PewDiePie’s “Congratulations” Trojan Horse, Beyonce Outrage, Nipsey Hussle, & Wild Ukraine Election
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PewDiePie’s “Congratulations” Trojan Horse, Beyonce Outrage, Nipsey Hussle, & Wild Ukraine Election

August 11, 2019

What’s up, ya beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! Welcome back to the Philip Defranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going to talk about today, because it just kind of amuses me at this point, is the continuation of an Internet battle that honestly I don’t know how it is still going on at this point. In the war of PewDiePie versus giant corporation T-Series, it looked like it was over. After months of PewDiePie, and also the community around him urging people to subscribe to him so he could keep that #1 spot on YouTube. After printers were hacked, telling people to “Subscribe to PewDiePie,” and The WallStreet Journal was hacked and there was malware. We talked about that, I believe it was last week. It seemed like it was all finally over — T-Series passed Felix [PewDiePie]. It appeared we could all move on and go: “Well, it doesn’t count, T-Series is a giant corporation, Felix is just a guy,” and ultimately it brought us to yesterday where Felix delivered a video called ‘Congratulations’. It’s a song congratulating T-Series, that ended up actually being kind of a Trojan Horse. Because in the video, where he’s giving a congratulations, he — uh… He hits on some things that T-Series would probably rather, uh, not be mentioned. In addition to kind of making fun of the fact that it has taken them so long he references accusations that T-Series actually started by pirating songs. He also references the allegations against T-Series’ executives, including chairman Bhushan Kumar. He’s reportedly being investigated for alleged evasion of huge tax and siphoning off hundreds of crores to foreign countries to purchase properties in the names of his employees. Felix also mentions ‘MeToo’, there are allegations that Kumar asked a woman for sexual favours in order to get a three film deal, which he has denied. And Felix also references being given a cease and desist from T-Series, which I will say, if you are a large company and you’re trying to get someone to get more subscribers, push things into a legal avenue. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything motivate an audience more than a legal attack. But here’s the thing, after all of that, Felix’s video has blown up, like I said he released it yesterday, as of just recording this segment, it has passed 14 million views. Although for some reason, as of recording this video, I’m throwing that in there, even though it has about seven times the number of views as the #1 Trending video on YouTube at this time, it’s not Trending, which is interesting. And, funny enough, it actually threw Felix back into the Subscriber lead. Felix tweeting out a screenshot of him having more than four thousand subscribers than the other channel. Actually, as of recording this video, he has 46,000+ more subscribers. So, just when we thought it was all done, it’s not over yet. Then, there were three pieces of news that had people talking around the NAACP Awards. One, you had comedian Chris Rock take aim at Jussie Smollett. Seemingly, there were joke restrictions that he just decided to ignore, and he said: “They said no Jussie Smollett jokes, I know.” But then adding: “What a waste of light skin. You know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair?” “My career would be out of here. Fucking running Hollywood.” “What the hell was he thinking?” “From now on, you’re Jessie. You don’t even get the ‘U’ no more.” “That ‘U’ was respect. You don’t get no respect from me.” Although it should be noted that Chris Rock’s stance here is not universal. For example, the second story that people were talking about. When Black-ish won Outstanding Comedy Series, the cast went up on stage, you had Yara Shahidi simply say: “I stand with Jussie.” And the third thing that people were talking about was actually not Smollett related, instead, it had to do with Beyonce. If you didn’t see, there were some outraged Beyonce fans. And this is because during one of the show’s commercial breaks, Omari Hardwick, who is an actor on Power, he greeted Beyonce and Jay-Z, and in the clip, Hardwick poses with a quick photo with Jay-Z, he goes over to Beyonce where he gives her two cheek kisses. The clip then quickly blew up on social media, with fans saying Beyonce looked uncomfortable. Many argue that this incident serves as another example of types of uncomfortable situations women are put in by men who don’t respect boundaries. And what followed was you saw Hardwick’s Instagram page just swarmed with bee emojis to signify the Bey-hive, alright Beyonce’s hardcore fans. But also at the same time, not everyone was upset, you had several people coming to his defence, saying that the kisses were harmless, that they were being blown out of proportion, maybe it was just like an awkward accident. Although, I will personally say: at most it seems like an awkward accident. One, that 50-Cent, who is an actor and EP on Power, joked about on Instagram, posting a video of the incident saying: “Season 6 of POWER Jay-Z kills Ghost, don’t miss it we lit.” But, I don’t know, I’ll pass it off to you. Do you see that as kind of a ‘whoops, accident, sorry about that.’ Or do you see that as an example of more problematic, you know, the kind of stuff that people are outraged about. Lemme know what you think. But from that, I wanna share some stuff I LOVE today, in Today in Awesome, brought to you by the closing sale. 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And it’s Chrono.GG, you can use Chrono.GG/Phil, and every single day, at that link they have a heavily discounted game. For example, today they took the normally $12USD ‘Heroes of Hammerwatch’, and they dropped it to just $1USD. So if you’ve been looking to get that, or you’re like: “You know what, I’ve got a dollar, I’m down to try something for a dollar.” Until 9AM PST tomorrow, you go to Chrono.GG/PHIL, you can snag it for a dollar. And, of course, because my name’s in the URL, we’ll get a small piece of that, and it helps out the Show. So, yeah, link to that down below. Then we got an official trailer for Annabelle Comes Home, the Infographics Show gave us the Battle of the Bulge, we got the final trailer for Pet Semetary, Vanity Fair gave us Everything Tiffany Young Does in a Day, In A Nutshell asked and answered ‘What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs At Once?’ Also very awesome, the first episode of the new Twilight Zone is now free on YouTube. Remember, if you want to see the full versions of everything I just checked out, the Secret Link of the Day, really anything at all, links – as always – are in the description down below. And then let’s talk about the news that Grammy nominated rapper, Nipsey Hussle was killed in a shooting outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles on Sunday. A murder that was confirmed by Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti’s critical response team on Twitter saying: [Tweet above]. And as far as the specifics, the rapper whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was shot multiple times in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing shop. This was in South Los Angeles at around 3:20pm and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly after. And reportedly, two other men were also shot during this incident, and police are still searching for the suspect. And as of right now, police are still trying to piece together what actually happened, they say they do not have an official motive for the shooting, which they are investigating as a homicide. According to the Los Angeles Times, a law enforcement source told them that “Hussle was shot by a young man who opened fire at close range and then ran into a waiting getaway car.” However, Lieutenant Ramirez only described the suspect as a black male, and said that detectives were still interviewing witnesses, and trying to recover a security video that might exist. With Ramirez adding: “At this point, we’re not even sure as to whether he walked up, rode a bicycle or drove up in a car.” Also, it appears that the rapper may have actually expected this attack, because shortly before he was killed, he tweeted: “Having strong enemies is a blessing.” And obviously, this is still a developing situation, so you know we always need to kind of hold a bit when we’re getting this new information. But we have seen reports coming out today saying: [image above] But the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission telling ABC News: [image above] And while this is obviously a devastating situation, it’s very interesting that by him being shot and killed, it potentially makes his message even bigger. If you’re not familiar with Nipsey Hussle, I mean he grew up in South LA in the 1990’s, his music’s widespread, his debut studio album Victory Lap was nominated for best rap album at this year’s Grammy Awards. He collaborated with dozens of artists, including Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla Sign, Meek Mills; so many. And one of the things that stood out about the man wasn’t just his music, it was that he was open about his upbringing, open about his association with street gangs. In fact, he publicly acknowledges involvement with a gang in a 2010 interview with Complex Magazine. However, in an interview last year with Forbes, Hussle said that in his youth, he’d fallen prey to the “[quote above]” In more recent years, he’s showed interest in technology, community development — he was actually part of a