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Pokémon VS Digimon | DEATH BATTLE!

August 11, 2019

This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by Lenovo Game State. Before you keep watching, head to LenovoGameState.com and leave a comment to build a video game the way you want it. Wiz- “Just click the link in the description below to get started,- and be sure to use the hashtag #GameState on social media to spread the word”. Boomstick -“Since the darkest depths of the human psyche first created monsters, we’ve dreamed of harnessing their awesome power. Like Red and his Pokémon Charizard.” Wiz- “and Tai and his Digimon Agumon”. Boomstick- “He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.” Wiz-“And it’s our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!” B- “If you’re an old man whose wasted his life doing God knows what, you may realise that you’ve always wanted to catalogue every animal in the world. But, that’d be alot of work, so you’d probably just bribe a kid to do it for you.” W-“So began the story of Red, an 11 year old boy from Pallet Town. Red’s mission was to challenge the Gym leaders of the Kanto region, defeat the elite four to become champion, and of course capture ALL 150 currently known Pokemon. To do this, he needed a partner. A companion. A friend. A Pokemon! B- “For obvious reasons, he chose the AWESOME fire dragon! Red- “It wasn’t really a tough decision. The thing is, my dad gave me the name ‘Red’, hoping that when I grew up, it would help me have the passion and energy of a red, hot fire.” B- “While exploring the world, Red and his Charmander began to grow and learn. Eventually, the little red lizard evolved into the 5′ 7″ , 200 pound, mighty Charizard!” W- “Red’s Charizard is his go-to Pokemon in battle. And he’s taught him a variety of powerful moves. His ‘Flamethrower’ is hot enough to melt boulders, making it over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit!” B- “He can throw enemies around with ‘Seismic Toss’. Beat the shit out of them with ‘Mega Punch’ and ‘Mega Kick’. Trap foes in a vortex of flame with ‘Fire Spin’. Never miss stars with ‘Swift’. And bring the heat even higher with the ULTRA powerful ‘Fireblast’.” W- “Being a trained Pokemon, there a dozens of other moves that Red may have taught Charizard. Including ‘Blast Burn’, the most powerful fire attack.” B- “Over the course of their adventure beating up lesser animals, Red and Charizard became more than just trainer and Pokemon. They became friends! And in the Pokemon world, a strong bond between trainer and monster can make CRAZY things happen.” W- “In Red’s case, he unlocked the power of ‘Mega Evolution’. B- “Mega Charizard X gets a major boost in attack, defense and special attack, making him a far deadlier Pokemon than before.” W- “To add even more power, Mega Charizard X gains the ‘Tough Claws’ ability, increasing the power of contact moves by 33%.” B- “But fighting with a Charizard has its own share of problems. Being a fire and flying type, a Charizard is weak to rock, electric and water type attacks. And, if the flame on the tip of Charizard’s tail goes out, he dies.” Man, that seems like the WORST thing ever! Could you imagine living in constant fear that, oh I don’t know, you’d get caught in the rain AND DIE!?” W- “Fortunately, a Charizard’s tail flame burns so hot, not even water can douse it so easily. However, Charizard’s battle strategy relies ENTIRELY on Red’s decision and direction. Without his trainer, he would be as random and unfocused as a wild animal. B- “Luckily, strategy is Red’s speciality.” W- “Red is famous for not just his unbreakable faith in his Pokemon, But also his brilliant and sometimes unorthodox strategies in battle. While still only 11 years old, Red defeated Kanto’s 8 gym leaders, took down the criminal organisation Team Rocket, and became the regional champion, all in LESS THAN A YEAR!” B- “He’s good, but he’s also got one hell of a Pokemon on his side. Charizards are proud warriors. They dislike fighting weaker opponents, and really enjoy a challenge. Many well trained Charizards have won tough battles against all odds. Ash Ketchum’s Charizard defeated an Articuno! And both his and Red’s claimed victory in one-on-one duels with Blastoises. Blasti? You know. The big water turtle that’s hard to beat.” W- “Which on paper should have an enormous advantage. But that’s not the limit to the flame Pokemon’s feats. Mega Charizard X has gone toe-to-toe with legendary pokemon capable of altering the planet! And Red’s had even defeated Mewtwo! The most powerful psychic Pokemon known to man!” B- “After becoming the Kanto champion, and catching over 150 Pokemon, Red and Charizard wondered the world. Always training. Always fighting. Till eventually they stopped at Mt. Silver in Johto, distancing themselves from the rest of the world for no real reason. Red and Charizard stood atop its peak, waiting for the day a new champion would rise to