Pony Town: Rainbow Factory #3
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Pony Town: Rainbow Factory #3

November 19, 2019

THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENT SCENES THAT WAY BE UNSETTLING TO SOME VIEWERS W-TB Dr.Crazy needs you W-TB, Dr.Crazy is waiting for you M-Me and you need to go to P-P 016 room I need to take 4 p-prisoners Why do you need 4 prisoners? I’m going to main ship I need to test new experiments Okay Which one do you need? A6, A7, B7 and B8 in the transport cage move A6, A7, B7 and B8 to transport cage Take them to the teleportation room I’m going to transfer to main ship now Does the body also go to teleportation? A-Absolutely! I don’t care DP it’s snack time Vat!? Velenor! Velenor… behind yo- *(cute and educational words)* Still alive? Do you two have a relationship? I have an idea I’ll leave you two together after death. pizza

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  1. I love this video, is tooo Amazing, i can't- i can't BREATHE!!, idk i want to say, because this video soo amazing!! OwO

  2. Omg I love this animation it's really amazing ❣️ I'm so excited to watch the next episode I'm Ur new subss!🌈

  3. Você pode me ensinar como entrar nesse jogo Eu não sei aí tu diz aí no comentário para eu ver (╯o︵o╰)

  4. Man, I would really, REALLY like to get my OC into your animations, but I can't, as getting it on takes a LOT of money, and I dont have that much on me. 🙁

  5. I Can't Stop Laughing After 6:50 , It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny! Also, How Long Does It Take To Animate A Pony Town Animation?

  6. Мне всё интересно, в какой программе он это делает. Рисует может.. . В Саи? А анимирует? Скажите программы кт знает 😳👍

  7. НА САМОМ ИНТЕРЕСНОМ! Опять год проду ждать придётся…
    Ну да ладно…
    Если сравнивать со 2ой и 1ой частью, качество анимации несомненно вырасло.

  8. puedo participar en fabraca de arcoiris soy kadashi tengo muchos colores de pelo y no morire en los episodios >:3

  9. make such a game will be fun fazprika and hair from this series or something like that make such a game)

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