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  1. It seems we need some context to keep the discussion civil. There are two groups of people who find this video. The first and largest group is subsistence farmers from poor countries, who hope to learn how to grow past the worry about if they will starve in the coming weeks and months. The second group is people who dislike the treatment and condition of the animals. Both groups have a powerful message that needs to be voiced. Feel free to state your ideas and concerns in a comment, but please think twice before you reply to another's comments. You may not have a complete understanding of where a commenter is coming from.

  2. I hate how people hate that the chicks are being put on conveyor belts, or being dropped. If it hurt the chicks, they wouldnโ€™t do it since they would loose money.

  3. All of this is bullshit information being slid in inconspicuously in the smooth-talking narration. "We humanely slit the chicken's throats." Yup, that's very humane.

  4. I am a technical farmer in south Sudan, you have any dream to extent these beauty techniques to my state? as an agriculturist, farmers here are serious but lacking advance technical and starting capital.

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  6. Nice video. Here is my backyard poultry You can check it too. Good luck and God bless!

  7. I have planning for build poultry fatming, but i still confuse because i dont have enough money. So i didn't dare to take action start business. Do you have suggest for my problem ?

  8. Great stuff. But I'm actually looking for advice how to do selective breeding. This hen with that rooster and so on. Native chickens, in the Philippines

  9. If anyone is looking for a poultry farm in Texas go take a look at this one!

  10. This video is a lie. You are guilty and you know it. Stop this immediately.
    3:34 You can clearly see the hideously cramped living conditions poultry animals are forced to experience.
    6:05 The 'place' where a chicken lays eggs both requires a hop, something their bodies are not meant for, to a place where they can barely turn around. The eggs are then taken away from their mothers. Can you imagine if when you were a kid some stranger kidnapped you?
    6:30 'To be processed for meat' implies that chickens are not alive, just simply ingredients like wheat or sugar.
    7:00 This view is even more blatantly cramped than the previous one. I imagine that several chicks, no, scores of them simply die due to disease and heat. Then they are dropped helplessly and pried at, what horrible treatment. Finally, they are compacted into boxes and sent off to a cruel farm. I also don't need to mention what happens to many of these chicks. Let me just ask what it would feel like to be ran over by a car just after birth.
    7:48 These chicks are seen being dropped from what is probably the equivalent of you falling off the top of your house. And yes, i watched Kurzgesagt's video on the size of life, but that has still got to hurt.
    8:20 All of the above highly contradicts that statement.
    11:15 You can not be more wrong. And the 'severing' to 'euthanize' the chickens and turkeys is performed by sticking a chicken into moving machines which do it. Ugh ๐Ÿ˜พ And the removal of the feet is just gross, not to mention this entire process. The only humane part of this is that the birds are killed so they don't have to suffer the method of which farmers prepare chickens for eating.

  11. I have watched and loved the poultry farming in Virginia. I have much interest in poultry farming and I would like to establish the project here in Western Kenya. Please teach me how to get started. Thank you.

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