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March 4, 2020

who are you? how did you
come here? mother… look,your son resembles lord Shiva.
you are lucky.. why are you crying?
because your mom died? or you are born
in a graveyard? Don’t cry. This is the place
where lord Shiva lives you bought
death as a gift do you know who you are?
lord shiva’s son. hereafter you belong
to this graveyard new moon
new moon blossoming of a
new moon you are welcome
to this world flower
flower blossomed flower why ecstasy? everyone’s life
ends here but,your life
starts here. your rise
has begun.. today you opened your
eyes to see this world. new moon
new moon blossoming of
a new moon you are welcome
to this world did you wish
to come alone here? courageously brought this gift!
take a final look; going to cover. be it a garden,
be it a desert, flower is a flower
it will never change its nature. what will a hut do!
what will a palace do! will it change you? new moon
new moon blossoming of
a new moon you are welcome
to this world flower
flower blossomed flower why ecstasy?
think about yourself everything processions
coming towards you everything tends to crawl
relationship is the one for you think about yourself you are
leaving this world the one who is rich will
be poor after his death what ever you have learned in
this world are getting burnt you are a
sound man! I don’t have
any relation I have not seen my mother
I am a graveyard child! I have no life
without you I am a common child
for sky and land you died
to teach me this? you left this
sithan(name) alone how are you komathi?
give this stuff for 10 rupee don’t you have change?
do you think I am running bank you are hashish seller, you
want a bank to run? nuisance you used to drink
alcohol, what happen now? I don’t even have a proper job,
hmmm(hesitating) before three months was
selling mini quarter(alcohol) in shops.but it is not
even available now so I should
smoke this? sister 2 packet of cannabis (drug)
students? not available
for students what sister?
what what face of pig, going to puff drug? are you pulling rickshaw, or cart ? they use cannabis for relaxation as they
are suffering,what is wrong with you guys? hey don’t pay advice
you just give cannabis for money I will slipper you get lost hey give respect
you want to treat with respect having bad habits?
leave gomathy,let them enjoy scoundrel, get lost have not grow yet, but
trying to taste drugs what? hey he is dead only know?
came to spoil the work, get lost hey get lost
chase him away hey look, you should not come
here.go there and have. move I said you to move don’t you listen to me?
get lost I say what are you staring at? oh god starring us, chase him
hey what are you doing? why are they fighting? stop them hey hey move away hey
sister you are too beating he is a dead you know?
he misbehaved what is the problem??
get lost this place is to eat you know? hey don’t you have sense?
watching their fighting you don’t interfere,
he is a nuisance if I give him food and shelter
I will be abused then then why did you open your
shop in this nasty village? blaming this village
hmm though you are alive
stinking like a corpse? how will you stink
after your death strong man, you want food right?
come with me come I say bloody idiot, did nuisance over here hey put off the fire if you fight like a scoundrel
, then police will arrest you mind it have it oh god you no one die in this village,
your job will be blank then hey bring some water brother, do remember me soon I will come to
your place(grave yard) don’t beat my corpse while burning.
I won’t bare you just scold me I will lie down
give it to me hey what go away I got scared you idiot get lost,
don’t come back of me don’t you go? ..?”what do you want? don’t you have any job?
why torturing me>? job? you want to go that’s right even I am doing illegal
business, how can I help you if I try to go for some other
job, it is not possible how could I get a job for you where was he hiding at?
behind seven hills he is going to dead bring him
come how much have you bargained who gave you the money
police or narcotic how could you do
this?better eat their sh** sir please please don’t sir .
please leave him sir please leave him sir he did it mistakenly
please leave him sir leave him I say leave him
or else he will die don’t come in front of me hey lawyer, come here arrest this guy and file all kind
of fake case on this bloody hell hey do you agree?
yes sir I agree he agreed leave him why are you getting tensed?as you are sick hey don’t assume I am old I will kill all of you
take him and move each and every rice you are
eating has my name on it be allegiance sir
hmm? what do you want why do you want to deal with
me for your silly business get your product from them need a job?
what about your current job not for me
for him all the idiots working here did nothing
what this non sense going to do here no job available
please don’t reject he is also orphan like me he is born and brought
up in graveyard sad, he cannot live
among with villagers he has no knowledge on
money, police nothing what the hell he know you said for allegiance, he know that only one day I provided him
food, but he is loyal with me take him along with
you to the hill sir why so far, may be somewhere her..
hey hey don’t justice so soon I gave back greetings one time offer may comes and go but never lost that is called luck
you guys have a luck today MGR has desired face
rajini’s moonru mugam(film) this has 6 face
and you guys has seven face don’t panic. this is not gambling just a time pass
play in your coffee break watch carefully sir four square and 3 dice king queen, diamond, hearten king is our sivaji ganesan(hero) queen is padmini(heroin) and a diamond and a heart in picture on the square
and the dice are same I put this dice into the box , will
start to shake and keep it upside down what have come? acting king sivaji ganesan dancing legend padmini world’s love symbol heart in watch carefully is that 5 or 10 rupees in your pocket keep in whatever square you wish to watch carefully one king, one hearten, one diamond your money will be
doubled if you win if you lose, company will take the money who is company I am that so called company okay will keep if we don’t win what will I do?