team of artists and entrepreneurs who created Destination Crenshaw. It’s an open air museum devoted to honouring African-American artistic achievement. Hussle was also an investor in a coworking space in South Central Los Angeles called “Vector 90”, and in Vector 90, you have young people who can take classes in Science, Technology, Mathematics; with the whole project aimed to help address the lack of diversity in STEM fields by providing youth with resources, mentorship and support. And Hussle saying to the LA Times in 2018: The rapper was also often described as a pillar in his community, who often put much of the money he made back into the neighbourhood. With locals saying he was known to give jobs to residents who were struggling to make ends meet, including some who were homeless. And other stories coming out, where if a local family lost someone to gun violence, Nipsey would actually sometimes help pay for funeral costs. And so because of this, his story gets out there more, but his death also highlights a surge of violence that’s been hitting South Los Angeles. Which is something that the police chief Michel Moore has promised to address. And of course, even saying that, it’s trying to put a a bow, a silver lining to an otherwise just horrible situation. We had someone whose story had miles on it, had lived on both sides of the fence, and while the story message can now be broadcast even further, you still don’t have someone here today who was here just a few days ago. And you know there’s no silver lining that actually fixes that. And actually regarding the story with the message continuing, we saw Nick Cannon posting to social media, writing: “[quote above]” But, that is the story as we know it now, it will be very interesting to see what other information comes out from here. Yeah, that is where we are for now. I’d love to know your thoughts. And the last thing we’re gonna talk about today, is most likely a story that you’ve never heard of, you’ve never thought of. And that story is about the election in Ukraine, because it’s fascinating. Right now, as we’re recording this video, the final votes are being counted from yesterday’s presidential election, where incumbent president Petro Poroshenko is squaring off against a record number 38 other candidates. And the thing of note here is this is only the first part of the election. Kind of think of it as a Primary. During this election, this specific vote, the top two candidates are decided. And what follows is you have two candidates who go head-to-head in a final run of election, three weeks from now, which is on April 21st. And while like I said there are a ton of candidates. For the first part of this race, there have been two contenders who have been the most popular throughout the campaign. One of the candidates is a former two-term Prime Minister named Yulia Tymoshenko, who is widely considered one of the most influential women in Ukraine. And the other is, and I promise this is true, it is a comedian by the name of Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who is most famous for starring in a TV show, where he plays a teacher who unintentionally becomes the President of Ukraine. And I swear to you, this is true. I know that it’s April Fool’s Day, I am not kidding. The guy who plays the president on TV, has a huge lead in the polls to become the actual president of Ukraine. With about 92% of the votes counted, Zelenskiy currently leads with over 30% of the votes, while Poroshenko, the incumbent, is far behind with only 16% of the votes. Now, obviously, keep in mind, not all of the polls are in. Right now, yes, it looks like it is going to be Zelenskiy vs. Poroshenko. But that also means in this final run-off, you have 54% of the vote that could go either way. But, given the uniqueness of this situation, you know I think it’s important to look at, you know, who is Zelenskiy, how did this even happen; and so to start off, Zelenskiy is the star of the Ukranian TV Show which translates to: “Servant of the People”. In that show, he plays a school teacher who becomes president after a video of him ranting about corruption goes viral. And the similarities between his character on the show and his actual campaign, are striking. Both Zelenskiy and his character have absolutely no political experience. Both are extremely popular because they ran on anti-corruption campaigns, and both are viewed as fresh new leaders who don’t have ties to Ukraine’s political elite, and who are popular with the younger population. Zelenskiy is even part of a brand new political party that was created by the show’s producers, and is literally named “The Servant of the People” Party. But also of note here, is Zelenskiy’s campaign has not been without controversy. In addition to criticisms that he has no political experience, some have claimed that he is just the surrogate