Pony Town: Rainbow Factory #2
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Pony Town: Rainbow Factory #2

November 22, 2019

(If you don’t like pony horror, go away.) *woosh zappy hologram-y* JP: “Wow.” *gasp* (hot damn) *horrified stuttering* *almost throws up* *muffled crying* (oh shit someone’s coming) *whistle* BronyDanceParty: “Kill them.” *crazed laughter* (H8_Seed and Wooden Toaster are tired of his shit) (magic) *H8_Seed has awoken* *but he has yet to take back control* (peekaboo) JP: (What are they doing with these ponies?) Orange Pony: *gasp* *stab* *cough* Trogler Kroglethorn: *ded* *choking* JP: “Oh no!” “That’s horrible!” (metal gear solid noise) H8_Seed: “What was that?” JP: “That was close.” “I’ve got to save them!” “And find Igame!” “I’m coming for you, buddy!” “Help!” *stab* *echoed screams* (oh shit wat’s that) Glaze: “How is the creature doing?” (damn) “Well done.” *innuendo* *roast* *depression mode: permanently activated* JP: “Hmmm…” “Huh?” *idea* BronyDanceParty: “What the?” “Who was that?.” “Where could they have gone?” “What? “What happened here?” JP: “All you need is a companion.” BronyDanceParty: “Huh?” “Shit!” “Oof!” JP: “Serves you right.” *Fluffle Puff’s* “Is this the generator?” (Pegasus Device: HUNGRY AGAIN) “Oh crap.” (she’s persistent) *stab* Pony With Emotions: “Gah-hah!” *stab* Iron Streak: *screams in pain and horror* Peachy: *moans* JP: “Rest in peace…” “IGAME!!!” *flicker* *powering down noises* H8_Seed: “Well shit.” Glaze: “What’s going on?” Blue Maned Worker: “Check the generator!” Red Maned Worker: “What happened here?” “Why is it off?” *struggling to pull off horn disabler thingamabob* *click* JP: “Ptoo!” “They killed a lot of ponies.” “Uh-oh!” “We gotta get outta here!” “I know where the door console is!” “What are you doing?” Blue Maned Worker: “Hey! Where the hell did they go!?” (aimbot) “No you don’t!” “Crap!” Vat: “What is that?” *nom* Blue Maned Worker: “You’re SO dead!” JP: *heavy panting* (K.O.!) “Eh…” *struggling desperately for air* *labored breathing* Glaze: “Get the Pegasus Device ready.” (what a cliffhanger) *boop*

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  1. какрй жестокий конец :'( а я ожидаль хорошего :'<

  2. 2:29 a programação dele impede de matar pôneis, mas o bug/vírus/erro nele é tão forte que ele não consegue impedir '-'

  3. H8-seed has awoken………

    But he has yet to take back control

    Hahahahhhhhaaahhahhhhhha!!!! I just can’t stop laughing

  4. I, a youngster, saw this and thought it would be a comedy. When I learned it wasn’t, I still couldn’t stop watching, like a guy being arrested

  5. Кто хочет что бы в пони тауне была Фабрика Радуги, но без сцен насилия и всего подобного. Но как забирали игроков вы не узнаете. Просто будете видеть как игроки, будут бегать по клетке. А потом улетать, вы об этом не узнаете, а когда сами появитесь. Вы не будете видеть самих сцен с кровью и подобного просто у вас будет слово "Died" я не лайкодрочер, я просто хочу эту фабрику в пони тауне :3 но и также может добавят как именно можно в неё попасть, и спасти других игроков! :3 но это будет сложно, как говорится в песне, "не кто не выйдет живым"

  6. Wey y porque esto no lo colocan en pony town :0 y hacer misiones y esas madres estaría genial :000000

  7. 3:59
    yo: Mami esos son ponys muertos? :''v

    Mi mami: No hija D: s-son ponys durmiendo y d-despellejados y…. de cabeza .,_,.

    yo: :'''v

  8. 6:20
    Red Pony=no i not wan't dead T_T
    Yellow Pony=well life just 1x :"/
    FREAKIN Orange pony=o***h >.>

  9. Ooooohh i get it they trying to get humans aka players of pony town because they trying to kill and take off the color and WTF with a pony moaning without in pain?!?!

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