I will say that Petsmart should pay they vets bill, and make sure all there equipment is safe for the animals. but don't go around saying that they tried to purposely kill your dog.

  12. Sorry, but you're making this video like it's an entertaining story to get views. Yes, I feel bad for the dog, but this is NOT how you tell what happens, performing it out like it was a stupid play. Why would telling what happened in the "less boring way" the first thing that comes to you mind on making this video about something terrible that happened to your dog? Telling what happened straight to the point should be the only thing on your mind besides healing your dog. Your dog's sad experience is NOT something for you to take advantage of. Shame on you.

  13. This is why I do my own grooming. I don't trust random pet store employees with my dog. If I'm going to leave my dog in anyone's care, it's because I know the person well enough to trust them with my dog.

  14. That's terrible! I stopped bringing my dog to Petsmart and instead take him to Bark Avenue because everyday Petsmart would give him back with razorburns. One day that made us stop bringing him is when they cut open his pawpad. It bled all over his bed and they didn't take responsibility or tell us how. Even the vets were pissed! I hope your dog is better now!

  15. Your dog bath brush dog . The groomer never toucher bath brush dog . So its from the bather .could been dog not wanting nail done could been grinder trim nail down . In other word your dog dont like nail done trying pull away paw bather hit skin with grinder .cut it .Or it happen time bath we will never know .hard say .hope dog feel good .

  16. This is how they kill dogs I heard crying dog and I asked my dad what are they doing to the dog and my dad said they are hurting the dog and I thought for a while and then I know that they were killing a dog and I was sad and I was about to cry but I don’t did not cry but the point is that they were killing the dog and I asked my dad how are they killing the dog and my dad said in a heater in a room and it is hot

  17. First time I took my dogs in for grooming at an independent groomer I was going to stay and watch and immediately got the freeze out so with this being my first dogs I thought well, they have a job to do and don't want people hanging around. The 3rd time I took my dogs in they both were terrified and begged me to not leave them when they realized where they were. When I picked them up 2 hrs later they still stunk.
    Between my dogs' reactions and the obvious that they did not even bathe them, I never have gone back to any groomer and do it myself. $200 Saved and I actually enjoy it~they are small Havanese water dogs and the deep warm bath I give them they enjoy SO much and even love my clipping them so much they go to sleep while I'm working. NEVER AGAIN a GROOMER unless I can STAY TO WATCH.

  18. So you are saying that someone sat down and contemplated this scheme made the conscious decision to target you and your dog…and this is the only possible scenario…it could not had have been an accident…ane what was your reaction…im sure you were not nor did you consider being understanding…and is your dog a nervous one when kenneled…is it easy or hard doing a nail trim…where you too busy to bathe your own dog…the groomers you drop your dog too…by the is a short haired dog ..there is no reason it should have been at the groomer anyway…did you consult with the groomer about your dog and protocols…or did you go there cause you had a coupon. Maybe that particular groomer and place was not best for your dog…had you actually had a conversation and not just dump your dog with instructions and hurry cause i am going to be back with expectations. Take some responsibility also…thats your dog…you know the dogs personality and stress levels ect…you should hqve found out if the place and people were the best choice to handle your dog….and its not like you paid for the surgery and a laceration repair…20 to 30 minutes tops….put the blame were it should be ….on you as a dog owner….

  19. its horrible this happened to your dog and pet smart definitely isnt a good company but you title is complete click bait, what most likely happened was the wire mesh on the crate was broken and she got sliced. no one cut your dog and in no way did thye try to kill her. i agree what they did was wrong but theres no need to click bait

  20. YES sue them lissen to MysticWolfMusic because if they tryed to kill ur dog that is animal abuse so they can get arrestid and im just a child that knows the law very well…

  21. I'm sorry, I don't understand. Your title says "PetSmart Tried To Kill My Dog", and I admit they fucked up, and even you later said that they should "own up to their mistake". "try" means intent. "mistake" means.. well, mistake.
    I also think its offensive to all the employees of PetSmart to say this was their goal. Don't you think that if PetSmart intended to kill people's dogs, they would have done a lot worse than take your bleeding dog to the vet and inform you immediately?
    Someone may have fucked up and is too scared to admit it (and let's be honest, who wouldn't be scared of being sued and or fired for a mistake you made?) but even so, that person probably thinks about how much they regret it day and night. The groomers go through way too much work and training to be the kind of person who doesn't actually like dogs.
    On top of that, you are blaming the entire company. That's thousands of people whose best interest is literally YOU and YOUR pet's happiness, whether that be because they will get money because of it, or because they genuinely care about you and your pet.

