Plush Horse Ride! ASTRA Toy Show
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Plush Horse Ride! ASTRA Toy Show

October 19, 2019

Just lift it up whoa well keep your arms in there you go Hi, we’re at the ASTRA marketplace &
Academy it’s more than just a toy show so come on let’s go so looks like a lot of toys huh but not
just any Toy Fair apparently huh we’ll see so new for Folkmanis Mickey Jack
Skellington oh they have Zero look Jillian you make him talk that’s huge what is
this see inside a piano hey we know this guy
look at all the dragons yeah baby dinosaur hatches look at the
camera sloths everywhere look at the chicken
Addie narwhal there’s a chicken is he talking what you saying Addie
those arms are moving are they real Addie they’re real and hit the buttons on the back to
insert the code so I’m gonna tell this is Ranger I’m gonna tell Ranger to go
forward twice and back twice get that button the middle and off he goes big
codes are it’s our storybook coding or something by squeezing a little mechanism in there his eyes will light up snap downs so it’s
kind of like paper doll play but it’s all made out of material and instead of
having like the paper accessories and dresses and stuff we saw these with just that they have
they’ll actually stay on for quite a while I mean even with showering ones
these are like the rubber bands and just stretch and you can link them together
some of these are out letters on them tell me what you made
oh yeah if you’ve hurt your phone and Jillian’s wrapping her heart Pocos very
nice so what you do is there’s numbers sequential two different specific colors
so then you take the yarn when we have the pen that you use starry night so we’ve got our little robber here and
our police car and the robber is going to get away we want to see if the police
car can catch the robber is he gonna catch him even push there we go oh there’s bells and our action sets have all these
different mechanisms which one wins yeah crank it up there you go that’s pretty cool he’s color it memorizes it so every
night I can use that of course Addie Jelly Bellies whoa what do we have here lots of candy Oh Addie look the tarantula butter
popcorn look at he this one is all bad it’s all bad bean flavors are you I know
you put one on the map what did you put it on I don’t know where you visited I’m coming it’s really cool it’s a feeling
is it cold you literally just rested in yummy these cupcake ones right okay I need the frogs moving they’re
alive Addie yeah except when I put the camera on
them they stop moving you know she goes she may never come back huh there she goes pretty cool if you eat your nutritionist nibbles
every day but there’s a lot of fruity flavors so I hope you eat those
nutritious nibbles and wash your hands with soap and water got it now you Addie
sweep in there get out of your way Just eat them right up

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