Pokemon Rusty: How To Breed the Perfect Pokemon
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Pokemon Rusty: How To Breed the Perfect Pokemon

October 24, 2019

(panting sounds) I’m back! Did he gain a level yet? No. You dropped your Bidoof off thirty seconds ago. Also, it was on fire. Yeah. So? That horse is on fire. (sighs) That’s different… for reasons I cannot explain. -Good morrow, Gladys! -Oh, hey, I remember you! You’re that boring EV Trainer that learned a lesson. -Uh, I’m just here to pick up my Pokémon, and.. oh! Huh, would you look at that! They’re holding an egg. -Right again, Julian. Here you go. -Oh…Yes! After a year of breeding, I finally created, another… perfect… Pokémon. Hold on! You can MAKE Pokémon?! HOOOOOW…..? Oh, yeah, it’s easy! If you’re not a total Chari-tard! You just take two Pokémon in compatible Egg groups and… No, no, no, no! How do you make a BABY? You know, the uh… (whispering) …Delibirds and the Combees. Ugh! Le sigh. 5 Minutes Later (crying) If I teach you how to breed Pokémon, will you stop crying? I want to make a new Pikachu! Great! Pikachu is an electric mouse, which means, *heh*, he’s obviously in the Field Egg group. Now. ‘Pikachu’ is my Beedrill. He died in a car fire. Wait, so you don’t have a Beedrill either? Nope. So, what DO you have? Bidoofs! Then we shall craft the perfect Bidoof! As you can see, I’ve matched my Dittos with your Bidoofs according to IVs. You should have a shiny Bidoof with an Adamant nature in just 2,731.. (chuckles)… attempts. -And I forgot why we’re doing this. -Oh! Great Xerneas’ antlers! My Cleffa has begun to hatch. I shall named her ‘Cleffaye Valentine’, after the woman of my dreams. -Clefayyyyye -Wow, you sure are excited about that buff baby. (crash) Nooo-o! All those steps! -Look, I told you! This guy makes the best buff Fairies! -Noooo! I don’t want to go back to Team Rocket. -Yeah, we don’t want ya either. You know, ever since the new boss took over, membership’s at an all-time high. -Quit presenting exposition, Dennis! Grab that sexy baby! -No, please! I was going to marry her…! …When she came of age, of course. -Wow, you really deserve all of this. Bidoof.

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  1. Bidoof has reached his perfect form. Can the z fighters oh no wait they're dead…

    Can the goats z fighters no wait they're dead too. Um the justices league no they're also dead aveng… No they're dead too um f*ck

  2. Is it wrong t say i feel sorry for rusty? He had to get the sex talk from a random ev trainer he met only once before.

  3. This EV trainer actually made me be interested in EV training. But I still don't understand anything besides natures.

  4. At the time who knew this creation would end up becoming a major plot device at the end of the series? Lol good old peanut butter

  5. Imagine how badass a "perfect" tyrogue would be, and then if and when it evolved into a hitmonlee or hitmonchan!

  6. I wana make a picachu
    Ok it is in the field egg group
    No my picachu was a beedrill. He died in a car fire.
    You dont have a beedrill either? Then what do you have?
    Ok, we shall make the perfect bidoof.

  7. How did he breed an underwear………….I mean none of those bidoof wore underwear….And aren't the dittoes supposed to transform into indoor to u know …………….

  8. This happens when:

    The EV trainer, creator of op shiny pokemons like buffed Cleafe and Valentine Cleafe and;
    Rusty, the creator of the most sociopathic and evil pokemons, like pikachu 2 that died before completely develop to its máximum evilness and Pikachu 1 (the embodiment of rage and evil) that became the boss of world most evil crime organization.

    With the power of pain and wrath from Rusty’s Bidoofs and EV trainer’s knowledge and hyper buffed Dittos, the Perfect Bidoof was born.

  9. 00:32 for some reason, this made me laugh a lot. Rusty has already made enough damage, but now that he has the power to make Pokémon, it just seemed really humorous to me.

    The way he says "make" in "You can MAKE Pokémon?" was just hilarious

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