  22. If petsmart tried to kill my dogs i would get so mad!!!! My dogs and i have a special bond i would NEVER EVER let someone do that to someones dog thats cruel,heartless,abusive and just so so mean!! Atleast your dog is alive i wish her to live a happy and healthy life

  23. I'll tell you what they did. They were trying to cut ur dogs hair while she was moving. They were aggressive. They paid for all her vets work, surgery and follow up? They cut off a dogs ear and glued it back on!!
    Didn't the vet tell you the type of cut?
    Show me the initial cut?
    I'll tell you what cut her

  24. If they did that to my doggos…

    Don’t fall asleep….. I warned you…
    STAB, STAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yes, they weren’t being careful, and petsmart/petco are freaking idiots, and you should probably sue petsmart for it, BUT you shouldn’t have the name of the video “Petsmart tried to kill my dog.” They didn’t TRY to kill the dog, they just screwed up.

  26. I have a Dalmatian. Is your dog a Great Dane or Dalmatian?

    Why am I talking about breed when your dog could've died🤔
    I'm so glad she's ok now and you should sue that place.

  27. Abviuously the dog got cought up on something sharp. Why would scissors be anywhere near a smooth coated dog.

  28. If that was my dog- No, scrath that, ANY dog near me that I could defend, I would do my best to make their last moments where they stand as horrible as I could make it.

  29. This is click bait because they didnt try to kill your dog. They just him on the leg, probably on purpose.

  30. Dude, petsmart's fish aren't even healthy. I boight 8 and they all died or comitted suicide :L within 2 weeks

  31. I took my 2 dogs to one off their stores several years ago for one of their clinic days to get my dogs vaccines because I was broke and would never go back again they ruffly treated my dog and he literally screamed out didn't even realize a dog could make that kind of sickening sound till I heard mine do it at the clinic day but in that case it was a outside vet they brought in but they were not very caring about it and got mad at me when my dog was so upset he started pissing everywhere

  32. take pet smart to court, you could earn a lot of money from it and it will stop them doing this crap.

  33. Okay I'd want to fight someone to the death if this happened to me and my pup, but don't try to state that they straight up had the intent to kill your dog.

  34. My dog would bite the shit out of someone who did that to him. But I think he has been mistreated at the dog groomer. My only evidence is that after his last grooming session, my dog has stopped allowing groomers to trim his nails, and that I noticed a lot of scratches on the groomers arms, possibly from my dog biting her? But even if that were true throughout our 4 or 5 grooming visits my dog hasn’t shown signs of being scared when we go to the groomer, he was always very happy before and after the grooming visit. Any thoughts?

  35. Atleast she lived man you should be happy. My favorite little neighborhood kitten was apparently sleeping on top of my tire this morning when I left for work and I got to see her brain and skull, it's crushed me all day. I don't know why she didn't run away when I started my car they don't even let me pet them but they will come around me.  Im so upset.

  36. I wouldn’t jump to saying that they cut her. It could have been a piece of something sharp and that’s that.

  37. Bruh that's messed up bruh in bouta go tell them this video RN bro those ninjas are crazy sue them ur dog don't deserve it it is just sad to know that PetSmart did that and they don't know what u been threw

  38. Dog spelled backwards is God and tell PetSmart that too and I hope u and ur have a better life together

  39. This video is just stupid, I obviously feel terrible for the dog but she probably cut her leg in the crate. No one went in there and decided to cut open your dogs leg. Stupid

  40. Never Ever take your loved pet to PetSmart for grooming. All PetSmart does is push dogs out like an assembly line to meet quota$$$. Find a good licensed small business owner who loves and delights in animals and not about money. I'm 3rd generation groomer and tell everybody to research groomers like you would a caregiver for your child because our pets are like a child and family member to us and if your dog Ever comes home acting strange Always take it into consideration maybe something isn't right. God bless you and your pup I'm So sorry she had to experience that!

  41. There's video footage somewhere, because it's PetSmart policy for the grooming area to have cameras. So, what is the desired end? An apology? Reimbursement for vet bills? They're certainly liable for the vet charges since the dog's injury occurred while in PetSmart care…but, you're never gonna get an admission of guilt. They're obviously doing everything in their power to avoid the negative publicity. An apology ain't happenin…

  42. I'm taking my 9 week old shih tzu for the first time tomorrow to scared and nervous now. She's weighs just a little over a pound.

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