PJ Masks and Vampirina Hunt with the Assistant and Batboy Ryan and spooky Skeleton
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PJ Masks and Vampirina Hunt with the Assistant and Batboy Ryan and spooky Skeleton

September 3, 2019

– [The Assistant] Family fun for everyone! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey, spooky skeleton, what are you gonna do? – I’m hiding PJ Masks! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re gonna
hide those PJ Mask toys? – Yep! – [Mr. Engineer] So you’re gonna hide them so those kid cops can’t find them, right? – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] You
better go hide them, then, ’cause they’re hot on your tail! You better run! – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] He’s gonna go hide them! Hey, it’s the Assistant
and Batboy, Officer Ryan! I heard that skeleton has
hidden the PJ Mask characters! – Yeah!
– We need to go find ’em. – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] You think
you’re up to the task? – Yeah!
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] What do
you people at home think? Do you think Batboy and the Assistant are gonna be able to find them? – Yeah. – I think so, ’cause I’m the Assistant! – [Mr. Engineer] All right, let’s go see where that silly skeleton hid them. Hmm. – Hmm. – [Mr. Engineer] Who do you think– – We need to look in all the corners. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right,
we need to look all around. So let’s see. – Right here! – What’s this? – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, I don’t think they lost a Paw, a Rocky toy. – Hmm. – [Mr. Engineer] I think that’s a clue that there’s something nearby. – Maybe like, maybe
Gecko, because he’s green! – [Mr. Engineer] Maybe
Gecko, let’s look around. – Hmm. – Let’s go in the sand. – Yeah, let’s walk around in the sand. – [Mr. Engineer] Hi, Mr. Dragon! Hi Dragon, you need to pet the dragon. Hey, Batboy, make sure you pet the dragon! Oh, look, the Assistant
climbed up on the dragon! Hey, Assistant! – Hey, Assistant dragon! – Wait, what’s this over
here that looks red? – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t know, what is it? – It’s Owlette! – She was buried in the sand! – [Mr. Engineer] You found Owlette! So you found the first– – PJ Masks member! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! – Can I see it? – Sure. – [Mr. Engineer] So you found Owlette. (toy talks) Super cool, all right, let’s keep going. I’ll hold Owlette for ya,
and we’ve gotta keep looking. – Okay. – Maybe, maybe Gecko’s by something green. – [Mr. Engineer] Maybe. – Maybe we need to look
around these green monster. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay. – No. – [Mr. Engineer] Nothing there? – No.
– Nothing here. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay,
ooh, look, oh, look! It’s the rest of that dragon! – And the tail! – [Mr. Engineer] And the tail. Hey, I think that tail’s
pointing to something! What do you think? – This way. – [Mr. Engineer] This way. – Wait, Owl, you’re Owlette! – [Mr. Engineer] You just
called the Assistant Owlette! That’s pretty silly. – Hey! – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a
minute, wait a minute! Wait a minute! It’s Catboy! He was hiding in that grass! Pretty silly! So we found– (toy talking) Wait a minute, the skeleton’s
running over there! Assistant, come here! I think he’s hiding
more, what do you think? – Right! – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, all
right, let’s go, okay? – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s
keep going, so we saw that silly skeleton over here, right? – Yeah.
– Right. Maybe we need to follow him. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, maybe we need to retrace his path, right? – So, I think he went left. – [Batboy] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] You think
he went over this way? – Mmhmm. (gasps) – [Mr. Engineer] He has to be around here! – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Okay,
let’s keep looking, okay? – Uh-huh. – Hey look, it’s a merry-go-round! – [Mr. Engineer] I think that skeleton really likes merry-go-rounds, too. – Look, I’ll spin it! – [Mr. Engineer] People at home, do you like playing on merry-go-rounds? – Woo! – Then you’re supposed to
make your way to the middle! – Look at this! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! – Whoa! – [Mr. Engineer] Be careful, guys! It’s going really fast! – Woo!
– Whoa! This is fun! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re like the merry-go-round police, right? – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Playground cops. – Woo, this is fun! – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, we don’t have time to play on the merry-go-round! We gotta find PJ Masks! – We need to get back to the mission! – [Mr. Engineer] So far you
found Catboy and Owlette, right? – Right.
– Right. – I’ll stop it for you. – Let’s make it go even faster! – [Mr. Engineer] All right, let’s go! Hmm, they better keep their
eyes out, somebody’s nearby. Hey, go help the Batboy! – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] People at
home, do you see who I saw? All right, let’s see. Wait a minute, there’s
something right here! – It’s Vampirina! – [Mr. Engineer] I was trying to give you guys a clue, it was right there! Hmm, you know what? There was somebody right behind the Assistant and Batboy,
did you see who it was? – No.
