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Pregnant Horse Care : Horse Pregnancy Supplies

September 5, 2019

Hello my name is Neil Draper and we’re going
to talk about pregnant mare care and the supplies to have on hand when the colt is born. And
this is iodine. And you can pick it up from your farmer’s market or even a small bottle
from the local pharmacy. And what we do with this, is we put it on the colt’s belly button
where the umbilical cord was tore so the colt will not get any infection. And if you don’t
get to it in time and it’s already dried up, then you really don’t, it’s not necessary
to worry about it. Some of the signs you want to look for is that it quits bleeding on its
own; the umbilical cord. And that it is not getting swollen or the horse has a hernia
by getting the umbilical cord pulled on. And as the mare has the colt, she will either
have it standing or laying down and she’ll walk off or the colt will start moving around
and they’ll just naturally break the umbilical cord. So you necessarily do not have to worry
about cutting the umbilical cord unless there’s a problem. And you would want a pair of rubber
gloves on hand and of course, you’d be able to handle the colt. And maybe some towels
to dry it off if it’s cold weather to get the colt as warm as possible. Because birthing
is a difficult process and there is changes of complications to the colt and to the mother.

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