PLACE YOUR BETS! | Japan World Cup #1
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PLACE YOUR BETS! | Japan World Cup #1

August 11, 2019

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  1. So let me get this straight… It's amusing watching him scream like a 5 year old right? This is entertaining? I'm so confused!!??

  2. calls pest control
    Me: uh hi?
    Person: hi what do ya need?
    Me: uhhhmmmmm I have a dying duck on the premises…
    Person: a…a dying duck..?
    Me: yes…I..I..can't explain
    Person: ok I'll send someone
    i blow jacks horn into Le phone and makes the operator scream

  3. One I love horses too and yes I pledge allegiance to the flag of the horses United States blah blah blah I no doesn't go like that but I'm lazy I just want to say I love your videos and I hope they can make another Treecko game and not just the ending cuz I love the game and I want to play it but I can't so please please ask them!!!

  4. I just started the video and Jack said stand dammit and I was sitting.
    Also I'm very sick 1like = 1medicine cup

  5. *sigh*this was back then before jacksepticeye had that amazing beard and mustache in the future vids and that amazing Apple green hair

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