– No. Maybe we should go straight. – [Mr. Engineer] You think so? – Let’s go this way. – [Mr. Engineer] Let me just say I saw somebody over that way, let’s go. – Yeah.
– Okay. Hey, look! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
there’s teeter totters. Maybe you should play
on the teeter totter. Or totter teeter. – Not totter teeter, teeter totter! – [Mr. Engineer] Teeter
totter, teeter totter. – Maybe we’ll find someone. – [Both Singing] Teeter totter, teeter totter, teeter
totter, teeter totter. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a
minute, I’ve got an idea. – [Assistant] Horses! – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, horsies. We got a horsie– – I want this black one! – [Mr. Engineer] You want that one? – [Batboy] I got the white one! – [Mr. Engineer] But Assistant! Look who’s underneath your horse! – Romeo! – [Mr. Engineer] I think
that skeleton (mumbles). You found Romeo! Good job. – Romeo, Romeo! – [Mr. Engineer] So we found
Vampirina, Romeo, Catboy– – Ride on, horsie! Giddy up! – I’m gonna name this one Cupcake! – [Mr. Engineer] You already
got a horse named Cupcake. So there they are, racing. Hmm, I wonder if anybody’s nearby? Hmm. Okay, you better ride those horses! People at home, did you see what I saw? – I moved, I moved way closer! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeh,
you’re on a different horse. – Oh no, I need to move closer! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re on your horse. Good job. All right, I think we’ve gotta keep on looking for Gecko, okay? – Okay.
– Okay! – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s go. Do you think that skeleton went up here? – Yeah. – Yeah, I even see footprints. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you do? Let’s keep looking, maybe we can find him. All the way up in the play structure. – Footprints up to here. – [Mr. Engineer] This
is like a giant castle. – Hmm, let’s go down the slide. – [Mr. Engineer] You
wanna go down the slide? Wait a minute, right there! – It’s Gecko!
– [Mr. Engineer] Gecko! You found him, good job! Why don’t you grab Gecko and go on down the slide, and let’s
see what we can find. – Okay! – [Mr. Engineer] Good job. People at home, do you see anything? Hmm, do you see anything at all? Somebody looks like they’re hiding. I guess I gotta go down the slide. – [Batboy] Oh, there was a
Gecko right there! (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s
see what we can find. – Hmm. – [Mr. Engineer] See anything? – Come here, guys. – [Mr. Engineer] What do you see, Batboy? – You gotta be quiet, there’s
a little lizard right there! – [Mr. Engineer] You see a little lizard? – Yeah, it was right there
before, it’s right here. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah,
it’s like a real gecko! Do you see him right there, people? He’s using his gecko camouflage, isn’t he? – [Batboy] Mmhmm. – [Mr. Engineer] Really cool. – [Batboy] Now we gotta find– – [Mr. Engineer] Now we
gotta find that skeleton. – Yeah, let’s go. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a second, he’s gotta be around here someplace. – Wait, you, do you wanna
stick together, or split up? – [Mr. Engineer] Why
don’t we stick together? Let’s go back around this way, okay? We can go through there. Hmm. (kids talking and laughing) There they are! Back through. Good job. All right. – Should I go up the slide
to make sure no one’s in it? – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t know, I don’t think they went up the slide. Wait a minute, I saw something run! – Let’s go over here, Assistant! (gasps) There! – [Mr. Engineer] There he is! Go get him! – Gotta get him! – [Mr. Engineer] He’s
dancing, he’s dancing! Oh, that skeleton, he’s pretty silly! You better hold on, or he’s
gonna take off running! – (screams) I let go! – [Mr. Engineer] Look
at that silly skeleton! You better watch out,
or he’s gonna let go! Oh, you better hurry! He’s trying to get away,
he’s trying to get away! (playful ragtime music) He sure is fast! Whoa, I can’t even keep up! Wait a minute, I think
they’ve got him trapped! (kids yelling) Whoa, did you catch him again? – Yeah, now he can’t out! – [Mr. Engineer] No, skeleton! You know what? I bet the kid police, the
Assistant and the Batboy would share their PJ Mask toys
and Vampirina toys, right? – Right.
