Pony & Boy – Let me tell you a story (Original music by Blake Robinson ft. Sally Tischkewitz)
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Pony & Boy – Let me tell you a story (Original music by Blake Robinson ft. Sally Tischkewitz)

November 4, 2019

(humming) (humming) (humming) (humming) You know how it goes. Story’s been told Again and again (and again) A love pure in light that makes stars align Well that’s not the case here You know how a boy can love his own toy And love his best friend (best friend) but this love was more And all it was for was to feed the darkness You know how it seems alive in your dreams but dead to the world (to the world) but this love was more And all it was for was to feed the darkness Look at those young sweet eyes (look at those eyes) now they’re all mine (now they’re all mine) Sense all the love he feels this meal will be sublime (humming) And when it all stops when love turns to dust And boy turns to man he will not forget He will not forgive he will come again (humming)

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  2. Hearing the song, from the Pony movie, to the music video, to this full audio version, it feels like a developing eeriness. The addition of the male voice here gave me goosebumps when i heard it the first time.

  3. Blake, I've got a producer friend who's been trying to reach you. If you see this message, please check your email. P.S. he's not from some sort of indie studio, they got real dollars.

  4. Can we get Underground Waters from Metroid Fusion? The track from the area was awesome, but the underwater part was so frickin' thrilling!

  5. I just have to say, I love the community on this channel. Everyone functions like a family here and I love that about The Synthetic Orchestra.

  6. To be honest i was not excpecting to be listening to a song from a story about a licking horse and a little jimbo the whole day while wondering how the fuck i didn't discover this before

    but i got that off the bucket list atleast

  7. That version of "Unhealthy obsession" at the seems way different than in the video it links to. Is there somewhere I can hear the full version.

  8. If the boy was Grimsby, just think how his father and grandmother would feel when their own boy never came back. Horrible thought to make but true.

  9. I think it would have been better if she didn't put so much emphasis on the vowels. I would love to hear a cover!

  10. i love this song because it is too dark and beautiful to be in a silly animation on the internet instead of maybe a tim burton movie

  11. Your music reminds me of the Corpse Bride!! It's a movie that I liked a lot. I just discovered you today, but I love your music hhhhhhh

  12. Fabulous upload! Also by the way, a very dear friend of mine has a page here on Youtube, (Andrew Burns Music) and was having a hard time to gain new subscribers. I know that he has been working a lot on his page, and I really think that there are several of his songs that are actually really similar to the music that you have on this page, so I was thinking it could be nice of me to show him a little support. If you like all the amazing songs on this page, I am positive that you will like his music also! ?❣️✨

  13. I'm am a black butler fan and dam this this fit the story (well in my eyes) Idk lol dont hate me "this meal will be sublime" other thing as well, … good god, I need more sleep

  14. This song is so surreal when first hearing it in the middle of the night in the pitch black center of a pitch black room with only the feint glow of your laptop computer screen.

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