Police Horses 💕🐴 | TOGETHER by Star Stable | Episode 3
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Police Horses 💕🐴 | TOGETHER by Star Stable | Episode 3

August 25, 2019

– We talked about police horses and how they
have such a cool and special bond with the policemen and women that are riding them. They are put in strange and dangerous situations
– aren’t they kinda like the war horse of today? – I’m still wondering as of why they use horses
in the first place. Why don’t they don’t just use a segway? – Let’s visit the riding police! – Hi Kajsa! How are you? – I’m fine thank you, how are you? – I’m very good, I’m so excited. Thank you for having us here at your amazing
stable. So tell me a bit about you, who are you? – I am 25 years old. I work here as a police officer, to ride horses
everyday. – What drove you into this career? – I have always loved horses, I’ve ridden since
I was very small. My parents work as police officers, both of
them. So it was always in the back of my mind
that it would be fun and exciting to to work as a police. This is my horse Laphroig. – So you guys work as a team. This is your colleague. – Yes. – How long have you been working together?
– About a year and a half. – And you know each other very well.
– Yes. – So for the people that don’t know that much
about police horses, what’s their task in society? – We escort the changing of the guards up
to the castle where they protect the royal family. We also work at demonstrations and at football
games. People have a lot of respect for horses. – This is my normal police riding outfit,
but sometimes I have to wear another outfit. Would you like to try it on?
– Yes, that will be awesome! – This is my safety vest. It’s bullet proof here, and in the back it
protects you from stab wounds. And you have this. – Oh is that like that?
– Yeah. – It looks like fake muscles. – It’s protecting you if you get stones or other
stuff thrown at you. – Sitting on a horse, on a demonstration or
outside a soccer game, how does the horse make you feel? – Laphroig makes me feel very safe. Because I know him so well, but sometimes
I might borrow another colleagues horse that you don’t know that well. You’re not
really nevous but then you think twice about what you do and why, because the other horse can
react differently than what Laphroig would do. – Do you ever worry about the horse? That the horse would get hurt? – No. We train, very much. So in the real life you don’t think so much about it. – Is is hard to get a horse to ride through
a crowd of people? – Not with our horses. Because we train them so much, we have the
other volonteers that travels here and we practice with them, but in a calm situation. And we have this big pilates ball that you
push against as it’s similar to a crowd so you learn the horse to go against it and not
be afraid and back off. – Fire proof jacket. – For convenience. – I’m in my element. It feels right. – In your helmet. – I feel safe, I feel secure. – Can you feel being on a horse while peoople
are throwing stuff at you? – Yeah you know, I can feel wearing this everyday. I can see this working! – Okay, so now we’re ready.
– Yeah! – Tell me a bit about this. Start with Laphroig. What is he wearing? He’s wearing a noseplat. And a visor. And here he got earballs inside his ear to protect his ears and keep him calm. – So how do you make him trust you so he doesn’t
throw you off in the middle of a ride? – Well it’s like a relationship. We have to trust each other and communicate
with each other. But then of course, horses are flight animals
so anything can happen. But we train them step by step. To begin with, with the younger horses, we always
try to get them training together with an older horse to get used to the environment so the younger
horse learn from the older one. – And then you take it from there, step by step. – Yeah. And if I’m calm and confident he will
trust me. – Can he feel when you’re calm and confident? – Yeah, and sometimes when it’s very crowded I have to think of my breathing. Like take it slow, breathe, relax. So if the horse is tense and he feels that
I’m tense he gets more tense. So if I relax, the horse feels like “ah it’s okay”. – That’s called body language.
– Yes. – That looks so good Karin! You’re doing great! – Doesn’t feel that great! These are strong and highly skilled and very
trained people who are riding strong and skilled and very trained horses. – Yeah, and they have such a strong relationship
with these horses and that’s why they are able to do this job. We got to witness a really open and
warm work environment where they deal with the very serious job in a safe and healthy way. – I’d feel much safer on a horse than this
one right here.

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  1. OOOOOH! You should add the uniform and the protection for both horses and people! Then we can role play and what not! But what we really want is a functional horse carriage that you can pull with your horse!!

  2. hello star stable my friend and i was in a Championat and we was logging out and this 10 mal ! Can you this correction please thanks and we was on the 5 german Server ! <3 :3

  3. Look at that bit abuse 🙁 it kills me inside
    (not all bits are abuse, just the metal ones with two peices.)

  4. I love horses, which is why I think police horses aren't necessary anymore and a bad idea. These horses are working all day with their hooves clacking on the hard cement which is really bad for their feet. And I personally don't like bits and I think bitless bridles added in the game would be really cool so one bit is bad enough but too AND constant pressure and pull on the reins? It just looks gruesome. These police officers are riding in big bits, spurs and whips and often times tie downs. But, as much as I find it a bad idea, I will say it would be really cool to have mounted police in the game. Just my views on the subject.