keep hope sir hope is life
those who don’t believe me will depend on me come on come on come on don’t deny,double your
money and have jackpot come on come on sir
10bugs on king 10 on king
5 bugs on padmini 5 on padmini.don’t leave a square
or else company will take the money pray to god watch carefully going to reveal thank your god
one king and a queen 10 bugs doubled into 20
and 5 into 10 take it have fun brother not only 5 or 10 you can
bet with50-100 bugs also if you win 50 doubled
to 100 and 100 into 200 go on go on single into double,double into triple
excuse me sir 1 rupee on padmini here we go wow a queen look sir, baby got 2 rupees from 1 rupee buy a lollipop and eat on baby 1 on sivaji and another
1 rupee on padmini watch carefully 1 on hearten
baby kept each 1 bug on king and queen wow what a time baby you won this time four for two try to play like this girl don’t
simply watch .move on move on at first he made us to win. we lose later
he has some trick people who are standing
simply shall move away hey money is to renew season ticket
jackpot!jackpot!jackpot! 10 on hearten and 5 on king baby who is your favourite god? bagam priya pray well baby
100 bugs on padmini look on sir, hundred rupees note sir
1 and 2 rupees run away sir yeah you won baby god helped you, 100 bugs into 200
manju:give me give me take a look all of you sir.baby won.she
bet with 100 rupees and her money doubled lucky star on your side baby if this extend my company will be shut down
so what can I do for that I have been sitting for long time
my legs are paining give me something while you leave manju:will see that later manju:first begin the game, come on
ya ya hundred on padmini,
hundred on shivaji no hundred on hearten you won have you waake up in fox face?
your jackpot,200 rupees into 400 manju:will you come daily
shall you come near my college will play thank sir
sakthi:hold her where you trying to escape what?
where are you leaving? have to go home.
oh? you will enjoy your jackpot
price,but we have to suffer is it? put down sakthi let her go
brother? put down keep that one also I will get scolding from dad if I
spend this season ticket money what is your father doing?
dentist. you all need a doctor to pluck a teeth
say tooth plucker. you have earned from so many people by
plucking there teeth.now I pluck your’s. put down watch my game now. won? you cannot win
because its a trick of game she has 300 bugs in her box come on..come on..
come on… bagam priya(god)
I will grab all your money. you have not won right? it’s all company’s money
keep the lollipop money out? it is in her pocket. no jackpot for you.want to see?
look at it. hey come lets go hey fat nose,i will dig your eyes
get lost. how to leave her? you looked like a innocent girl, but after
the jackpot trying to ran away? brother I am getting late for the
train,please give me10 rupee I will leave get lost. hit that unlucky fellow. I should not see you anywhere. hey,watch? watch?
yes take your watch. why are you shaking it unnecessarily.
take the watch directly that is what I am going to do. govindha govindha(sardonically) remove your jewels? I won’t.
you won’t? hey bring that rope,lets keeping
her tied to a tree and beat. no no.. keep your bangles keep. look at this game over. what is in your bag?
there is only books. why you people are doing wrong? I said not to bring this guy?
you don’t listen to me. not letting us to earn
he is torturing. hey blacky,is this money digest you?
it will digest for me. OK if you people like then do.
OK leave it brother. OK,i will give you
a last chance. keep you bag and play just win one time
I will give all your things take your watch,money
everything. just win one time.
if you want you itself try. hey what/
let her play man.take and play try it baby
you will win for your good heart. he is encouraging you right?
try.. which square are you keeping?
padmini. okay, go on. baagam priya(god) oh my god what happened to you? manju no everybody run oh god
why is she doing like this? hey don’t start your bargaining why are giving him more? you know he will cry while drink we are grabbing money
from kids and drinking(wheeping) that baagam priya(god) will dig my eyes
as you say I begged you you grabbed everything from that girl
is is? being with you guys is my sin is it?(crying)
don’t remember that to him I say shut up sakthi..shakthi..
dude nothing happened everything will forget in morning
okay? sakthi:is it??
what keep on saying, is it oh god
why are smoking here if it got fire do you know the
worth of this drugs you are smoking here,idiot
will you repeat this when did you started uncle?
you are reaching now have tea hey, bring some tea what kind of labors have you added?
smoking in the cannabis garden haw can we trust this guys knowing without anyone,don’t
add the labors you are blaming me
look at him he has no respect on
money or human ,nothing even no greeting hey greet our proprietor don’t you have sense,barbarian hey our boss is there he beat me because I asked
him to greet our boss hey get down I say
hey.. you are safe know?
then what get lost you may go what uncle?you are
keeping quite? only money can make slavery but he is not one of them what he is getting
ready for 15 minutes promise never failure truth never fails truth never ever fails sathyameva jayathe true welcome all of you the fact is,the ship goes on sea,the flight
fly on air,and the bus travel on road the rare treasure which
you cannot buy in your lifetime,can be buy in
this train traveling the thing is from Arabian desert’s dates to anarkali’s
necklace will be available with me will start the purchase in this traveling
anyone can start the auction if your desired price value
doesn’t suit to the company,” you will be gifted
with the same worth listen carefully mother Teresa named for love
arinyar Anna named for intelligence aishwarya rai named for beauty Jackie Chan named for fight
charlie Chaplin named for comedy Singapore is named for perfume in the Singapore,a leading company
who produces this freshener stinking men can also use
pregnant women can also use. let’s see who is the lucky guy the starting price
of this freshener is 500 paise or ten times of 50 paise
over all 5 rupees five rupees
ten rupees 10..10..10 twenty bugs
fifty bugs 50..50 bugs
hundred rupees 100..100.100
150 rupees son hundred and fifty
rupees one time.. hundred and fifty
rupees two times 200 rupees
wow 200 bugs 200 rupees one times,200 rupees
two times, 200 rupees three times grab the money brother which place?