challenge them.” B- “One fateful summer day in 1995, Tai Kamiya (or Yagami Taichi in Japan) went to camp with his friends. It promised to be a summer of fun and youthful adventures. Then a rainbow hole opened in the sky, shot Tamagotchi’s at everybody, and sucked them into cyberspace.” W- “Well, yeah, basically. When Tai woke up, he discovered he’d been transported to the digital world. Where he met a bouncing pink blob that could talk.” Koromon- “You don’t need to be afraid of me! I’m your friend, I’m your friend, I’m your friend!” B- “Man, that show was weird!” W- “That’s Koromon, a Digimon specifically created to be Tai’s partner and friend. And to protect Tai from harm, Koromon learned how to ‘Digivolve’, becoming the fire lizard Agumon.” B- “That’s more like it! Agumon is a rookie level Digimon, with deadly claws and a fire attack called ‘Pepper Breath’.” W- “Together with the other Digi-destined, Tai and Agumon traverse the digital world. Bringing balance to the chaos and destruction caused by several diabolical monsters.” B- “Including an Elvis Presley impersonator who was also a monkey.” Etemon- “Now let’s get something straight sonny boy, I’m the monarch of rock ‘n’ roll, your job’s to make me happy!” B- “Man, how high were they when the wrote this thing?” W- “As their opponents became more and more powerful, so did the friendship between Tai and Agumon. As their bond grew, so did their power. And Agumon soon learned how to Digivolve even further.” B- “First up is his Champion form, Greymon. Unlike Agumon, who can still pull off the cute and cuddly mascot thing, Greymon is two terrifying stories tall and way more powerful. Good luck snuggling up with that.” W- “Greymon is so strong, He is more than capable of trumping other Champion level opponents in combat. Especially with his trademark attack ‘Nova Blast’.” B- “Next up is my favourite: MetalGreymon. This form’s got a robot arm and shoots missiles!” W- “MetalGreymon also wears layers of Chrome Digizoid armour, the hardest metal in the digital world. Since the digital world is based on the real world, all real life metals can exist in it as well, making chrome digizoid tougher than the likes of tungsten, steel and titanium.” B- “And finally there’s Agumon’s Mega level: WarGreymon. Though he’s a lot shorter than MetalGreymon for some reason. But it’s a small package with a lot of punch.” W- “Quite literally in fact. WarGreymon wears two clawed gauntlets called the ‘Dramon Destroyers’, weapons which are extremely deadly against dragonic foes. To add to his defense, he carries the Brave Sheild on his back, which is capable of blocking attacks from other mega level Digimon.” B- “We’ve come a LONG way from the annoying pink blob. WarGreymon’s ultimate attack is the ‘Terra Force’, Where he puts all of the energy from the atmosphere into a big ball of total annihilation. God damn! That is some Dragon Ball Z shit right there!” W- “But don’t overestimate a Digimon’s power. The Agumon is weak to Earth Elemntal attacks. And too much damage may exhaust him and force him back to a prior form. Also, while Agumon and his ascending forms can fight and think alone, his power comes directly from Tai. Without their connection, Digi-evolution would be impossible.” B- “Yeah, but Tai started off as kinda a selfish dick. He even tried to trick Greymon into Digi-evolving further, which ended in the skeletal monstrosity rampage. W- “Well, he never wanted to come off that way, but sometimes Tai was just too courageous for his own good. And for those around him. Even as a child, his courage was unprecedented, promoting his strong relationship with Digimon in the first place.” Kari- “Oh no! Tai, he’s hurt! Tai- “Kari, there’s nothing you can do! Greymon, wake up! He’s coming! *Kari blows whistle weakly* *Tai blows whistle loudly* W- “Overtime, he learned the humility and responsibility necessary to lead the Digi-destined against Apocalymon, (Basically the physical embodiment of a recycle bin) And save both the digital and real worlds from being deleted forever.” B- “And with the universe saved, they donned suits to become UN diplomats to the digital world. Drugs man.” *Greymon roars* Tai- “Go for it!” Greymon- “Nova Flame!” W- “Alright, the combatants are set! Let’s end this debate once and for all!” B- “But first! We’ve got a mission for ya!” B- “HEY! Do you want to make a video game? Well then, we have a mission for you.” W- “Lenovo hooked up a few former Triple A developers with the Lenovo Y Series computers. They’re making a 3D, sci-fi, tower defence game based on YOUR suggestions and feedback.” B- “Your mission is to click the link in the discription to go to LenovoGameState.com and leave comments on the tile ‘Mission To Defend your Territory’.” W- “Leave your comments, questions and suggestions to influence the direction of the game.” B- “Once you’re done, be sure to spread the word on social media using #GameState Let’s build a game together. With dragons! Or