Premarin® and Horse Slaughter – The Ugly Truth Behind the Label
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Premarin® and Horse Slaughter – The Ugly Truth Behind the Label

August 16, 2019

Hello, I’m Alexandra Gritta, President of the Charity Book Series. I am also the author of “Mystery at Silver Key Stables”, a children’s book about stolen horses. I donate the profit from my book to organizations that help horses in need. One of the organizations I have chosen to support is the Duchess Sanctuary. It is a beautiful refuge for rescued horses in Southern Oregon. The following short video will explain about the very special horses at Duchess. They get breakfast at 7am and they tell you if you are late. The day starts early for Jennifer Kunz. I am the Ranch Manager here at the Duchess Sanctuary. Duchess Sanctuary is 1,120-acre refuge for nearly 200 horses in Oakland Oregon. Duchess is a sanctuary. It is a sanctuary for horses that have no place to go. Many of the horses were victims of the Premarin® industry. The mares spent six months of the year standing in a tie stall in a barn, with a urine collection device behind them, collecting their urine to make hormone replacement therapy drugs for women. When the horses were no longer useful, they were sent to slaughter in Canada. Marie is one who survived. She’s our poster child. She has had a long life of hardship. But exploitation or abuse is no longer a part of their lives. There are no expectations here. They do not have to earn a living—they eat for a living. They play with their friends and live in a pasture. They are not locked in a barn. And all are free to live in peace. I believe that if more women knew about the suffering and slaughter of these horses, they might make a different choice. So please – if you are currently taking a hormone therapy or osteoporosis drug, manufactured from pregnant mare urine… …consider talking to your doctor about making the switch to a synthetic or non-PMU organic alternative. [Music]

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  1. why arent there loads of these places in every country.Get rid of it horses are loving creatures not deseving thistorture(PMU Farming)

  2. After college, have you thought of going to Lewis & Clark Law School? They have a department of animal law and they offer 35 classes. Most law schools offer one class in animal law. You can also get an advanced degree – the first LLM in animal law in the world, right here in Portland. Think about it…

  3. OMG-thank you keith! your bravery is astounding!

    i had no idea they were looking to INCREASE demand for PMU by making new products that contain it! horrifying! also horrifying that canada allows this to continue….why?

  4. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy is an alternative to Premarin and Provera and much, much safer. Cancers caused by Premarin are not caused by plant-based Estrodial as it is the equivalent of the natural human estrogen produced normally.

    Doctors prescribe NHRT with small amounts of Estriol another human estrogen, considered weak, as it attaches to receptors preventing cell multiplication. Natural Progesterone is also available in lieu of Provera. The use of Premarin kills horses and humans.

  5. God bless you, Alexandra Gritta. It takes a very strong person to do what you're doing. You have undoubtedly saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives, bother human and equine.

  6. My mom is a breast cancer survivor after taking HRT's. Her primary doctor told her she can never take HRT's again, because they caused her cancer. Doctors know it causes cancer yet they still continue to profit from handing out the drug! I take Bio-Identical Hormones today, and I will recommend that my mom try them as well.

  7. This 9 minute video was wonderful. I, myself, am a women…only of 19…but, for the future…it is always best to know what your options will be…and….if they be Aprela, Premarin, or any by-product of that….or, suffering through Menopause without medication?  I absolutely will chose dealing with it naturally rather than making a poor barn full of mares stand for 6+ months in grimy, cattle-sized stalls, just to ease my pain…. Women aren't wimps (Generally) so, we can deal with a less effective drug, or, not use one at all.  I informed my wonderfully awesome mother about her use of Premarin…and, she promptly researched a little herself, and told her doctor that she would like to use something else.  I didn't push it, nor did I just walk away. I did a deliberate and passionate job of informing and saving one horse while informing a person who in turn will maybe tell someone else about it….thus, the Connect-the-Dots effect.    Again, this video was absolutely well-done in their research, the delivery, everything. 

  8. Alexandra, HAve you heard of sumof us .org? One can start a petition through this organization that can call for the ban of using pregnant mares in an inhumane fashion. This organization gets world wide response and gathers signatures through the internet that makes huge changes to corporations that have questionable business practices,

  9. Alexandra! Great job.You did a beautiful job on making this video.Keep up the good work. I think America should know the truth! I support you 100% 

  10. Though the eyes of a mistreated horse I found my voice and my deepest understanding about myself. As a teen I retrained badly treated horses for equestrian saved from slaughter. Pause this video message and read the truth. For it is in the mirror we see the truth. Pain and suffering of one being.. for another is not healing. it is barbaric. It is any surprise cancer is a result? Great Video. thank-you.

  11. These videos should be made into adverts & shown worldwide!as a woman in my early fifties I will not be using this product ever,I plan to use natural resources or grin & bear it!a very eye opening video,thank you!👍

  12. The most dangerous animals at all are humans some people use their intelligence to serve evil. Cruelty to animals should not exist the respect for life any life human or animal is a moral obligation. Thanks for those who always stand up against animal cruelty thanks Alexandra.

  13. I have a PMU foal and he is my everything. It brought me to tears to watch this and see how lucky he was to get saved. Please keep making these videos so that people can know the truth and not just see the label.

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