– Right. – Yeah, let’s go back and (mumbles). – [Mr. Engineer] No, we’re
all gonna play together! Ready, let’s unmask him! Aah, there he is! Okay everyone, we hope
you enjoyed this video. – Bye! – [Mr. Engineer] And
remember to subscribe! – Bye. – [Mr. Engineer] And do
you think the skeleton should just play with them
instead of taking the toys? – Yeah, let’s go play! – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s
go play, bye everyone! – I saw this great
merry-go-round, back there! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah,
he liked the merry-go-round. – Hey, guys! – Today on the Engineering Family, we’re finding Bingo and
Rolly from Puppy Dog Pals! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right, we gotta find the Puppy Dog Pals! Come on, Assistant, come on, Batboy! Let’s get down and see
if we can find them. – Rolly’s the silly one. – [Mr. Engineer] Rolly’s silly? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And Bingo’s the older brother. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, where
do you think they could be? – Hmm. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s look, okay? – Okay! – [Batboy] Maybe we
should go in the garden. – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t know, let’s look. Oh, look at these big rocks! – Assistant, can you
only walk on the rocks? – Yeah, sure. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s see if they can walk on only rocks, okay? Okay, Assistant, let’s
see what you can do! Oh, good job! – I think I can’t jump
from there to there. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, come on, Batboy! We gotta go find Rolly and Bingo! – Stepping on only the rocks! Wait, I got it. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s
see what we can find. Good job, all right. Huh, you think maybe
they’re over here by these– – [Assistant] Horses? – [Mr. Engineer] Horses, maybe. (chattering) – Yeehaw, ride ’em, cowboy! – [Mr. Engineer]
Assistant, do you see them? – Nope. – No, but I have a lasso! – [Mr. Engineer] You got a lasso, Batboy? – [Assistant] Yeehaw! – [Mr. Engineer] Woo-hoo, go doggie! – It’s so hot! – [Assistant] Hey, look, no hands! – [Mr. Engineer] What, no
hands for the Assistant? (yelling) Yeehaw! But I don’t see Rolly or
Bingo, let’s keep looking. – Maybe we should check on the tractor. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, so, oh yeah, look at that giant tractor! Hey, where’d you guys go? – In here! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, is
this, you went on the inside? – Yes I did. – I am the conductor! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa
the Assistant went down, oh, look, there’s the Batboy,
are you driving the train? Batboy, are you driving it? – Yep! – [Mr. Engineer] Well drive us home, go! (makes motor noise with mouth) Where’s it at, do you see Bingo or Rolly? – No. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm,
we gotta keep looking! All right, Batboy, we’re still looking. Hmm, where did the Assistant go? Oh, Assistant, you came through the wheel! – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, all right. Hmm, have you seen any signs of them yet? Oh look, here’s a giant bumble bee! You guys can ride together! – Woo!
– I’m on front! – [Mr. Engineer] Batboy’s on front first, and then the Assistant goes on the front. (yelling) – You’re gonna be on the front. – [Mr. Engineer] Now they’re switching. Way to take turns, guys! Okay Assistant, you gonna ride that bee? Show ’em! – Woo, yeehaw! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, good job! We still gotta find Rolly and Bingo. – You’re right. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh look, here’s a barn. – Guys, I hit my head on the top! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh no! Hey, wait a minute,
what’s that right there? – It’s Rolly! – [Mr. Engineer] You found Rolly! – Yay! – [Mr. Engineer] All right, look, he was hiding inside the barn! Whoa, hey, let’s see if he can run. All right, so there’s Rolly. Put him down and see if he can run along. I think we gotta push the button on him. (toy talking) Oh, look at Rolly roll! Oh, he’s not rolling,
he’s walking, isn’t he? – [Toy] Let’s roll it on out of here! – [Mr. Engineer] Do you know
where Bingo’s at, Rolly? Hmm, we better look really well. All right Batboy, all right Assistant, we’ve gotta find Bingo now, right? – Yeah! – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s go. Okay Assistant, let’s see if
you can make it across this. – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you did a good job! Pass it back to the Batboy! All right Batboy, here we go! Whoa, you made it, too! Oh, you went back! (yelling) Good job, good job, Batboy. – I wanna go do that! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
there’s the Assistant. Good job, come on, we’ve gotta go finish finding Puppy Dog Pals! Okay, guys, we’ve gotta
find Puppy Dog Pals. – [Both] Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm. – Where is Bingo? – [Mr. Engineer] We
gotta find Bingo, right? – Right. – Hey, look, there’s a rope to get down. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah, there is a rope. But look, right there is a big tunnel too. Why don’t you go through that tunnel? – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] We gotta find Bingo. I don’t know if I can
fit through here, guys! Whoa, I’m stuck! Okay guys, let’s keep looking! We gotta find Bingo. Oh look, here’s a rope. And, Assistant, are you
gonna go down the slide? – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] There
goes the Assistant, look! – See ya at the bottom! – [Mr. Engineer] There goes the Batboy. Oh, maybe I should go too. Here I go, I don’t think
this is a good idea! Batboy! Did you find ’em? – Nope. – [Mr. Engineer] Assistant,
did you find ’em? – No. – Let’s go check in the garden. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay
guys, let’s keep going. Ooh, look at this obstacle right here. – I’m king of the world! – [Mr. Engineer] Good job. (yelling) Good job, Batboy, good job, Assistant. Let’s keep going. We’ve gotta find Bingo! – Yeah, let’s go this way! – [Mr. Engineer] Okay,
we’re in this garden area, let’s see what we can find. – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, let’s see. Do you think Bingo likes vegetables? – Hey. – I think he’s, look. – [Mr. Engineer] That says garlic. – Ooh, garlic. – [Mr. Engineer] But we
haven’t found Bingo yet, we found Rolly, right? – Right. – Look!
