Princess Celestia Luna Cadance Mane 6 – My Little Pony Ultimate Equestria Collection
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Princess Celestia Luna Cadance Mane 6 – My Little Pony Ultimate Equestria Collection

December 13, 2019

Princess Celestia Princess Luna Princess
Cadance Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Rarity Pinkie Pie
Oh ladies whoa what happened to you guys you guys have all been turned into
squishies oh no I better get some help Hi every pony I’m gonna need your help did
you see the princesses and the rest of the mane six have been turned into
squishies I can’t turn him back to normal by myself can you help me so only
for you to do is to say abracadabra on the count of three are you ready one two
three well looks like we did it
Thank You everypony I’m sure they’re gonna be happy they’re not squishies
anymore hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s toy house today we have a
brand-new My Little Pony set this one is called ultimate Equestria collection we
have the three main princesses up here so we have Princess Luna
Princess Celestia and Princess cadance in a set along with a mane six plus
spike and here in case you’re curious here is the back of the box it’s not
great this is everybody together and here they are out of the box oh my gosh
look at them so let’s start with Princess Celestia so these ponies are
about six inches tall and they come with brush bow hair and brushable mane and
tail and take a look at this so here is Princess Celestia’s hair he has three
colors he has the kind of aqua blue a pink and a purple and she has her big
cutie mark here and so her necklace painted on and here is
also her crown which sits right on top of her head and just take a look at her
eyes they’re so pretty next we have Princess Luna and Princess
Luna it’s a dark blue color and just take a look at her eyes aren’t they big
and pretty she does also come with a crown it is black and has a little
crescent moon on it just pops onto her head like this it’s a little bit on the
loose side but I’m really glad I comes with a crown and she is also wearing her
doll necklace and her cutie mark is on this side so her cutie mark is on the
opposite side of Princess Celestia’s and her hair is also three tones so she has
a more lavender color a darker blue and a brighter blue same thing with her tail
next we have princess cadance so this is princess cadance she is pink she’s
wearing her necklace and she also has her really big cutie mark on her left
flank and her hair is absolutely gorgeous as take a look at this her hair
is also three colors is yellow pink and a lavender color and the same thing for
her tail too and here is a close-up of her face her eyes and also her crown these are such pretty ponies
next up we have Twilight Sparkle so I don’t think this is the princess version
of tight Sparkle because she doesn’t have her crown on but she does have very
beautiful hair in the what looks like two tones so it’s pink and purple that’s
what our tail and her cutie mark is on her right flank here’s a look at her
face next we have Rainbow Dash so here is Franco – and let’s take a look at her
hair see how many colors it looks like there’s three colors we have red oh I
change her hair is actually four colors so we are red orange yellow and green
and her tail is two different colors we got blue and purple in her tail here’s
your cutie mark on her right side and her face next we have Fluttershy here is one shy
looking super cute her cutie mark is on the left side I’m not really sure how
they determine which side to put the kitty mark but it does seem to switch
from one side to another so here is Fluttershy face she has smaller wings
than the princesses and pink hair and just to show you the difference in the
wing size you can see that Princess Celestia has much bigger wings next we
have Applejack so Applejack is orange and she has three
apples for her cutie mark and she has blonde hair let’s take a look at this
she is such a pretty pony I love those little freckles on her face next we have
rarity she is a pure white pony and she has her cutie mark on the left side and
she has dark purple hair that is super shiny just take a look at this and take
a look at those lashes oh my gosh they’re super long and there’s so many
of them there’s six lashes look at this and her cutie mark is on her left flank
in last of all we have Pinkie Pie just take a look at her her cutie mark it’s
actually on her right flank and she has pink hair bright pink hair that’s a
little bit curly so it’s not super curly but it is more curly it seems like than
the other ones here’s a look at her face this is the
ultimate Equestria collection and I think it really is the ultimate I really
love that comes with all the three main princesses it’s very hard to find a set
that comes with all three of them I have to say my favorite are the three
princesses Princess Celestia Princess Luna and Princess cadance do you feel
the same way let me know down below in the comment section and I’ll see you
guys next time bye

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  1. I love your video. My daughter loves my little pony toys too! Hope you can check out her pony videos on my Channel. ?

  2. Where are you buy this special pack? Could you send me the precious link pleaseeeeeee… I need it before December 10th!!!!!

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  4. This collection is far more prettier than I thought. Im adult but want to decorate my desk with that ponies.?
    Thank you for your kind explanation about these ponies?❤

  5. My phone. STOP complaining cold 1 years. You have to be able to make the only ok thanks for thefirstbehaviour sake and second birth were the only TOM tom tom tom the only ok thanks for the first time in my arms because I already was really good fun???and

  6. you do know that you said twilight wasnt the real princess because she didnt have a crown!!!well your wrong her crown turns into her wings it has the same power

  7. This is exactly the type of set I was looking for, for my three year old Niece. She’s really big on My Little Pony. I just found it and ordered it off Amazon just now thanks to your video. I think $56 is a fair deal considering it has all of them and they are a good size and quality. She’s gonna be so happy? Thanks again!

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