Playmobil Country Pony Farm Animals Building Set Toy Build Review
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Playmobil Country Pony Farm Animals Building Set Toy Build Review

December 14, 2019

Hi Guys! Racetoytime here Today I’m going to show you another Playmobil play set And this is the country pony farm This comes with figures, animals, and fun accessories Okay now let’s open up this box And let’s build this fun pony farm play set Now that the barn is almost done Let’s check out the accessories and figures Okay, these are the figures A lady, a boy, and a girl And now let’s go to the animal figures. These are the ponies This is the head gear for the pony Here are the other animals. We have a bluebird, cats, a kitten A black bird, a gray bird, and two rats Okay, now let’s set up the pony farm This box is for the grooming tools This is a sack of feeds for the ponies a bucket, A dust pan, And little broom And here’s a wheel barrow And I think this is a manure, correct me if I’m wrong Let me know in the comments what this brown thing is This is a crate, and then we’ll put some vegetables and some fruits in here for the ponies That’s a carrot, radish, Another radish, apple, And another apple And here we’re going to make a drinking pond And now let’s check out the inside of the barn Let’s place the ponies in there And here’s the second level of the barn And we can store the feeds and fruits and vegetables for the ponies here Okay, well I hope you guys enjoyed this Playmobil pony farm play set Don’t forget to subscribe And stay tuned for more fun videos here at Racetoytime Thank you for watching! Bye, bye!

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