[Preview] Penfriends Interview Ep2 “Farming for Love”
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[Preview] Penfriends Interview Ep2 “Farming for Love”

October 18, 2019

I’m from Lumpang. I moved to Ubon to be a teacher. Back then, there were no roads . I was here when the number of horses gradually decreasing as motor vehicles emerged. And, people were losing interest raising horses. Here children can learn about horses.The kids were happy when they got to touch and experienced horseback riding. After close touch, they knew that horses were not fierce as they thought. if only we learned about them before. We can also use horses as an education media for forest conservation and other topics. I can ride a horse but never practice on Thai horses. They are European horses. They are bigger. Do you think training Thai horses and European horses are the same? Not exactly. Horses with different origins react differently but the ways to control horses are the same. If they are sick, do you have vets coming to the farm? No. We take care of them on our own. But the vets help by educating me. They teach me how to take care them but they can’t be here on a regular basis. We have to learn how to treat them, give them medication, injection by ourselves, even delivering their babies. Look at this one, ‘Foo’. He is handicapped. He was just born? No, he was born a while ago on a heavy rainy day. He got bit by ants and was almost blinded. He also has paralysis in his legs and was born too early. We clipped and trimmed his nails, making him comfortable to walk. And, he is still alive. How old is he? Almost a year. How can we approach a horse? First, if a horse welcome you, his ears will look normal, pointing forward naturally. what if he doesn’t welcome? If he doesn’t welcome, his ears will point backward. Come here, Snow. This is “Snow”. He got his by rubber band shoot, almost blinded. If he doesn’t welcome, his ears will look like these. If the horse get familiar with us, he will be loyal and amenable? Yes.The horse is very amenable. It depends on how we train him. The tour group is coming? This horse usually welcomes girls to ride. He is a well-behaved one. We do our best according to what we have and what we know. If die, bury them. If alive, grow together!

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