whatever you want.” But right now, it’s time for our DEATH BATTLE!” Agumon- “*exhales*, There’s nothing better than a campfire, and a golden, delicious marshmallow.” Red- “Who’s that Pokemon?” Agumon- “Owww! You killed my marshmallow!” Red- “Woah! You can talk? You must be really rare! Tai- “Hey Agumon. I got some- Red-“I choose you! Charizard!” Tai- “Uh, OK…” Tai- “OK buddy! Go for it!” “Pepper Breath!” Tai- “Agumon! OK buddy. Let’s kick this up a notch!” Greymon- “Let’s try- Red- “Mega Punch!” Greymon- “Great Horns Attack!” Tai- “That’s it!” Red- “Flame Thrower!” Greymon- “Nova Flame!” Tai- “Got him on the run! Turn up the heat!” Red- “Fire Blast!” “Keep it up!” “Aim above his head!” “Rock Smash!” Tai- “Greymon! He’s coming! Greymon- “Tail Whip!” Red- “Get up Charizard!” Greymon- “Nova Blast!” Red- “NO!” Tai- “Oh. I guess that’s that.” Red- “It’s not over yet. I believe in Charizard!” *Mega Charizard X roars* Tai- “Woah! He digivolved!” Red- “No, this is Mega Evolution! Let’s go Mega Charizard! Dragon Claw!” “Flare Blitz!” Agumon- “Tai!” Tai- “Agumon, No!” Red- “What! It evolved again!?” Tai- “Yeah! Now you’ll see what a REAL Mega Form can do!” Red- “Charizard, take him out! Quick!” WarGreymon- “Great Tornado!” Red- “Fire Blast!” WarGreymon- “Brave Shield!” Red- “Dragon Claw!” Red- “Use Swift!” Red- “That’s it! Set him up!” “Perfect! Charizard, Blast Burn!” “Wohoo! Yes! We did it!” Tai- “Stop hurting my friend!” Red- “What? OW!” “What are you doing!? WE’RE not supposed to fight!” Tai- “Call off your dragon!” WarGreymon- “MY TURN!” WarGreymon- “Let’s see you fly without these!” WarGreymon- “Tai! Look out!” Red- “Oh geez.” Red- “Charizard, you OK?” WarGreymon- “Terra FORCE!” Tai- “Phew. That was rough.” Boomstick- “Ow… My childhood…” Wiz- “Charizard may have started off with a mobility and versitility advantage, but the difference in power between the two only grew as the battle went on. First, when comparing the trainers, Red’s bond with Charizard was strong enough to Mega Evolve. BUT like most Pokemon, their relationship was still one of master and… well…” B- “Slave! C’mon, you know it’s true.” I know there’s the bond of friendship and whatever. But when Red’s through with Charizard, it’s back to the tiny, spherical prison.” W- “Tai and Agumon on the other hand, are best friends on equal footing. And Agumon’s fighting power comes directly from Tai.” B- “Yeah, these kids were called the Digi-destined for a reason. And together they had enough power to stop an attack which could’ve wiped out both the digital and real worlds. And this is the power Agumon’s using to Digivolve.” W- “Charizard’s flame could melt boulders, but that’s hardly comparable to chrome digizoid armour.” B- “Hell. MetalGreymon alone is officially documented as possessing the power of a nuclear warhead. AND WarGreymon had weapons SPECIFICALLY designed to kill dragons.” W- “Honestly, it all comes to a HUGE difference between Pokemon and Digimon itself. The escalation of evolution. Pokemon evolution improves monsters in increments. Whereas the gap between Digimon forms is often massive and quite frankly absurd.” B- “In the end, Red and Charizard couldn’t even hope for as much as a tie.” W- “The winner is the Digimon!” Chad- “Thanks so much for watching guys. I’m Chad, I play Boomstick.” Torrian- “I’m Torrian, 3D animator. Ben- “I’m Ben. I play Wiz.” Chad- “You’re so nonchalant about it, ‘yeah I animate 3D’.” Ben- “[imitating Torrian] Yeah I just animated some cool stuff.” “[imitating Torrian] I just killed Charizard.” Chad- “You’re the worst. It’s his fault! Blame him, blame him. Thank you guys so much for all of your support throughout the season. It’s been crazy.” Ben- “Thanks for watching this AWESOME Season 2 finale! We’re gonna be out for just a couple of months, we’ll be coming back with a Season 3 in March. For the mean time, we want this guy to get some sleep! He works WAY too hard.” Chad- “We’re gonna use that time to get ahead, and we’ve got alot of great stuff planned for Season 3. If you want to keep up with us during the break, you can follow us on our own social media as well as @ScrewAttack on Twitter or OfficialSA on Facebook, and we’ll let you know the exact date Death Battle comes back. Ben- “Speaking of social media, we’ve also got our voice actors social media in the description below. And one of them, NateWantsToBattle, your may have heard of him on YouTube, he did some of the battle music. Did battle music for a death battle, it’s great, its perfect- Torrian- “He did battle music for Death Battle Pokemon Battle.” Chad- “Nailed it. We’ll see you guys later. Thanks.” Ben- “Looking forward to sharing an epic Season 3 with you guys. Torrian- “Battles Inception!” Thanks again to Lenovo for helping to make this episode of Death Battle possible. Make sure to head to LenovoGameState.com and leave your feedback on the tile ‘Mission To Defend your Territory” Then spread the word on social media using #GameState

