Ping Pong Trick Shot HORSE *Loser Drinks GROSS Mystery Smoothie*
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Ping Pong Trick Shot HORSE *Loser Drinks GROSS Mystery Smoothie*

October 29, 2019

Oh what is up everybody hope you’re doing
well today we are going to be doing a ping-pong trickshot horse challenge
caleb is here so we’ll take turns coming up with a shot and then whoever doesn’t
in the most attempts gets a letter first one a spell horse loses and today’s
loser we decided I have to drink a mystery
fridge smoothie so the other person who gets to pick a bunch of random stuff
from the fridge and turn it into a smoothie and they have to drink it it’s
gonna be disgusting I think there’s a winner on any side of this I know that
caleb is the one drinking it here we go everybody
caleb is up first Caleb what you got into the cup here okay hopefully easy
people I’ve never done ping pong trick chest
so really see one two three four okay 12:12 nothing yeah okay I’ve to be
12 well alright that’s an H for me at my
turn from the top of the stairs attempt number one number two okay Caleb you
have two attempts that h28 h2h my turn now going from the balcony 104 okay here’s seven Oh how’s that feel
doesn’t feel good Josh it doesn’t feel good
you’re gonna eat the gross smoothie oh okay
I’m telling me if I have to eat that you gotta put a thrower warning on this
anything just looking at the ingredients in the fridge when you sit oh my gosh
that’s gotta count No well Caleb keeps missing that shot
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Thank You poi club for sponsoring this video okay let’s see if Caleb has made
that shot yet okay I’m coming down cuz Caleb keeps missing and we only have we
only have six balls if I miss like that yeah first try
what was that 21 21 I think 21 yeah I thought this would be kind of easy than
in Caleb clearly show that it wasn’t so we’ll see 21 is number to beat that was
a three what sorry six eight laughs with hook
laughs – here you did some that so for Holland that’s so freakin 20 water you
did it in three okay my turn we’re doing a no-look shot – hit the cut three times is that it that sounded good yes yeah
it’s good that was uh took me a while but this is a hard shot harder than I
thought 18 18 when I was 18 you get a letter
you’re gonna eat some gross miss and Caleb’s back up your backs up against
the wall right now you’re down by a lot well you have to say for that what was
that oh you’re kind of juggle oh you’re really doing a juggling shot you’re
really doing it the thing is that was kind of tough so you’re probably gonna
give me a letter on a juggling shot finally I’m a better dad no well yeah
kind of comment down below who you think the better juggler is whoo – furious
over out of broken again I get a letter it is a Chotu hor but Caleb I’m
impressed thank you and I think everyone should
give this video a thumbs up for Caleb’s juggling and ping pong trick shots boom
okay this one you set the ping pong balls on the counter and then you have
to just give it a little up and puff I just do Oh what is happening hey fuck those hit
this either yeah that sounded good yes that was five
Caleb how you feeling you still feel like you hear me for two minutes you’re
probably at a disadvantage my mom says I have a lot of hot air so oh my gosh is
that a H hor hor we are tied up caleb has his next shot okay all right okay all the way down
okay all the way up alright this is gonna get
harder the more you miss so what’s happening you got really good
at these bunkers just Caleb might be on the comeback do you think he’s gonna
beat me combat Caleb call it combat Caleb if you
think he’s gonna beat me again Church me all right Josh
yeah I know it’s like it’s really dozen of the big guns the pressure is on
potentially my my last round you have to bounce off of one two three four coffee
cups and land in this little dish right here good start this one has a little
rim quite a bit of terrible idea there we go now that was sixteen sixteen
attempts a little bit longer than I want it but I’ll be killed I only got this what sixteen you say for the wind every
cup oh no oh yes does not count every cup sir oh my gosh
that was very close also very close why you so goodness here at 9’o my weights is that okay so
if you had hrs e we’re going into this shot and I would have R but then I made
it that means you would have a means you would haven’t he so that means time that
means I won right yes let’s see what’s in the fridge huh
oh my gosh guys like came out of nowhere what I’ll tell you if I’m if I’m if I’m
down don’t count me out though you forgot about the rope-a-dope the olivine
alright anyway give me this you go sit down
alright guys we’re gonna stick on the healthy Josh you’re gonna be so healthy
after this yeah man like I honestly should be your dietitian nutritionist Oh
what did you get start off with some lemon juice lemon juice hot sauce in
there whoo luckily he’s only mild but it is chunky it’s not all about the taste it’s this
consistency is gonna be heaven forbid you take some hummus I’ll avoid the pine
nuts just very well with hummus that take some guac and for you that’s not
extra Chipotle take notes and you’re not pumped about a kale pesto pesto the smell alone and I like I like pesto
in might kala kala has an aggressive taste mm-hmm
this is actually the worst part those things together and then almond milk is
is not a good mix your healthy okay oh dude I feel like we’re missing some I
think we’re good no you need some good my grandfather used to make me spinach
out the can boom steady tasteful delicious you’re gonna do I do
appreciate that you didn’t make a ton yeah give you a little shot of it little
taste a little health shot all right so we got the lid on I’m just gonna give it
a shake I just put this on here oh it’s like at the top how the
consistency is disgusting watch everyone leave a comment I reply to just about
every single comment so leave a comment drop a like if you haven’t yet subscribe
we got videos every Monday every one’s every Saturday here the to Instagram
shout outs we’re today oh I feel half way bad but I don’t because you’re
talking trash so enjoy let’s go to the beach you drinking all of it oh my god oh my god
oh my god oh oh this isn’t even fun anymore I was so
excited yeah ping pong chick shots it sounds great

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    Sign up here: Congrats to The Larks for winning juggling balls! Like/Comment early on every upload for your chance to win next time! Make sure to click that bell! Follow Caleb on IG/TikTok @CalebNashFeemster

  2. Everyone let’s agree that dude perfect takes a million attempts and edits it to make it look like they did it first try but josh shows his attempts and gets it 3rd or 4th attempt

  3. Way to man-up and drink all of that nasty goop. I was fine with everything except the guac, Avocado makes me sick…

  4. Josh is better at juggling its not only that u have to juggle it its also judging where on the table to hit…
    Thanks for not showing u throw up if u did i was watching that while eating

  5. Caleb, josh is a world class juggler and all u do with juggling is barley do nothing and josh has been juggling since 2nd grade so I don't think you're better than josh.

  6. Sorry caleb you made a great juggling shot but Josh is my favorite Youtuber and he is the best juggler on YouTube.

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