aandipatti the thing is sir as I said before six hundred rupees worth freshener he asked
for 200 bugs which company cannot take though aandipatty brother asked for
200 rupees.to appreciate him.. ..and to encourage him, our
company going to gift him with.. in alayamani movie dancing legend, queen of kannadam saroja Devi, used this soap box for free happy to have this you can sense saroja devi’s smell idiot silk saree..
continuing the tradition of silk tata named for iron
tanjore named for sugarcane in such a tanjore city, weaver made
at the expense of quality silk saree mount pattern prabhu
tried this saree once though she is not alive, her
saree is still with a expense brother I am a
history professor don’t mistake the history
for your business hey blacky, he is messing
hey teacher so far you were sleeping right?
be quite starting price range of this saree is 100
200 bugs 200 200 200 one time two hundred and fifty two hundred and fifty one time
aunty no.. three hundred rupees sir 300..300.300. three
hundred bugs one time three hundred fifty aww 350..350..350 rupees
500 rupees aww my queen has asked for 500 rupees
500..500..500 don’t you buy?
why, you gave him soap box, for me lime cartridge??get lost
five fifty bugs.. yeah,millioner asked for 550 bugs
five fifty bugs one time five fifty bugs two times six hundred rupees
yeah bill gates ASKED for 700 bugs hey I said six hundred bugs man
only 600? hey worthless six hundred bugs once! twice! thrice! Mr.bill gates please give the money
here take it the fact is sir two thousand worth saree, he asked for
600.which does not suit to the company huh?
it won’t uncle keep inside although..
aunty 2000 saree will not worth for 600 hey you give or not I don’t care
I am going to restroom as I want to poop crap although, to appreciate him for his guts
in order to encourage him company will gift him with in padagoti film revolution leader MGR he used this scarf for free
frame it sir in this world the one which passed
cannot be gain again is “TIME” which means time we see time to abort a womb
even we see time to cut other’s throat did you finished you work aunty?
move aside,there is no water. oh lord shiva,
move aside. okay,
everyone look at me we see time for an auspicious day and
even we see time for first night also we can pay the price for
such a precious time to buy ladies watch look,its starting
rate is ten paise just 10 paise.
what?10 paise? do you know,
it is 1500 rupees 1500 rupees…
1500 rupees once.. 1500 rupees twice…
heyy… I am trying to be a
disciplined and a modest girl. don’t make me frown?
what will you do if I frown you? hey leave,alwasy you fuss her uncle,i am letting him go
only because of you oh I see.or else what will you do?
hey what is there to talk with her hey blacky, you both are partners right?
wait and see what I am going to do hey..
give respect why should I give respect to you
after all you roll dice over streets oh you are so honest right?
even you rolled dice with me “will you come daily, shall you come near
my college will play”you asked me right? uncle?
yes.. take him away
or else I will call the police hey police…come on come on..
hey blacky? oh my god I am scared
of police buddy go girl(rude expression) hey why did you beat her?
hey you beat me right how can you beat a girl in public? she is been irritating
me for so long(quarrel) lets call the police oh my god
she stooped the train hey leave me man hey wait
where are you running? hey?
get lost white swine I will break your hands come back if you are a brave men hey manju
listen to us hey coward
stay there hey wait
I will break your head hello uncle
move aside yeah uncle, go and fall
into the pit and die. hey stay
shut up. oh my god
we escaped hey
let them go what is happening there buddy? what is your name?
tell me manju what place is this? child? where is the guy,who was
wearing yellow shirt? mad..
mad.. take 500 rupees what for you are
paying 500 rupees? for the toilet you have used! okay move on move on what you guys are doing?
son,make them to move hey, the water level in
ottangudi river is till knee carefully take the products
and cross the river move move
send that horse here hey
yeah hey
hey.. hey fast fast
come come move and leave the way hey careful hey move fast via vattaparai route 43/2 43/2 calling.. speaking ganja junction?? moving from
achuruthu to oralmuthu run
run hey catch them all run
run… police are coming catch them they flew away sir hey,how long I am asking you we just asked who is your proprietor
and where the cannabis are growing? you just answer for this
we will let you go we will also offer you money tell me hey.. don’t test my patience or you will face your death did he said anything?
not yet I think you have to handle him hmm you will not reveal anything? hey why can’t you answer him?
why are you roaring? hey.. according to NDPS act session
20 sub cross one sub section B for cannabis kidnapping and for broking the guards lambs,caused
severe hurt and for tried killing… according to IPC session 324,325 and 307 its an offense for
you to register kalnaar..
