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Play Pals – Ultimate Chicken Horse

September 1, 2019

Michael singing Gavin begins singing (sort of) as well Gavin and Michael are singing Gavin and Michael are still singing Gavin: Ayyyy Michael: Welcome to Ultimate Chicken Horse! This is Playps [Gavin coughing] Gavin: Ahh my throat Michael: (softly) Yeahh Gavin: Yeah jazz hands Michael: It’s like a good finish Michael: So this is the same composer that- who actually made the music for ‘Poop in my Soup’ Gavin: Yup they hired the Seinfeld guy and uh- Michael: He was the Seinfeld guy [Michael laughing] Gavin: And he’s back with his plinky plunky track Michael: So this is a new game that just came out. I believe it came out on the fourth or it’s beta… somethin’ or other… I don’t know. It’s out though, look it up on Steam, Ultimate Chicken Horse Gavin: Wooo Michael: And it’s kind of like a combination of a bunch o’ games here so you pick a character – I’m gonna pick the horse – Gavin: I guess I’ll be the chicken Michael: You have uh, you have chicken, sheep or [slight laughter] raccoon it looks like Gavin: You can’t be cow… Did you ever watch Cow and Chicken? Michael: Oh yeah Gavin: That was the bomb. Michael: [weird voice] cheekinn Gavin: And the lil devil with the arsehole out Michael: YEAH…uhhhm Gavin: HUH-AH Michael: Alright so where do you wanna go? Rooftops? Or d’you wanna go to Farm? Gavin: [enthusiastically] ROOFTOPS! Michael: Alright rooftops it is Gavin: ‘Cos I wanted to go where you’d find a chicken and a horse Michael: Okay, Mode: Party [Gavin squeaking] Gavin: When do you go? It’s impossible! Michael: Fuck. I was lookin’ too far. [Gavin laughing] Michael: Jesus christ. Gavin: We, uh, well, that was something. Michael: We definitely ratcheted up the difficulty. Gavin: That was, uh, that was some good Playpes. Michael: Alright, but let’s do one more level. Michael: Fuck, dude. Gavin: Uhh.. Can you even.. make it through the… Michael: I dunno, we’ll find out. Let me know.

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  1. A platforming game that involves being a dick to other people and animals? Please get Geoff and Ryan in on this, too!

  2. This is one of the most entertaining games AH has played in a while. Screw Cloudberry and screw Badlands. I want more of this.

  3. Man, this is a game I would absolutely love to play, but I would have never thought something called "Ultimate Chicken Horse" would be something I would find even slightly interesting. If they called it something, anything, that would have let me know what sort of thing it was, I probably would have already gotten it. Dumb name is dumb.

  4. I had this game for 3 minutes, realized I had no friends to play with and sold it back to steam for a refund.

  5. can you guys please play this free Xbox one game called, "Onigiri" it's really fun and the bosses are all crazy so it's really a unique game

  6. The question remains: how long until we get an episode of Play Pals where Gavin and Ryan or Michael play Spermination? It's a bloody Steam game, so it's definitely on the board for something they can do.

  7. i cant wait to see a letsplay together with Gavin, Michael, either Jeremy, Ryan, Jack or Geoff as the 3rd/4th player

  8. I just keep coming back to this for the part when Gavin says "the combine harvester" in a thick southern accent at 6:30

  9. I haven't watched this guys for ages (since their minecraft series) and God have I missed Michael's voice

  10. I saw Schooled before this, and it was a little hard watching at first, but it was also fun seeing them learn how to play

  11. the fucking soundtrack of this game has the discord notification sound in it so i kept checking discord every 4 seconds

  12. Like quite literally dont even bother leaving comments asking for it to be a lets play when
    A)there is already multiple lets plays on this game
    B)95% of the comments are the same thing. Leave a comment with actual substance so that in dont want to end my life reading the same exact comment a hundred times in succession

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