Playmobil Horse Transport Playset – Build and Play For Kids
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Playmobil Horse Transport Playset – Build and Play For Kids

August 29, 2019

welcome to Race Toy Time! hey guys RaceToyTime here today I’m excited to show you this very cool
Playmobil Porsche with horse transport playset first I’m going to build the
Porsche Macan GTS car here we need some batteries for the lights then let’s
install this to the car press this button and the lights come on then we’re going to set up the wheels let’s cover the battery area
here’s the hitch for a horse trailer we have stickers the tires that also comes with two TVs carseat for little kids then let’s put the side viewer mirrors here’s the roof so here’s the Porsche Macan GTS
it’s really cool the expert Now, let’s set up the horse trailer now I’m going to show you the horse and
the pony that came with the playset it also comes a dog these are the people
a green blanket cavaletti grooming kit riding crops a grooming box luggage a cup an extra hat and a trophy
now let’s play with the play set okay all guys have enjoyed this video
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