for a wealthy oligarch by the name of Igor Kolomoisky. And that’s important because Kolomoisky is a well known rival of Poroshenko, who moved to Israel after he was involved in a multi-billion dollar banking scandal. He and Zelenskiy have been business partners, because Servant of the People is aired on the TV channel that Kolomoisky owns, and Zelenskiy even announced his candidacy on that same TV channel. But unsurprisingly, both men have denied any connections to Zelenskiy’s campaign, and Kolomoisky. But still, how did we actually get here? Well, Poroshenko, the incumbent, was first elected back in 2014, after Ukraine’s former Moscow-backed president was ousted as a result of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Which, of course, overthrew the Ukrainian Government, and after the 2014 revolution, that was followed by Russia’s infamous annexation of Crimea, which was part of Ukraine. Many world leaders criticised Russia for annexing Crimea, saying it violated both international law and a series of agreements between Russia and Ukraine, that protected land belonging to Ukraine. As a result, Poroshenko campaigned, and was elected on the promises of getting back control of Crimea, as well as fighting an uprising of Russian-backed separatists that took control over parts of Eastern Ukraine. And so you have Poroshenko, who has billed himself as a strong defender of Ukraine’s territory, and a champion of Ukraine, joining the EU and NATO — which is widely supported by Ukrainians. But he is failing with a large number of his people for two main reasons. First, they don’t believe he has done enough to stop the Pro-Russian Separatists, which here, if you didn’t know since 2014, Ukrainian Government Forces have fought a brutal war against the separatists, which has killed more than 13,000 people in Eastern Ukraine. So that hasn’t reflected very well with the president, and secondly, and perhaps most significantly, you have many who believe that Poroshenko has failed to crack down on Government corruption. Right, things like recovering money that had been stolen from the government before he came to power, as well as, I mean in addition to not cracking down on corruption, Poroshenko has also been accused of being complicit in it. Poroshenko himself is a wealthy oligarch, which has led many to question his connections to other oligarchs. And his campaign is also suffering significantly from a military corruption scandal involving some of his top associates. And so a lot of Zelenskiy’s support comes from a general frustration with Poroshenko’s lack of efforts to crack down on corruption. As well as something it often comes down to: Money. The worsening economic conditions have made living standards even lower in Ukraine, which is already one of the poorest countries in Europe. As a many people believe that Zelenskiy will be a pro-Ukraine president who has new approaches to confront Russia, and to address the war with separatists in the East. And regarding the money, Zelenskiy has billed himself as a pro-market candidate, who will work to join the EU and NATO. And as far as what is going to happen next, how will people vote in this final election; it’s genuinely up in the air, but it’s actually leaning towards Zelenskiy. According to polls held by three main Ukraine sociological institutes: “[quote above]” So there you go, it’s gonna be very interesting to see what happens. Also, I think it sends the message out to the international community that their elections are no longer the weirdest. Here in the States, we have a businessman/reality show President. In Ukraine, they have a comedian who played the president, possibly being president. And, I don’t know if there’s a way to top that. I mean if Julia Louis-Dreyfous ran, and she won, right, it would be even. Really, the only way one-up it would be to take the guy that played Donald Trump on the President’s show, on Comedy Central, and have him beat Donald Trump in 2020, playing a parody version of Donald Trump. But, yeah, I guess the main point of the story is: big international news/uh, it’s not just weird where you live. There’s a whole lot of weird going on everywhere. And that’s where we’re going to end today’s show. And for those of you Beautiful Bastards who are new here, be sure to hit that Subscribe button, definitely turn that bell on for all notifications. Every single weekday we have a brand new Philip DeFranco Show for you to enjoy. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, and very soon Wednesday mornings, we have a Morning Deep-Dive Show. Also on that note, if you missed the last Philip DeFranco Show, you can click or tap right there to watch that. But with that said, of course as always, my name is Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phil-ed in, I love your faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow, two times.