– Hey! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you
found Roll, you found Bingo! – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh look! (laughs) Look at Bingo go! Good job, Bingo. (toy talking) Good job, Assistant! Good job, Batboy! You found Rolly and Bingo, right? – Right! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s really cool. Hey, why don’t you let
the Batboy hold Bingo too? So that is Bingo. So you guys found Rolly
and you found Bingo, right? – Right.
– Yep! – [Mr. Engineer] Now, do you think we should do anymore hunts? I heard PJ Mask is
missing again too, right? – Right. – [Mr. Engineer] All
right, well, if you want to watch another video, in 10! – 9!
– [Mr. Engineer] 8! – 7!
– 6! – [Mr. Engineer] 5!
– 4! – [Mr. Engineer] Make sure you subscribe to the Engineering Family! – 3!
– [Mr. Engineer] 2! – [Both] 1! – See our next video, bye! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey Assistant! What’s that right there? – It’s called the inflatable Gigaball! – [Mr. Engineer] Ooh, is that one of those balls you can get inside of? – Yeah, it has a picture right here. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, let’s open it up! I think you gotta inflate it too, right? – Yeah! Wow, this is gonna take
a long time to blow up! – [Mr. Engineer] It sure is, we need some help to help blow this up! – Yeah. – Well, why don’t you use my air pump! – Thanks! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey, that’s a great idea! We can use the air pump to blow it up. – Yeah, let’s get started! – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah! Hey, what good teamwork! You guys are working
together to blow it up! (air pump buzzing) Good job! Whoa, look at it blow up! Batboy, how’s the air pressure? Is it good? All right, good job. – Getting closer! (air hissing) We’re almost done! – [Mr. Engineer] Good job! Oh, I can’t wait to see
you guys inside of it! – Okay, I’m going in! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re gonna go inside? – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Who’s gonna push you? – Me! – [Mr. Engineer] Well, give her a push! (yelling) Whoa, are you gonna be able to push her? – Hi, people at home! – [Mr. Engineer] (stuttering) (Assistant yelling and squealing) Whoa, look at that! Whoa, she’s inside of it. What, are you guys still going? – Hi, people at home! (screaming) – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! – Hi! (yelling) – [Mr. Engineer] That’s pretty silly! The Assistant’s hair, it’s
all sticking out, whoa! (Assistant squealing and giggling) All right, Batboy, it’s your turn! Assistant, you get to
push the Batboy, okay? – Okay! – Assistant, do you want to do it again? – Okay! – [Mr. Engineer] All right, well, I guess the Assistant will go again. – And then maybe Batboy will try. (screaming and laughing) – That is scary! – [Mr. Engineer] Now the
Assistant’s going by herself! Whoa, where are you going? (giggling) Where are you going? Assistant, you need to
watch where you’re going. – Hi! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, wait a minute, were there surprises inside of it? – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Will you
hand them to the Batboy? – I’m right here, I’m the surprise! – [Mr. Engineer] (laughs)
There are other surprises, too. – Really? – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, look, right there. – Look, I’m gonna give Elsa a ride! – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a
minute, Elsa’s inside there? Was she one of the surprises? – Yeah! (grunting) – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, she was already inside, oh, that’s a big Elsa! – Elsa, do you still want a ride? – [Mr. Engineer] I think she does, I think you and the
Batboy are gonna push her. – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] All right, put Elsa back inside of it, and
let’s see where she goes. (laughs) You got her in! Wait a minute for the Batboy! Whoa, look at you guys rolling Elsa! Wait, there were more surprises in! Whoa, Batboy took a tumble. Arlo!
– Arlo! – Arlo and I found a
Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you
found Arlo and Minnie Mouse! Are there anything else inside of it? – Yeah!
