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October 27, 2019

The Cuban Bulldog is an extinct dog breed,
Mastiff type originally from Cuba. The dog was the descendant of the war dogs
Spaniards who later crossed with mastiffs English and other races of the time. The breed is considered extinct since the end
of the nineteenth century, but there have been reports that affirm that, although there are no Cuban Dogo left
cigars, the dogs used in the pits of clashes in Cuba are descendants
of miscegenation between Pit Bulls, fighting dogs from Córdoba, Dogo Argentinos and the few Dogo
Pure Cubans left at the beginning of the twentieth century. The modern descendant of this rare breed
of dog is much bigger and stronger than the original and resembles the American Pit
Bull Terrier Features.
The Cuban Bulldog was generally similar to others mastiffs, although it was still quite different.
Most sources claim that the breed was of intermediate height between the Bulldog
Old English and English Mastiff, what means that the race would have been between
20 and 22 inches tall at the shoulder. Be he said the race was incredibly heavy
for your height, and most sources claim that it was the heaviest of all
dogs. The breed apparently weighed an average of
300 pounds or more. If so, this dog it was probably the most massive race in the
history. This weight was largely achieved through large volume and thickness, although
the race was also extremely muscular and powerful Most drawings show
a dog that had thick legs and straight of a mastiff and a long back and
straight. The tail of this breed was apparently quite
variable. Some were very long and sharp, while others were quite short with
a sharp curve. The Bulldog’s coat Cuban was quite short, as appropriate
to a dog native to Cuba. The race is said that comes in a variety of colors, but
the most common is probably a brown rusty. The snout had a slight upward curve
and it ended in a big nose. The snout was very wide, which gave the dog a bite
powerful. The dog had very large teeth, but it’s not clear if he had the lower bite
of a typical moloso or level bite of a hound. Temperament.
Brave and very aggressive. The Cuban Bulldog was willing to face any enemy
fearless, and some seemed to face challenges With great pleasure. The dog was famous for his
intense loyalty and protective instinct towards his teacher. It was said that the race was willing
to follow his master anywhere, and deliver life without hesitation if necessary. However, the breed was extremely aggressive
With those I didn’t know. The dog was willing to attack fiercely if necessary,
but most were trained to submit with the least possible violence to avoid
seriously hurt valuable slaves. The Bulldog Cuban was known for being highly energetic
and eager to fight bulls and others Dogs until death if necessary.

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