Portraits de passionnés : Audi 100 Coupé S – “German Horseback”
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Portraits de passionnés : Audi 100 Coupé S – “German Horseback”

October 21, 2019

My life has always been
about horse-riding, and cars, and vintage cars. The curves of a horse
are just incredible to me. The sweep of its back… We feel this presence at the front, and power at the back. In my opinion, the word that links both a horse and the 100 S is elegance. A 100 S is a fastback coupé, and, in a horse,
everything comes from the back. There’s a real partnership
in horse-riding, and I think there’s also a partnership
between the driver and the car. My dad worked for Elf Aquitaine, which means he often went to garages, and I used to go with him sometimes. We talked with mechanics
and franchise directors. I used to have an Alpine Cars
poster collection. I got my licence
two months after I turned 18. I really dedicated myself to it. During an Audi motor show,
I saw a 100 Coupé S for the first time. I have to admit
that I knew nothing about this car. I bought it in 1998
from an old man from Marseille. It’s from the C1 series, 1973. I fell in love with the Coupé. It’s a little-known car, with an incredible fastback line. From a mechanical point of view,
it’s quite good. It’s a 4 speed manual,
112 hp, 4 cylinders. It’s equipped with two carburettors. It’s not one of the loudest cars, but it’s elegant. It’s perfect for a weekend away
with four people and some luggage. My favourite thing
about the finish on the 100 S is the wood finish on the door panels and on the dashboard. What I also liked about this car is this ’70s colour. The orange, the yellow… It’s a colour known as “coral”. It doesn’t have a metallic finish,
but it’s flashy. I bought it for 6,500 francs. Over the last 20 years,
I’ve made regular upgrades. The first thing I did
was to completely repaint it and to tweak it mechanically. I also like bargain-hunting. I pulled some strings,
and found some parts. I could redo the whole body work
thanks to that. I don’t like buying
a completely restored car. My son, Axel, is 21,
and shares my passion. He’s always up for a ride. It means so much to him,
that I’d rather see how much he enjoys driving,
and sit next to him, than to actually drive it myself. A 100 S is perfect for driving on sunny days, with the windows down
and your arm out the car. I’ve always liked buying
limited editions, exclusive cars. The 100 Coupé S was my first vintage car and the one with the best features
engine-wise. This vehicle is atypical,
rare and unknown. I think it laid the foundations
for the Audi brand. Why?
Because it’s both the first Audi Coupé, the first S model, and the first Sportback. Advantage Through Technology

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