kalnaar tulsi oil this oil made from the rare products
like,tulsi,basil,vitex,root of banyan,neem,beetle
leaf,anise,raw camphor,aloevera what is mean by rare? a rare of rare is born
as a human is very rare born as a deaf,dumb,blind
is as rare than human very happy if you win a world that is capable of
winning everything by the word Tamil what is malignant? lord murugan,asking what is malignant? dire of dire is poverty even more dangerous is, of youth poverty brother,
what kind of job is this? buy me some piglets I
will earn money from it. I am dying to grab money
from this idiotic people have to pay house rent
please sing even more dangerous is, gas trouble this is said by ovaiyyar sir
not me. if you ask what is untreated disease,some
will say AIDS,some will say leprosy. if you ask me I will promise you untreatable disease in
this world is”gas trouble” it means “fart” I didn’t said this to laugh?
think of it. hey are offering chocolates
for balance amount if we file case in public
court,we get 1lack rupees go fast hey move… move… my dear people.. I am going to tell
you all a true story come close to me and listen in America a husband and wife with their kids that foreigner has gas trouble he farted badly in his sleep making it as an reason his wife filed
for divorce,and she separated with him they might go to supreme court to fart or to file case? don’t interrupt but our people over here.. used to eat channa as
side dish while drinking and continuously fart
all over the night if his wife asks,why are you tearing
your trousers and dhoti’s by farting.. he will say barking dog seldom bite which means silent fart smells bad
does sound fart smells sweet? in a place where
four people gather one person will
suddenly drop a fart all the four will react to that what will the one who farted will say?
as,some scoundrel has farted because he only sense that first everyone will accept the murder
case too but not the one who fart why?
blacky: because it is his prestige issue your silence says most of you
all have this problem it seems not an issue no medicines can solve
this gas trouble have a teaspoon full
of my decoction your bad gas will
separate smoothly the next is constipation yea constipation constipation is the number of man trouble a human should excrete two times a day whatever happens, it
has to be followed if not, it will be a trouble don’t mistake me, as
I am talking badly sir do you want?
no I don’t. hmm I know you
will not need this because sir used wake up
early and come around his pond thrice and he
will eat tulsi leaves are we? dog will piss at open place likewise, humans search trees
and bushes and piss off I ma not insulting anyone most of the Brahmins in well positions
like judge, engineer doctor because they know
the use of tulsi you too buy this for your kids let their memory power
increase and constipation will decrease if not I
will my ban my business come sir come and buy sir
give me one give to your grand children sir come sir get it sir what it smells like basil? this how our people
will behave sir if we come and give the medicine
,you will ask us 1000 questions if some one stay in lodge and give ad
in news paper you people will present there they will make use of your innocence
and grab your money from you all we are not one of them we are making medicines
in front of your eyes as per my formula, one will
gather product other will cook come sir come and get it sir one bottle cost 50 rupees
hey why did you called the police? you all stay here this is our gratitude
for your kids come sir come and buy sir
a bottle cost only 50 rupees sir anybody else? brother that one guy..
come sir I caught you man
hey hey..oh god..(quarrel) hey leave her why you
guys are beating her don’t beat her, hey..hey.. oh my god police! hey,manju?
hey fraud don’t come behind me
hey wait9 hey wait
get lost hey fraud,wait hey… hey get down
where are you running. get down you swine
I will not leave you hey where are you running you idiot,why are you carrying
a girl like that drop her down oh god
oh my god police catch him hey follow me
he is running oh my god I am tired hey don’t leave him
come and catch him police… police…
police…. hey manju listen to me she is trying to kill me,but
you are coming slow fatty? oh my god
sister… constable is opening the gate tell him to move aside
hey go inside OK I will talk to you later.
it looks like stare hotel I am sakthi,sakthi vel.without
making decoction maker,420 what about you?
tell me sir? chit fund
ohhh finance cheater how man?
even I am lying to people… but no one is responding me how are you trapping the people? people are believing me
is it my mistake? people are believing the one
who are not fluent in Tamil I will see you later thank you guru ji what about you?
eve teasing women harassment I just asked her name
for that they prisoned me. sad of you why don’t you prefer the one who love you
rather than you choose a.. oh my god it is a very old dialogue ruse will spoil the life of charity
but again charity wins it nos Ir, though she love me
or not,but I will think of her strong faith.. I just harshly asked
money from my wife arrested me under
dowry prohibition act lying sakthi:what he did?
don’t you know him he came in sun TV ask his name PSP ambalavaana swamigal his sitting says it what ambalavanar had did? he did a lot he went to north
countries to sell pulses he sold all sort of
pulses over there they decided him as a swami he make use of it he harassed many girls
including foreigner not only that
tenth standard girl.. she came to him before going to
exam to get blessings from him you bloody nonsense,
you story is very bad they accept you as swami you can eat front them
and make use of it harassing?? laughing too hey you escaped
because it is India if you do this in Dubai.. my son what father?
we are all in same cage hello hey he is biting
it is okay my son what?