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  1. I kind of wanted a little sparkle of Omegamon in this somehow. Like maybe a 1 hit kill just for show off.

  2. Pokemon are weak when compare to digimon. Maybe a pokemon can take on a rookie digimon. But if it evolves into champions or mega. It's all over for the pokemon.

  3. I hear there is a magical place called Discord where all Pokemon are 1a. Someone should remind Lord Fury that if the scans actually exist that show a mountain-buster (Charizard X) as 1a, they can just as easily be shown here.

  4. Random as a fan of both Pokemon & Digimon from the very beginning.. I've always felt like Digimon was never promoted or pushed as much as Pokemon. Pokemon was such a huge worldwide phenomenon & it just completely dominated in everything. Especially with the anime & video games. I feel like Digimon was just as cool but never got as much push in anything they ever put out. I know they are similar but they are completely different franchises & both are equally unique…

  5. Evolving is like going Supersaiyan to supersaiyan 2. Digivolving is like going Kaioken to Super Saiyan Blue.

  6. After rewatching Origins, getting beaten up is something that is completely out of Red's character to do, especially from someone 2 years younger than he is. And Origins Red is probably the least physical out of all portrayed. Hell, Manga Red can tank Pokemon moves.

  7. Dudes, I've been thinking maybe we should permanently stop responding to Devil Kazuya's comments since all she can say is https://youtu.be/8bkILH3liro
    Edit: Nevermind, trolling her back is more entertaining

  8. Dude if tie or whoever the hell he is if he didn't beat up red charizard would have dogged the dragon kill thing and he would have won

  9. U mean to tell me I’m taller than charzar💀 ok

    N why is everyone so damn tiny? This boy is 17 and is 4 ft😐 I hate anime like this 😂

  10. And all red had to do was to use mewtwo before charizard died and then had mewtwo kill the digi kid or whatever he's called and then the digimon would lose most if not all of it's power

  11. This is the stupidest video👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😴

  12. By the way.
    Charizard doesn't need real weapon.
    Without weapons wargreymon have.
    Wargreymon is still a good animal .
    And acting a real animal.
    Charizard could won tha match

  13. He has no chance!
    Btw… No Butterfly? No BRAVEHEART?! That has to be the reason they don't like Digimon that much in North America…
    Show me your brave heart ♪

  14. This wasn't fair outright. Despite Charizard's ass-pull of being able to have 8 moves, keep in mind wargreymon, already being a literal dragon slayer, still has wargreymon X. So yeah charizard was f*cked from the start.

    Edit: Yes I know X antibody is a special (possibly non-canonical) scenario, but this is death battle.

  15. This is based off Reds team in sun,moon,ultra sun,ultra moon, which seems like the logical team he may have on him
    Remember Agumons line is only truly hurt by earth based attacks so to put in the comparison ground or rock
    Red’s team
    Pikachu-Volt Tackle, quick attack, light screen, Nuzzle. Static as his ability, light ball equipped
    Venasaur-Bulldoze, leech seed, leaf storm, sludge bomb, Overgrowth ability, no item but to give him a edge miracle seed
    Charizard(as seen)
    Blastoise-Hydro pump, Flashcannon, Dark pulse,ice beam, Torrent ability, and to give it a boost let’s say the water thing for Pokemon
    Lapras-Surf,Blizzard, Ice shard, Psychic, water absorb ability, if he could a ice type booster
    Snorlax-Crunch, Heavy slam, High Hoursepower, Body Slam, Thick fat, and to give him an edge ground type boost.

    Red in his time would follow the switch out Pokemon variant but he’s got a problem. Only two moves are even ground based ie earth. And that’s to say we are speaking g in a digital world environment or a Normal world one. In the end Agumon’s line has too many ways to keep the battle interesting and as said his strength grows with tai. The only way I could see red winning is with a cheat like XD did with its main boss. Have charizard who I’m guessing would stay due to that “bond” and have additional Pokemon. Unfortunately I don’t think he would and that’s final. Agumon is truly the best

  16. Join the Digimon team we have X Antibody
    (I enjoy both Pokemon and Digimon, but lets face reality Digimon are more powerful)

  17. Pokétards are NPCs. It’s not in their programming to breakout. They have no free will , and are locked to replaying the same Pokémon game until they keel over.

  18. It should be charmander vs agumon (its more balance) but make charmander could evolve and devolve quickly like the device that agumon has

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