– Yeah, hold on! (grunting) – I got something! – [Mr. Engineer] What did you find? – She found Joy! – [Mr. Engineer] Joy, from
Inside, Inside, no, wait. – Inside Out! – [Mr. Engineer] Inside Out, oh. – I’ll look for some more prizes. – I got one! – Here’s Mickey! – [Mr. Engineer] He got a Mickey
Mouse Tsum Tsum, all right! Whoa, look at all that
cool stuff, what else? – And there’s only one
more, and it was Elsa. – [Mr. Engineer] Elsa,
look at, you found a cool– – [Assistant] I’m falling! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh no, she’s inside! Batboy, save her, save her! Or push her, one of the two. – You saved the day! (laughing) – We did it, hooray! – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute,
is that her right there? (yelling) I see an arm, I see an arm. – Okay, Assistant. – Yeah? – Get out! – I’ve got more surprises! – [Mr. Engineer] There
are more surprises in it? Batboy, will you see what she can find? – Yeah. – I got something! – [Mr. Engineer] She
said she got something, what do you think she found? – She found a backpack! – [Mr. Engineer] She found Marshal, from Paw, wait, what’s it called? – Paw Patrol! – [Mr. Engineer] Paw Patrol. Anything else in there? – Yes! – The Assistant said yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] What is it? – It’s– – Oh, he got me, he got me! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, but what
else is inside of the ball? Was there anything else in there? – The Assistant said yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] She found a Blaze! – Wee! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, whoa, look at Blaze! He’s flying through the air, woo! He landed on Elsa, right there. – Yep. – [Mr. Engineer] All right,
what else is in there? – Nothing else! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, nothing else, oh no. Wait a minute, something
came out, what is it? – Peppa Pig, and she actually talks! – [Mr. Engineer] It is Peppa Pig! Pepper Pig, I like to say. (toy talking) – Let me see! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, I hear
Peppa Pig, that’s pretty cool! Hey, what are you guys doing now? – [Both] We’re rolling it back and forth! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re
rolling it back and forth? (yelling and laughing) Whoa no, Assistant down, Assistant down! – And the Batboy went down too, later. – [Mr. Engineer] Where
did the Assistant go? – She’s pushing it, she’s pushing it! The Batboy goes! – [Mr. Engineer] Now I think they’re playing soccer with it. – Kick it! Kick it! Kick it, kick it! – [Mr. Engineer] Where
did the Assistant go? There she is! (giggling) Whoa! Whoa, Batboy got ran over! – Hey, I almost, I put
my foot in the hole! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
we’ve got a lot of cool things, or played a lot of
fun things with this Gigaball. Even fun surprises! Hey, where are those surprises? – They’re right here! – [Mr. Engineer] There they are! Whoa, we found a lot of
cool things in the Gigaball, we got to go inside of it and play, and wait, we found all
these cool surprises too. You guys have a favorite surprise? – Yeah! – Elsa and, um. What, I don’t– – [Mr. Engineer] And Arlo, and Joy. – I like Joy! – I like every single thing! Hello, ha! – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, hey, look! Above the ball it says
what, what does it say? – The Engineering Family, and I hope you liked this video
just like the other ones! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
right, right there, it says subscribe here, so subscribe to the Engineering Family,
and give us a thumbs up! – Thumbs up on videos! – [Mr. Engineer] Thumb’s up, right? – Yeah.
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] For likes,
’cause we like likes. Do we like likes? – Yeah! – Did you notice the Batboy, he looks a lot like the boy from Little Heroes. – [Mr. Engineer] He does, doesn’t he? That’s right, you look a lot like him! – Maybe he is! – [Mr. Engineer] Maybe they should check out Little Heroes, right? – Yeah!
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] I think so too. – Make sure to give them a thumbs up, too! – [Mr. Engineer] Uh-huh. – And subscribe to Little Heroes! – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, and make sure that you follow us on Facebook and– – Twitter! – [Mr. Engineer] Twitter,
Twitter, Twitter! And our secret spelling word is going to be ball, B-A-L-L, right? – I was going to say ball! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s good, you were going to say that too, right, Batboy? – I was gonna say ball too! – [Mr. Engineer] All
right, B-A-L-L spells ball, have a great day everyone, bye! – Have a bally ball day! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, they’re gonna play with the ball, Batboy’s
getting inside now! Bye! – Bye! Have a balling day! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey there, everyone! Thanks for watching our video! Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family to
see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it, I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Oomie Zoomie, Paw Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blaze, Masha? There’s so many videos to watch! Bye! (happy cartoony music)

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