Play Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon Surprise Minions Blind Bags
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Play Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon Surprise Minions Blind Bags

December 2, 2019

[chimes] [chimes fade] Hi Kiddos! Neverland Toys Collector here. Today we are going to opening Rainbow Dash from Play Doh and our surprise treasure box. Here it is. . . Play Doh. . . Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Look how cute she is! And look at all the colors we get of Play Doh. Wow! Look at all the wonderful things we can do with her. All the different possibilities. Let’s open it! Here’s the wings. And here’s Rainbow Dash. This is where we put in the Play Doh to make her hair grow. Look at all the different molds she has. Let’s put her wings on. We also get a pair of scissors. Look at all this Play Doh. Let’s see we’ve got green. . . yellow. . . orange. . . pink. . . purple and blue. Ooh, so fun! Let’s start making our Rainbow Dash all pretty. We are going to try to build our own rainbow. [Music: Ponies and Balloons by The Green Orbs] [music fades] Wow, look at her beautiful rainbow wing. Now, let’s do her tail. Let’s start with pink. . . orange. . . yellow. . . Which color came next? Green? Blue. . . and our last color. . . purple. Oh, how fun! Now we need to put some color in her mane. Doing it rainbow-colored, too. And let’s make her cutie mark. A little cloud and lightning. There we go. Let’s see what some of these other molds look like. Ooh, sweet little heart. And a star. Another little star. And a shooting star. Another heart. A cloud and lightning. Let’s grow her hair now. Let’s start with purple. You put it in the top here. . . and then push. And let’s watch it come out. Ooh. . . that is pretty cool. Let’s try that again. Let’s put some more purple in. Here we go. Let’s change colors. Let’s do blue now. So pretty. Now let’s do some green. Watch it grow. Let’s do some orange. Push it in. All right. Here we go. It’s getting really long. I think we need one more color. Let’s put this pink in. Wow, here hair is so beautiful and long. Let’s twist it up. Now let’s put some cute little decorations in it. Let’s get some from the other side. A little star. Oh, let’s cute it and let’s try it again. I think this is my favorite part – is making her hair. [Music: Ponies and Balloons] [Music fades] What a pretty My Little Pony. Let’s decorate another wing. This time we are going to do each compartment a different color. There’s one – it’s blue. And we will do this one green. . . and the one underneath. Do some yellow. And some pink. A little bit of orange. Purple. A few more little molds. Let’s do this one. This one’s got a little rain cloud. Oh, she looks so adorable. Let’s fill in the rest of the molds. So, we got our star. . . and our shooting star at the bottom. . . and last, but not least, our heart. It’s time to open our treasure box! I wonder what’s inside? I am so excited! Let’s look! Let’s see – oh, it’s a Minion surprise. Ooh, look! There’s two more Minion surprises. I think there’s something more. Aw, look! Another Minion surprise and look it’s Bob! Let’s turn him on and see what he says. [Bob: Woo hoo hoo!] [Bob: Yeahhhh!] Oh, how funny! He’s so cute! [Bob: Woo hoo hoo!] [Bob: Yeahhh!] All right. Let’s open our first Minion surprise. I wonder which one we’ll get? Here we go. Opp! Look – it’s Stuart. Let’s open the next one. Let’s see. . . Oh, it’s a little French guy. His name is Viva La Minion and it comes with a little stand. Let’s put it on. Oh, how cute! Let’s see. Let’s open our third one. Who do you think it is? Let’s see. Ooh, it’s Kevin. He is so adorable. Let’s put the stand on. Ooh and our last one. Who do you think’s inside? Ah, look it’s another Stuart! Opp, and I almost forgot to put the stand on the first Stuart. Let’s put that on right now. There we go. So we got two Stuarts, a Kevin. . . and a Viva la Minion. And, of course, Bob! There you have it. Our My Little Pony Play Doh Rainbow Dash. . . and our surprise box with the Minions in it. Ooh, we have a new treasure box! What do you think’s inside? Click the “i” button in the right corner. . . or click the play button on the box to find out.

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