Preparing For Parenthood – The Twin Foals | Amber Marshall | Heartland 1002 | CBC
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Preparing For Parenthood – The Twin Foals | Amber Marshall | Heartland 1002 | CBC

November 22, 2019

He’s not swallowing. Ok, this syringe isn’t working. We’re going to have to tube feed him. No, you said that was a last resort. Amber: When the foals were brought in for that episode… I think it was an incredible test to Amy and Ty as parents. *Phone Rings* Ok, Ty… wake up. It’s time to feed the foals, come on. Ty! Let’s go. It was very similar to what they are going to be doing with their own child. Because they were up all hours of the night… Feeding and caring for these little orphaned creatures. …and I think that, for them, it’s kind of that that idea that who’s going to take the responsibility… And who is going to be hands on and active with this… And I think that they established that they are both so involved. And I think that’s really important going forward in seeing them with their own children. You know what Ty? You can go back upstairs and I’ll spend some time trying with him. No no no, I’ll stay up. I’m used to working night shifts at the clinic. You sure? Besides, we’re in this together. ok I guess nothing can really prepare you for parenthood. But, if anything could, having these foals is pretty good practice, don’t you think? Ty…

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  1. I love heartland its my favorite show amy and ty and amazing I love it and their such an insriparion……..
    BETTER than any oyhwt show

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