  5. Omg, those police horses are SO gorgeous!!! What breed are they? I don’t remember hearing them say in the video.

  6. We should have carrier choices in sso like mounted police, vets, and horse trainers! I think it would be fun and you can go to work whenever and you could earn star coins or Jorvik shillings when you do go to work.


    Then I realized I watched the Star Stable Online official YouTube-channel

  8. Inhales

    thank you very much

  9. I wish SOOOO bad I could at least even lease a horse 🙁 I have wanted one for all my life I know how to ride I was on a riding team too but never even leased a horse because of financial reasons.

  10. I just have a question (hope it gets answered) I have a chromebook so not a PC or Mac, do you guys know if there is any chance that it might ever be available on anything other then PC or Mac.

  11. I wish there was police horses in epona also please can you fix were people crash and it says missing file

  12. We should have mounted police in the game that would be awesome and u could put some police clothes in Purple Pony and great vid luv u sooooooo much

  13. Thank you so much sso for helping understand my dream more and I think I cam finally convince my family to allow me to be a police rider ❤

  14. I don’t want you guys to pet and feed the horses I want you to ride them please I love sso but I want to see some riding

  15. oml its south hoof music my fav music in the whole game i am a kid its just my moms pictrue oml its the race music xD

  16. Why are their policemen/woman riding horses? WELL their dream was to be a cop but also be a horse rider. So then Police horses were born

  17. I want to be a mounted officer. I am very passionate about both Police and horses and hopefully combine them.
    I do not think horses should be worked in cities often as they do need to be a horse but in Colorado we have very few cities and i just really want to be a mounted officer

  18. I think a lot of these kids watching this don't understand the actual job of mounted police and just see certain things. And think certain things are abuse when it isn't. I agree that horses should be out in pasture during the day being a horse but we didn't see what their routine is we just say the horse in a stall for a few seconds.

  19. It is just so ironic when they say that they love their horses and do not want to hurt them. Still they use double nosebads and even double bits. If they want the best communication in those difficult situations, shouldn’t they stop hurting the horse and begin to communicate with them better? Riding without a bit would make the horse a lot happier and your friend. And those stalls… If the problem of putting a horse to a paddock is that it doesn’t want to come to you, tells about a bigger problem…

  20. So much hate for the bit. Bits aren't INHERENTLY bad and don't INHERENTLY damage a horse's mouth or put it in pain. It depends on the horse and rider (and the fitting of it). Some horses don't like bits, some happily accept it. Some can do dressage fine without a bit, some respond with more refinement. It's up to the rider whether or not they will use a bit and there are lots of healthy, well loved horses that use bits regularly. There are also people who are too rough with the bit and DO hurt their horse's mouth. As there are people who can ride perfectly fine without a bit and people who find their horse responds better with it. There is no universal argument for or against the bit because every horse and rider is different. Just ride your horse however you feel works best with him or her. You know him or her better than anyone. But stop self righteously telling other people what to do with theirs when you don't even know the full story.

  21. I'm glad that these police are nice and caring to the horses. A lot of police don't and it makes me feel horrible. I'm glad people take care of the horses and the job seriously.

  22. My dad was trying to scare my horse to see if she really was bomb proof. He threw a milk jug full of rocks at her chest and she never even looked at it. We never used ear plugs though.

    Yes they can hurt the horse but only if it's used incorrectly, I love horses but you know what? I can't ride like the freaking indian in Spirit like you guys probably can, so I need to use a bit otherwise I don't know how to control it. And I'm not supporting bits, I am okay with both bridles and maybe bitless bridles would be cool, don't shove all your "I RIDE MY HORSE WITH NOTHING ON IT" because I have envy for that (A lot of it.) There are going to be people in this world who dont truly love their horse, and people who do truly love their horse. And if you want to stop people who abuse them, go ahead and I might be by your side. AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT CRYING OVER THE THINNEST, SOFTEST BIT IN A HORSE'S MOUTH.

  24. On starstable online can you do something with police and maby one day on starstable we can become police

  25. Varför har ni inte detta på svenska? <3 och, kan ni inte ha poliser och polis hästar i SSO?😁

  26. я на эту рабоут скоро устроюсь конная полици когда я закончю институт а поока я в 5 классе)

  27. I’ve seen some police riding horses around in puerto rico when we went back to spend 2 or 3 days there it was awesome plus we had smoothies 😂

  28. something that is a bit fun to me is that the only one that is protected is the officer the horse have like no protection just eye protection and ear protection that really show how much they care about the horses health ( NOT ) i mean you can hurt the horses legs so it falls, you can hurt it's neck, or if you can hurt it's face. and they are already hurting the horses in a very bad way Walking Trotting And GALLOPING if there are a group of people that need to split they use the horse as a car and gallop against them so they move which hurt their hoofs, and legs very bad because it's on asphalt cause they use them in the city.

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