I will kill you hey reduce the flame hey am saying you he attacked police officer . so what?
tell him hey..
hey.. it is hurting, somebody save me oh my god it is hurting hey what is happening here? hey (song)look at the warrior queen (song)please raise your head lock him killer fellow
throw him out relax..keep calm no one is there
sleep if you keep on behave like this, you
have to spent your lifetime here eat well and develop your muscles
and have to leave this place there he is
swami ji how are you Jenifer?
fine swami ji sakthi
hey come are you fine sakthi?
stop caring,give me cigarette you know her? I know her
cannabis seller,gomathi sister hey why are you shouting how did he got hurt? he is rude with police he beat and get shit out of me feel ashamed? if he keep on beat someone,
do they keep quite look he bite me on the first day what your colleagues where doing
while he was beating you he is beating everyone no one will be me you don’t know about him he born and brought up in graveyard
sad of him (slogan) (slogan)
hey? irritating idiot,be quiet
(slogan) that is why he is so
rude with everyone come in soon and save me can’t bare him long,try
to get bail for him soon Jennifer,i love you
I love you too take care. lucky fellow
go,go.. oh god I cannot live peaceful
not even for two days always getting into trouble why are you bothering others?
you went to watch movie right? I cannot live like others this manju will punish who
ever committing mistakes! oh my god I worshiped god to get a
child like you(hesetattion) I don’t care
but one thing? one day I will get
award,no one should touch. shut up I am scared of the person whom you sent to
prison but you are talking about the award. hey fraud
hey,call me sakthi OK come,som one has
come to visit you why are you always visiting here.if you
care for me come inside the prison doctor?
get inside brother,i am sorry
for her mistakes you are a kind heart fellow
so please forgive her did you asked sorry?
lets go wait,don’t try to act over smart you did all this mistakes
don’t show your attitude brother, as I heard the
news I don’t know what to do lost my happiness
because of her please tell me that
you have forgiven her that’s OK sir
daddy… he is a fraud
don’t ask sorry what happened?
why are you crying I don’t feel bad to
be prisoned here she is repeatedly
telling me fraud who will help me…
don’t cry brother brother
brother look what have you done you hurt him,ask sorry
ask him sorry ask him sorry
ask him sorry daddy…. are you mad? yes I am mad it is OK ask him sorry
I won’t why don’t you? you don’t know him
he is a fraud fraud…
heyy I am giving you a last chance
say my 400 rupees my HMT watch fine amount 500 rupees my traveling expense 75 rupees give all this back to me
I will tell them to release you are you a real student
or cheating your parents are you a president to listen your word
why don’t they release you I only helped them to arrest you what more sir? what is this sir
I was simply washing my cloths you both called
and mocking at me take your daughter home
hey what you said? a girl can do anything hey look at me you will die here if I won’t help you what are you staring at me just a second sir hey if you don’t help me
can’t I release? don’t proud yourself on that day you were hanging
around my neck, right? how long it will take to abuse you? already I had this idea but I don’t like to get your curse
that is why understand? it is a sin
never mind he made lot of sin
but advising us move move brother don’t interfere leave me
keep on doing like this sittha stop it leave him I said you to stop he don’t, jailer will come keep calm what is happening here nothing sir don’t lie just teaching them how to fight you?
yes sir to him? hmm
hey take him sir ..sir
you deserve the punishment sir I promise
police:idiot it is true sir why am in dark room sir? sir leave me sir
it is hurting sir sir it is hurting sir please sir who is he
opened my heart I want to know his name
and where he is from a bird is suffering alone longing to know about the world you came as a guide will you come till
end of my life? who is he
opened my heart who is that
who is that opened my heart yesterday we were at somewhere
but today we have gathered here what is tomorrow?
no one sure about that everything happens wrote you and me have no idea
who is he.. hey
sittha.. I cannot be here?
if they release me I have to go only ten days okay shall I leave my son hey drop the cigarette
he will come now why are you scare at him I will respect you but not for him
hey get up greetings sir
yea gomathy,who is he sakthi:tell him
sakthi was along with sitthan in jail so what it is been 3 months it is hard for him
to stay in prison how about a bail what a carelessness
you need lot of money for that so what?
he did for you hey to how many people
you have revealed this so far I did not say to anyone
if you say no, I may hey be quite, get lost
sakthi:you keep on beg with him hey mahadeva,get him out of the
prison.i am gibing you one day time or I may reveal your
secret to the majesty careful careful..be careful
with your cannabis(sardonically) what’s nonsense gomathy on that day you came to ask
help for that orphan guy today this guy is
messing with me his playfulness may kill us don’t mistaken boss
he has too much affection with sittha please help him(sittha)
to get rid of it okay I will do but a condition
don’t mingle with this kind of fool it is our secret business go come lets go a ride ..come on..come on..
fast.. let us go fast.. come on humming it’s me that is good hello
give my watch shall I leave?
go I am prisoned because of you
but you are not talking with me how can I talk here if anybody see?
let them will you scare for that
enough I have changed
sakthi:it seems manju:what you are looking beautiful thanks
next nice fragrance
what soap I feel shy do you think about me no
lying, I may come in your dream how do you know? I got dream I that jail
you are in AC room, so you might tell me your dream
I will not say if you say I will
give you one thing what is that candy.. manju baby
I am coming dad will talk tomorrow
but you have college I will get permission as I am sick
will meet in milk dairy bye
bye bail for whom for sitthan majesty:how do you know him?
we worked together he.. cannabis kidnapper are you belong to the same if he don’t present in
court, police will arrest you okay sir write bail bond for 3 lakhs
and take him with you hey sittha am I crow, to drop stones and drink pour some more
no I wont hey old monk will do nothing sittha
I like you very much don’t think am blabbing I like you more than manju blacky:whatever you say
he don’t understand hey get lost I was waiting for you happy but I don’t like
only one from you you are not at all smiling smile smile smile if you don’t smile I
will start crying cry cry.. cry…. it seems he is crying I am starving
gomathy may cook something she will beat us
just sleep here what happen
hey what happen sakthi hey sakthi what have you drink?