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  5. Regarding the Beyoncé cheek kiss- I do want to hear a statement from Beyoncé herself, but I believe she will stay quiet about it. Putting myself in that situation, I do think that this went a little too far for a couple of reasons- first, he didn’t address Jay-Z in the same way he addressed Beyoncé, so a ‘cultural’ thing isn’t a valid argument here. Second, the first kiss was innocent, but the second kiss was a little closer to her mouth, longer, and unnecessary in the greeting because he already embraced her. I think if he stopped at one kiss/kept the second one to a mere peck in the same place on her cheek, it may have been more appropriate. That being said, we’re living in a world where the only people who can deem it inappropriate are the people it happened to in the context it happened in. So I can’t definitively say one way or another if this was inappropriate.

  6. Hi.. Commenting from NZ for the first time, although I've been watching for a couple of years

    I'd like to thank you for reporting on the attacks that happened in my home town of Christchurch

    Not sure if you've already covered this one because I usually watch you out of sequence, but someone here has created a virus that attacks devices of people trying to read the killer's manifesto which I think is brilliant

    If you fo touch on that, could you also talk about groups of people calling it a false flag attack it's actually quite upsetting that people could belittle our grief and call it fake

  7. basically, for any who don’t know, the story was that Jessie smollet had a suspicious incident where two masked men came up behind him, threw a rope around his neck, said some racist stuff, but he managed to get away… somehow. His stories didn’t line up, there were leaked texts between him and two Nigerian fellows, I think even a video of him paying them, and they were the two masked men. There’s pretty much undeniable proof that he faked this hate crime. Thousands of dollars and many hours of police times where they could have been working on real crimes were lost thanks to him, and he ended up getting off with a 10,000 dollar fee. To put this in perspective, he’s a millionaire. Ten thousand is like twenty bucks to him. Hurts to give up, but he has so much money it’s barely impactful.

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  11. I'd never heard of Nipsey Hussle before but he sounds like a genuinely good person. Not enough rappers use their platform and experience to try and make actual change in the world. It sucks he's dead but he did a lot of good in his lifetime and his message will live on

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  13. About the Beyonce thing: Uncomfortable situations like that happen in life. It's not always a 'men putting women in uncomfortable situations' thing. Shit like this can happen to anyone. I (as a woman) have also been put in situations where someone went in for a kiss while I was not completely ready/comfortable with it. But then you just get over it and move on definitely if you know it wasn't meant in a bad way. On the other hand, it has also happened a few times to me that I kissed someone (both men and women) and I realized too late that that person was uncomfortable with it. It's awkward for both sides.
    I don't know what the situation is exactly here, if the two have met before or not. But it just seems like it was not ill-intended or anything, it seemed like it was just an akwardly timed and misjudged moment. At most you can call out to him and say 'Dude, you obviously made her uncomfortable. Please pay more attention next time or be a bit more aware of other people's personal space before you try to kiss them to make sure they are alright with it." But I don't think he deserves hate.

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  20. I am sad for the loss of that artist. It is a shame that he gets murdered for turning his back on crime and trying to help the community and raise up his fellows out of such self destructive behavior.

  21. The Nipsy Hustle situation is just heart breaking. Not only is this a devastating loss of life, but a loss of one of those few people willing to stand up and change the world.

  22. How can you stand with someone you lied about being a victim of hate crime and evidently hurt people both in the LGBTQ+ and black community??? I’m from Chicago and to see everything go down was so disgusting, especially because when the news first broke out I had no reason not to believe him and that shit was broken the moment he basically paid the city so he wouldn’t go to jail. He ain’t innocent cause if he was there would be no reason for him to pay.

  23. I know it's a cultural thing, but for fuck's sake, cheek kisses are harmless. I'm not entirely sure how common it is in the US, but where I'm from you're expected to greet even complete strangers like that depending on the circumstances. At any rate, cheek kisses have no sexual meaning whatsoever. She was probably just startled, rather than uncomfortable. Even I get startled if someone cheek kisses me, despite it being normal to me, because I hang out mostly with international students and I'm never quite sure in whose cultures it's also a normal thing.

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  29. Despite how Beyoncé may feel, the multiple forced kisses were a micro-aggression and are an example of how some men try to force women into situations to exercise their power.

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