Pregnant Horse Care : Mare Breeding Signs
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Pregnant Horse Care : Mare Breeding Signs

August 22, 2019

Hello my name is Neil Draper and we’re going
to talk about some of the signs that you’ll look for your mare to breed to a stallion.
We’ll talk about the mare ovulating. And the sun has a great deal to do with it. The mare,
when the sun and the daylight gets longer, the mare will start to ovulate and she will
come in heat. And they will stay in heat anywhere from seven to fourteen days. And in this heat
cycle, she will drop one to a number of eggs and in that time a stallion will build to
cover her or breed her. And if the mare is ready to breed, she will allow the stallion
to breed her. So some of the signs you’ll want to see is if she’s around other horses,
geldings or other mares, that she will kind of be more irritable and she’ll raise her
tail and kind of scream a little bit and she will discharge from her back here. She’ll
discharge like she’s urinating but she will just be in heat and she’s just telling the
stallion that she’s ready to breed.

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  1. to clean your mare after a heat cycle you can use a rag with warm water and scrub her rear end and back of the legs. you don't have to clean it everytime you groom her unless it seems to be bothering her and it usually won't. be careful of her "private" areas cuz they are sensitive. i use a shedding brush on the back of our mares legs to remove the crusty stuff just being careful not to pull to hard but to break it away from the hair

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