old monk don’t you have sense ,why
did you made him to drink oh god, I am going too die(blab)
you might be in limit? hey had dinner? hey sakthi had dinner who is this?
it is me had your dinner who is this?/
hey had dinner or not? what I did?
he is starving, so I asked him do whatever chilli you eat you have some blowing away of mild wind talking sweetly like music blowing away of mild wind talking sweetly like music in a unbending bamboo;
music is flowing melody clouds are listening to it feel peacock plumage
spread on the dark rock in spreading of mountain shower;
lawn is elongating the path rainbow expands its umbrella lawn is elongating the path;
rainbow expands its umbrella listening to the sound of the bell;
heart door will open put the new rhythm of the body
which floating in the air blowing away mild winds;
talking sweetly like music in a unbending bamboo;
music is flowing melody clouds are listening to it as like stitched small leaf like a colorful clothes
which admire our heart each one is united
devery relationship is located generously bestowed compromised
likewise only few has kind heart ;
world is stable with that yesterday went on privacy;
there is no vice if one comes till the end with us
no comparison for that feel nothing is alone in this universe combination of flow of
music ;floral fragrance blowing away mild winds;
talking sweetly like music in a unbending bamboo;
music is flowing melody clouds are listening to it feel what ether it puts the daily riddle who knew the secret;
who understand the wonder the one who seedling
will pluck the flower from the plant took a rope to wage a flower
who waged it turned into garland the parrots which playing
swing with the banyan root everything in the story is
speaking gently closing wing even did not listen
to the rocker live in the lap of the mother
river flowing like vein feel peacock plumage
spread on the dark rock in spreading of mountain shower;
lawn is elongating the path rainbow expands its umbrella lawn is elongating the path;
rainbow expands its umbrella listening to the sound of the bell;
heart door will open put the new rhythm of the body
which floating in the air hey don’t beat me hey I am belongs to police department this department dog is smelling us he is the one who gave
information to police not only he informed,also
found our place I am working hard to sell this goods… but you are giving
information to police where is that phone we don’t need it take him inside I
will be right back get in you helped to caught our 1 crore
rupee product for your credit useless if we see sin and good we
cannot survive in this world wash it hey burn it some where think of yourself you are leaving the
light of this world you are not a married woman lonely night graveyard turns
into castle for you life and death is natural do you have sense?
what have did? no sense what discussion is all about?
hey blacky bring me water whatever he ask you will do? hey blacky come here
get lost shirt full of blood strain
what have you did whom do you killed hey nothing shirt is full of blood strain
no idea he had done hey stop shouting, get in I said you to go ask him what he did he did nothing,someone did it
he just burned it that is it? you are so cool
again he will go to prison not his mistake then who did?
don’t shout sakthi:the one whom you asked for work
I send him only to do work I did not expect this he spoiled my work you had lost your mind, now
there is no use of shouting don’t blame hi(sittha) I lost my peace since I send
him(sittha) to work there yesterday itself I had a thought do one thing, take him to the
police station and give him to them stop nonsense
nothing will happen don’t talk like a fool he(sittha) has no intelligence if police will come and arrest him
I cannot bare that stop crying
don’t make an issue how can they punish him(sittha)
for somother mistake everything will be alright sittha is dirty, take him to bath hey put it down come for bath mix some turmeric and make him to bath
let all his sin wash away why are taking that will burn it don’t move okay? smile hey gomathi look at
sitthan,he is smiling brother look at him
he is smiling smiling good enough. teach him your business
and entertain him let him be little more lively but don’t teach your
fraud behaviour I will not do such fraud
business hereafter sister I am stopping my fraud
business from this moment sakthi,please don’t take such
decisions,i cannot bare my hunger. you are always worried about meal.
hey you have no problem you will eat few rice and drink water
but I am not like you I have already said that not
to join this guy in our business OK don’t fight
don’t interfere in my meal go oh god
saying bye king paarivendhar had chariot
sister brought gifts friend brought war
and we brought pens repeat what I said? why are you staring
the sky every time don’t stare
talk something drawing handed,flow of ancient Tamil
come on repeat this. and it keep writing and
writing and writing and it keep writing and writing and writing
film shooting is going there shooting?
yes.. hey blacky come lets go
sakthi come hey wait
come soon hey move please
move hey blacky it is actress simran silence please what different character? agaligai(ahalya)
who is agaligai? I will explain dark forest there lives a saint
with long hair he has a kamandaloo in his hand the one who roam with saffron style
sage good good
sage. sakthi we all wear stiched dress but look,the
reversed the process may I help you to
stitch your dress move..move…
hey don’t touch me I will burn cracker
in your mouth listen to me
you are in my place,remember that. I will create problem
and chase you all why so serious
get lost damn
what noise over there? hey hanumar,
send them away they are not moving sir
tell them to leave the place who is he?
he must be the director why is he doing too much?
yes yes madam you go and change
your costume first next,i will tell the balance.
okay sir okay either you learn Tamil or I will learn English
and make Hollywood movies whistling what you guys are doing singing hare Krishna hare raam
hare Krishna hare raam what is happening here? hey stupid,why are you
behaving like this? why are you silent?
one second madam hello?
hey cut the phone call I will kill you if you call anyone
I will kill you look him I already said not to shoot here if I give this date to manirathnam sir,
we would have finish two songs in ladak director sir asked to shoot in forest hmmm , is he shooting for
Jurassic park picture is he director?
