Photographing the Strength and Beauty of Rescued Horses | National Geographic
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Photographing the Strength and Beauty of Rescued Horses | National Geographic

August 24, 2019

– [Katie] These are the
horses that don’t fit in in any other place. All of these abandoned animals
were getting sent to slaughter. They would have been killed. I think what they’re
doing here is incredible. I’m born and raised in New York City. I still live here and base here even though most of my work
is pretty far away and abroad. You get into the city life, and it’s really important
to get away from all of that and to go somewhere
that’s closer to nature, but also have the
opportunity to slow down. I’m on assignment for National Geographic. I’m going up to Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, which is a horse rescue
in upstate New York. It’s this really interesting place where horses are living a life that you’re not accustomed to seeing. They’re letting animals
live in a really different and unique way, and the
animals are relating to people in a really unique way. I hope that I can capture
that with the images and people can read this story, and maybe it’s just a
break from the normal news that they’re looking at. Every story that you tell
doesn’t have to be so dark and difficult and gritty. – Nemo is an unusual donkey. This is not normal donkey behavior. When he was at the hospital
and we had his leg amputated and they started teaching him
how to wear his prosthetic, they spent a lot of time with him. And one person would sit
at his head and cuddle and the other person would put the leg on. And so he developed this routine. – [Katie] Something I
really wanted to capture was putting on Nemo’s prosthetic leg, and I know it’s just a really big part
of their daily routine there for the people, but then also for Nemo. – [Man] Come on, Nemo, you wanna come out? – [Katie] He was injured
when he was really little, and it’s not normal for
equine animals to live if they lose a leg.
– Come on, Nemo. – [Katie] It’s pretty cool
to watch the journey of this really resilient and
inspiring little creature. He’s ready, let’s go Nemo. Hey, beauty. I never know where I’m
gonna find inspiration. It oftentimes comes from stories and sometimes it comes from chance. There’s this energy here, so that’s something I
really wanted to take. I really wanted to sort of capture a moment where you could feel the energy
of all the horses as one, the feeling of them as a herd
and the strength of that. But it’s also dangerous. These
are really powerful creatures and there’s also, a lot of them, they were put up to slaughter
because they won’t obey and they won’t act like what
people consider a normal horse to act like, and that’s okay,
they get to be free there, but then I’m on their turf. With everything that’s
going on in the world, especially what’s happening
to the environment, it’s almost like
photographing a way of life where there’s this really
deep connection with nature and this interconnectedness
between people and animals, it’s almost like you’re capturing history. This is just as important
as any huge news story. It’s just a little harder to grasp. When I’ve shot something
special, I know immediately. Everything comes together
and it just says something much more than what you’re
seeing in front of you. (intense electronic music)

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  1. I'm ready for a story that is not dark and gritty. I love horses and their beauty. It's so nice that these guys can just be who they are…not as much of a human connection as a connection with each other. Nemo is really doing well and seems happy. That is amazing. Thank you for your photographs. I am looking forward to your next visit. I am from OK and I know people still feel as if is THE BADLANDS, INDIAN TERRITORY, but our cities are just as far away from the country as a person can get.

  2. Yes, some people are amazing, people that dedicate their life to protecting animals… Yes, people are along with animals amazing!

  3. It's amazing how some people can be so selfless and dedicate their lives to helping other creatures in need. Beautiful picture by the way. Thanks National Geographic for sharing.

  4. Stories like this gives hope for humanity. That's why we're here on Earth. Reaching out and helping others. Blessings and love to Katie, Nemo, and all of the creatures. NatGeo❤

  5. Thanks Nat Geo for such an interesting short stories you started to post recently. Really nice to see! This particular one is very warm and inspiring!

  6. I dont like how you all just document the rescue horses but not the wild horses who are being rounded taken to slaughter and sold to the French for horse meat. The least you all could is document that

  7. While she is based in New York City, Katie finds it important to get away from city life to appreciate and capture our deep connections to nature and animals. What do you find most inspiring about these resilient horses?

  8. humans. smh we think we know and own everything. and i believe once we find other life on other planets we will start killing that too. cancer is humans. BUT im happy that there are at least 20% of humans that are angels and loves all life.

  9. This is what life should be! Amazing people dedicated to providing a wonderful life for beautiful creatures in need! This is what we should all be doing!!!!

  10. Very beautiful story . I know it didn't start this way . But these people deserve world attention . Make viral .

  11. Horses are beautiful every time I see one I fall in love and it hurts to know what people can actually do to such a beautiful creature

  12. I've worked in both small and large animal rescue for years, and I sit in wonder at the marvel that is an equine with a prosthetic leg. Oh happy day!

  13. I have horses and great story , hoses go to slaughter because they are used up not generally because they are dangerous

  14. I had the pleasure of working with horses a few times… they are beautiful creatures. They're great for helping people with both mental and physical illness.

  15. =Way of life with this really deep connection with nature= Please tell me where in this video contains anything natural? Farmland is not natural. Domesticated horses are not natural either. They are a product of years of artificial selection.

  16. Where is the rescue ranch for elderly old homeless humans? Thats great for these old horses, but would rather see a story about some old homeless folks farm where they live out there final days gardening or something. Everyday in LA county I see really old people begging in street but nobody is buying them a farm. Somebody with some money is wasting it on old horses. Take those old horses to some unused BLM ground near a water source. They will be fine and happier. Spend the money on some suffering humans in US.

  17. Horses can sense a person’s energy. They can read your emotional state so if you are an unstable person they will avoid you.

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