Pony Growth Explained | My Little Theories Episode 2
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Pony Growth Explained | My Little Theories Episode 2

February 25, 2020

Hello internet, welcome to “My Little Theories”
a show where I talk about six magical horses that discover the magic of friendship. Now these are one of the most bizarre questions,
and when I say it like that, I mean how exactly does the world work in the My Little Pony
universe. The one thing I would need to go in depth
to understand the laws of physics and biology is the lifespan. One example to determine what age specifically
for a healthy Unicorn in the My Little Pony universe is the horn. For a Pegasus usually can be determined to
identify the age is by looking at how many feathers there are. As for Earth Ponies and for other species,
the only way to determine what age they are is by looking at their color scheme such as
hair and eye color. Lauren Faust even states that she likes to
think the main characters as young adults and she quotes “You can be a 10 year old with
the maturity of a 15 year old, and you can be a 35 year old with the maturity of a 10
year old”. But there is more to explain than just the
main six. One prior example would have to be Princess
Luna, as we saw from Season 1 Episode 1 and 2, Luna’s appearance was altered into an evolution
of rage and anger. During this time when Twilight and her friends
got the Elements of Harmony to work, Luna was then altered back to her original form
when Princess Celestia banished her to the Moon. We never saw our little Princess Luna again,
until Season 2 Episode 4 “Luna Eclipse” this time, her appearance had yet changed again. Several episodes later, all of a sudden Princess
Luna is grown up, even her coat has changed. Now this begs the question everybody asks,
how did Luna changed from this to this?! This would also explain that Princess Celestia’s
appearance had changed over time and the many moons that have passed. The body of our existence is meant to develop
over time and this would be an example. According to Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution,
he states that all species of organisms arise and develop through natural selections of
small, inherited variations. This means that Princess Luna had gone through
an evolution state, she’s not even a Time Lord, an extraterrestrial well being, she
has no possession in being able to time travel. The only power by far she has the capability
to rise the moon, she was even never successful in defeating her older sister Princess Celestia
and we got to view that after the events she had returned a thousand years later. This was later revealed in Season 5 Episodes
of 25 and 26 “The Cutie Re-Mark” when Starlight Glimmer broke the cycle with Twilight and
her friends. Sure, My Little Pony may take place on another
planet with human-like intelligence and ecosystem. But hey, that’s just a theory, My Little Theory. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Well In the mlp Comics there was a storyline Where Rarity Became Nightmare Rarity and Luna was younger then but in the end Became what we see now

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  3. All of the mlp characters age
    Twilight : 18
    Pinkie : 17
    Fluttershy : 16 to 17
    Rarity : 19
    Rainbow Dash : 19 to 20
    Applejack : 21
    Spike : 11 to 12

  4. The mane six must be adults, the fillies must be teens. In the episode when the crusaders met diamond tiara was having her 16th birthday she was in the same school. Soo the mane six must be adults, but they act so immature

  5. I was thinking something seemed different when twilight got wings, she seemed to have gotten a bit taller, most notably in stop the bats

  6. When I got into mlp at around 12 years old I had always thought they were ~20-25. Idk I live in California so I couldn’t and still can’t imagine teenagers with their own property 💀

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