bloody bald head because of him I am suffering if he come to me for another
date, I will slipper him I hate him what girl, talking continuously
shut up country brutes keep quite , we
will not rape you what?
rape? look what he said
ma’am talking non sense I will shoot them all it is right, which weekly magazine revealed
that simran is very short temper character you don’t know about me
I said to leave me don’t you know what
you guys are doing what shut up look look
what to look ? to look hear and there shit! the information is a girl who ruined many
adults and youngsters sleep southern fairy, hip blonde simran
is coming! coming! coming! hey all of you come here come here!
look who has come, simran this guy used to ride bicycle
without having food and water we all fed up to see his face we would like you to dance
what? dance? why are you torturing me? don’t you people have sense what are you talking? you will bath for 27 times for us to buy
the soap or any product you act in ad film please dance to entice our people she is too fair she might bath in
donkey milk it seems what are they saying(in Hindi) they saying that you are very fair,so
you might take bath in donkey milk tell them no
no simran your whole hair has auburn you have good earning, why don’t
you get some coconut oil and apply saying that you hair had auburn,why
don’t you get some coconut oil and apply please leave me am going
hey why are you urge?just now you came right?
that is right! are we asking for money? we all see you in televisions and cinemas
we are just asking you to dance that’s it translate her you appeared like a god in front of them
they want you to dance why are you over reacting?
even Gandhi has visited our place earlier when it happened?
be quite they are telling that
Gandhi ji has come oh really
yes yes really now you come and dance, we will make
you as minister in next election if you dance here, they
will make you as minister hey girl look here look these guys are aged before they die they want to see your dance before they die they want to see your dance yes look them,show some concern why are demanding? you will dance Dubai and
Singapore on front of some strangers but why
don’t you dance here what they are saying is don’t cry child don’t cry
she will dance don’t feel sound please slogan slogan slogan slogan golden daughter came
gave crores of stuffs as the door of the flower
stage filled with honey little flower eye, look
at me with some kindness made man in love
lovely oh my saffron
oh my dove oh my saffron
oh my dove if you saw her eyes
brimming with pleasure naughty king stop your coax naughty king stop your coax you giant don’t come near
the woman and fuss.. talked sweetly to me with your sharp
eyes, and now running from me talked sweetly to me with your sharp
eyes, and now running from me why girl! why girl!why girl! oh my darling! darling! why girl! why girl!why girl! oh my darling! darling! what sakthi??
just a second I will manage dream of a fantasy kingdom has finished built
and the cot has set dream of a fantasy kingdom
has finished built and the cot has set up the chakra is swirling free over there I am the emperor in it enough get down devotion brings salvation power of lord saravanan so a seed of salvation leader lord muruga devotion brings salvation
power of lord saravanan so a seed of salvation leader grace of chastity sought so a seed of salvation leader take him away do you feel to shy
view term of dilator do you feel to shy
view term of dilator don’t you want me to
dance for your song don’t you want me to
dance for your song hey cannabis smoker, on the music come to dance on fire come dance with Shiva sakthi come to dance on fire come dance with Shiva sakthi you are as fire as fire
as water in fire shall I dance or to walk or play or why this song is very big
now watch how is it? come to dance on fire come to dance with Shiva sakthi come to dance on fire come to dance with Shiva sakthi hey sakthi, ask for autograph
sakthi:later on hey don’t shout, keep quite dancing good sakthi
will you come to madras? I will help you to act in cinema
no thanks I cannot come without him they came, madam
nice crowd hello hello
someone kidnapped you? who is that?
no one kidnapped me come here tell them soon yes sir, madam came with her interest
is that true yeah no problem am leaving sakthi,bye.. bye thanks have you all enjoyed? okay okay enough I lived in forest to find out who is kidnapping cannabis
and give information to police it is been a month no information about him he used to come to see our family
and kids at least once in ten days have you informed to police
yes I informed no one is listening to my complaint,as
they are busy with safeguarding for a heroine slogan where is your friend?did not come? he is sitting there
why? not him, I am asking about simran she thinks that she is the only
hip blonde in this universe you guys to flirting with her she is good in dance,so dancing if you know to
dance then you may do you think I am shameless like
her to dance in front of everyone you are jealousy, because
you don’t know to dance who said I don’t know I am the best performer I
inter-college competition I have many trophies if you don’t believe ,
come to my house and watch yes she has medals and certificates too
hey move somewhere, can’t you see
we are talking.we need privacy hey don’t insult my friend my friend is important
for me, as you too manju, I came here only for
you.don’t mess with me why are you coming to see me I saw you was flirted
badly with that heroine shameless you might have went behind her I may but I don’t want to leave you
don’t over act actually,you don’t
want to leave her promise on you manju lair..
stop beating you are lying to me I have brought movie tickets
I swear on our children yet to be born what did you say?
