Polar Bear, the Strongest Mammal in the Frozen Land
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Polar Bear, the Strongest Mammal in the Frozen Land

October 19, 2019

Polar bears the strongest mammal in the frozen land The white coat of a polar bear makes them look cute. However, the aggression of them towards humans is only recent Although there was not much information about the cause Experts are sure that the main cause of this aggression is climate change This is causing polar bears to move and a result encounter more humans The polar bear should live in the Arctic sea ice but climate change is making them spend more time on land Polar bears are quite personal and you may think they are not dangerous at a glance However, if you get too close to them, they will think of you as an enemy The habitat of polar bears is across the Arctic region, but they also live in Russia Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska However in recent years the number of polar bears are decreasing Only a few of them could survive with climate change in addition many factors from humans and industries make them lose their habitat the waste water changes the Characteristics and is making them lose their peacefulness Polar bears could stay from starving, but it makes them more aggressive The dangerous side of this animal is shown now after increasing pollution in the Arctic region Chemicals and other wastes into their body and cause them to change their habits When polar bears attack humans, it means they are very hungry We need to be extra careful especially when the animal enters our community if The melting ice in the Arctic region increases it is not impossible for them to live with us We cannot assume if they could be friendly friends because they are easily getting sensitive Keep being careful around these animals, especially when you enter their habitat or get too close to them We need to sustain their continued existence and encourage their growth Please don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel. And if you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment We read them all and share. The loves is free

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