I swear on our children yet to be born hey sittha nothing no sittha we are just playing we are just playing I am telling you we just played
leave me go go
go man relying whom I was born
go man go my time will win,after that
come man come movie tickets were wasted.take your
friends and go along with them 007 police had come
greetings sir where is he?
who sir sitthan man. at last he murdered a
person and burned him what are you saying sir you talk like,you have seen the murder.
hey don’t be over smart will you send him or I will
beat and take him to station you will beat him? you know well that he will break
you bones if you even touch him why are you challenging
unnecessarily? he is here
come and beat him hey look, this is collector’s order he asked me to inquire me don’t create an issue
send him with me yell that politely
don’t be rude okay
but I want to meet collector hey collector is
not your classmate there is some
procedure to meet him tell him to come tell him that not to beat us
while we are investigating first arrange to meet the collector,then
we will send him for investigation I will arrange
look at me? I will arrange to meet collector sittha come here he is our friend
don’t do anything to him go and sit is he understood?
please conform it man he understood everything sir
we can go now I am madhivadhanan(collector) sakthi vel
I see you are a nice person you even shake hands with me sir? but,this police are
not like you sir if they get a chance,they
will take revenge on us look,police are our friendly neighbors
you should not talk like this okay… I will come to the point sir, his job is to burn corpse he can’t refuse his boss order.
so he burned that person he has wife and children forget the conscine and lying but we are not like him sir we are orphans if someone gives
food and shelter he will help them without
recognizing what is good or bad I usually cry when I was drunk
but I am not drunk now calm down hey sakthi,come her
wait tiger dhayanidhi is calling me say brother,
maha Devan asked you to come why should I come? look…
wait let me tell don’t be a witness against our
boss with the help of the collector don’t even dream it you are going to say that ,they
will leave us alone someday, am I right? I know everything
you may leave now sakthi…
he is ready to pay you go to Maharashtra,it is
famous forehand winding make use of it and
lead your life why should we leave our hometown? I am an advocate
please give some respect to me then do that job why are you doing broker job? look sakthi,nice offer
make use of it he is already scared I even make you phoney
what you say? hey you… greetings sir
did he accepted the money? no sir
I only got scoldings take your money what is he actually
trying to say? he is protecting the sitthan sir I even said that,i will
make him as your phoney but that unlucky fellow,.. insulted me badly leave that he even arranged one of
our worker as eyewitness to save yourself.. don’t fall at the
feet of witness instead,fall at the feet
the one who is against you oh my god how dare you to say this I will slipper you
be careful he abused my mother even you are abusing me
with the same word madam what sort of job is this even my teacher has not hit me I may go to Maharashtra for hand
winding instead of doing this job sir,may I try to
convene sitthan? shut up
he is not a problem where is he now? he went to flirt
with his girlfriend come on hey fair girl your eyes
are mesmerizing me hey fair girl your eyes
are mesmerizing me if I again make a mistake? then god will punish
me with worse death I have faith in god brother what about you? you don’t know how to cry
so,let me cry. which god? me? came to kill someone,
at that time, if the killer change his heart
and tend to ask sorry then he is called “god”
love to live as human not god don’t speak atheism there are many gods believe in who have chosen the path
of love has never ends the length of the love is
the length of the life wait I will take the bicycle and come
okay okay I will leave her and
come , you all go hey get down let them go only five minutes I will be back hey listen to me, I will come soon come uncle,take care of him,bye
come come come come hey he will be back, come singing hey non sense are you blind don’t you know to drive are you okay
hey hey hey who the hell are you sakthi leave sakthi manju leave here
no I will not manju leave this please
I said leave sakthi.. what is your age? why are you irritating me you are messing with me? you bloody stupid do I have the age to enjoy prison
punishment hey what happened?
why are you crying? what happened manju? where is sakthi? what happened to this girl? what happened,open your mouth
and say tell me what happened?
where is sakthi reveal it manju
what happened?say what happened please say bring some water fast drink this water first check out, what happened
to sakthi tell me manju
oh my god open your mouth,
where is sakthi? manju
hey manju sittha, have seen
sakthi anywhere? I am asking you have
you seen sakthI I will bring sakthi , if he saw him he will not go anywhere
without telling us manju too fainted I am very nervous hey blacky sakthi.. sakthi.. oh my god who did this don’t cry
sakthi.. sakthi.. somebody killed him when did you get the information
morning who saw the dead body first
no idea answer without crying who else were close with him answer without crying tell me look sister he is not
even coming closer we made mistaken, as we should have
not allow him(sittha) in our home he is not even crying,
stone-hearted fellow all of you don’t cry, sakthi’s
spirit is went to god hey why are you touching him
sakthi:beat and chase him get lost ingrate fellow
get lost from here go away.. sakthi was very kind with this scrap dog
chase him why did you touch him?
to burn him?get lost I say get lost those who want to see the face have a
last look, I am going to cover the face you have melted and smoked the smoke of you gone up your whole body turned
and left only the ashes at last sakthi, you made me cry here in the world on ego demon hand
who gave him power to destroy others he was fun to watch him burn
let him finish of the bad evil sawing with the minds
of all mankind scheme then regretting, it will
no longer throw off alone try you to understand that I was born
at the place were cremation takes place here in the world on ego demon hand
who gave him power to destroy others hey what are you starring at? hey what are you doing?
oh my god life chasing after the man, but
an went up to chase poverty lack of compassion for sinners who were
chasing along with the chase of enemy slogan slogan mercy heart which converting to stone heart
gita waiting in the spread of fire both the shoulder beats
to see the demolishing of betrayed gang let the bad things demolish and appear
the good man in the world of tomorrow sittha should be
dead within a hour or else you will commit suicide sure will do give my sakthi back what are you doing?
leave him

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